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5 Reasons We Love the Litehawk Rowdy — and Kids Do, Too

Average remote-control cars move over: There’s a new champ in town! Litehawk Rowdy is the unstoppable trick machine kids won’t be able to stop playing with.

Matt Harvey

At CAMP, the Discovery Cabin is where our Counselors and kiddos test-drive the toys we're really excited about. We take our favorites off the shelf and out of the box, so you can see for yourself how they work!

The second I saw Litehawk Rowdy in action, it was love at first sight — I knew I had to have one! Sure, Rowdy does all of the traditional remote-controlled car stuff, like driving straight and making turns (and it does those things exceedingly well), but where this party animal really shines is when it’s doing tricks and stunts like somebody laid down the cardboard and turned the boom box all the way up!

We love Litehawk Rowdy, and your kids will love it too! Here are 5 reasons why!

1. Double Rotating Wheels

Unlike most RC cars, Rowdy sports a double-sided chassis designed for maximum stunting. Due to the dual, independently rotating framework on this bad boy, the spin moves and flip tricks that kids can bust out will leave all onlookers with their jaws on the floor.

2. Hit ‘Em With the Spin Move!

In addition to being the most talented gymnast in its category, Rowdy can also perform high-speed 360-degree spins that could dizzy a merry-go-round!

3. 4 on the Floor

The Litehawk Rowdy controller sports a 2.4 GHz 4 channel radio receiver, so kids can have hyper-fast races and epic stunt battles with their friends without having to worry about losing control of the Rowdy. 

4. Super-Charged Fun

You know that thing where you get the awesome toy for your kid but forgot to get batteries? That’s not a problem with Litehawk Rowdy because included in the box are 2 AA batteries for the controller and a rechargeable battery pack with a USB charger for repeat rowdiness.

5. Extended Playtime

Rowdy is so fun to play with that kids won’t want to stop — good thing the battery lasts for 20 whole minutes of legendary stunting! 

Discovery Cabin Litehawk Rowdy