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5 Reasons We Love Purrble — and Kids Do, Too

This week in the CAMP Discovery Cabin: The snuggly, sensory-friendly lovey that loves kids back!

Matt Harvey

At CAMP, the Discovery Cabin is where our Counselors and kiddos test-drive the toys we're really excited about. We take our favorites off the shelf and out of the box, so you can see for yourself how they work!

Small kiddos can have BIG emotions — and our pal Purrble is here to help defuse the situation with sweetness and with love. Purrble is the fuzzy, purring pet with a purrrpose that you and your small friend will absolutely adore.

TIME magazine named Purrble one of the 100 Best Inventions of 2021 because this lil’ friend is designed to help comfort and calm his people. You and your kid will be smitten from the moment you lift Purrble from their cute little crate!

Purrble has a dynamic heartbeat: When picked up, their heartbeat accelerates, and through calming them — kids calm themselves in the process! Kids can stroke Purrble’s super soft fur and feel big emotions dissolve as they love on their cuddly compatriot.

We love Purrble, and here are 5 reasons why:

1. Dynamic Heartbeat



When kids pick Purrble up and hold them close, they can feel Purrble's fast heartbeat – they'll instantly understand where Purrble gets their name. Purrble’s purr is super soothing. As they calm Purrble, the heartbeat will slow and they’ll literally feel their kindness at work.

2. Super Sawft


Purrble is ultra soft and omega-level cuddly. Your kids won’t want to stop petting Purrble – they’ll find themselves absentmindedly stroking his head. And that’s okay.

3. No Two Purrbles Are the Same



Just like real pets, no two Purrbles are exactly the same. The way Purrble gets his pigment in the production process means that the way your Purrble looks is unique to your child's Purrble. 

4. Purrble Has the Power

IMG 6456

Purrble comes with batteries pre-loaded, so they’re ready for soothing action right out of the crate! 

5. Its Little Crate Is Seriously Adorbs


When Purrble arrives at your residence, they come in a little crate covered in stickers from previous adventures. Kids can add their own stickers to Purrble’s home nest with each adventure they share!