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5 Reasons We Love the Mukikim Rock & Roll It Rainbow Piano — and Kids Do, Too

Kids bring the rock, and we’ll bring the roll-up piano! This audacious roll-up keyboard is all kids need to learn to play keys.

Matt Harvey

The CAMP Discovery Cabin is where our Counselors and kiddos test-drive the toys we're really excited about. We take our favorites off the shelf and out of the box, so you can see for yourself how they work!

Music is magic. Rainbows are magic. Combining the two just kinda makes sense, right? One of our all-time favorite music toys here at CAMP, the Mukikim Rock 'n Roll It Rainbow Piano makes it so easy to learn how to play basic tunes, it feels almost like ... well, magic! The folks at Mukikim assigned each musical note to a color of the spectrum, so even beginner piano plinkers can use the included color-coded songbook to learn how to play their first songs.

Most mini keyboards and toy keyboards only have 25 keys to a full piano's 88. The Mukikim Rock and Roll It Rainbow Piano has a set of 49 keys, allowing players to explore twice the range with both upper and lower octaves. Plus, while most keyboards in this class are monophonic — meaning they only let you play one note at a time — the Mukikim piano is polyphonic, so you can play actual chords. It also comes with a sustain pedal to add resonance and serve up extra drama — so your young Mozart can properly wow their audience with harmonic kapowness!

There’s an onboard recording device and the ability to choose from 8 different tone voicings, from the traditional piano to accordion. Kids will have fun exploring the combinations of different sounds with different songs — imagine Piano Man on a sweet synth! And the Mukikim Rock and Roll It Rainbow Piano is a road dog’s dream — it rolls up for quick storage, and can be easily transported to the next gig!

We love the Mukikim Rock and Roll It Rainbow Piano, and here are 5 reasons why:

1. Play the rainbow

The Mukikim (awesome word) Rock & Roll It Rainbow Piano has 49 color-coded keys to help players of all ages learn to play quickly. It’s easier to remember colors you already know, and then apply the potentially-less-familiar chord names.

2. Learn tunes without reading music

The piano comes with a sweet little songbook that teaches kids how to play recognizable songs by using the colorful keys — no music reading ability required.

3. A prism of polyphony!

The Mukikim Rock & Roll It Rainbow Piano can play multiple sounds at once, in contrast with most monophonic play keyboards — allowing kids to play full chords and use a sustain pedal to hold out the lush harmonies! 

4. Record a demo track

Onboard each Rock & Roll It Rainbow Piano is a little doo-dad (the super-professional, globally-applied, industrial-strength technical term) that allows players to record their performance! They can also use the same said doo-dad to change the tone of the keys with 8 different tonal characters to choose from. Next stop: Laying down a demo track and getting ready to take over TikTok.

5. Rock, then roll out

Musicians are known for their transient, road-tripping, globe-skipping lifestyle — and this 49-key piano is built to move! (Unlike a regular piano, which ... ever tried picking one of those up?) Built of squishy, flexible silicone, this piano is designed to be easily packed away for the next gig!