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5 Reasons We Love the Sphero Mini — and Kids Do, Too

Sphero Mini is the totally baller STEM toy that kids will love to program, command, and experiment with!

Matt Harvey

The CAMP Discovery Cabin is where our Counselors and kiddos test-drive the toys we're really excited about. We take our favorites off the shelf and out of the box, so you can see for yourself how they work!

Sphero Mini is action-packed with features, and kids will have a literal ball exploring all of its many play modes. To get started, they just download the free Sphero Play app and connect via Bluetooth!

Sphero Mini’s gyroscopic motor is powered by a rechargeable battery that can last for up to an hour of playtime with a full charge. Kids can drive Sphero Mini by dragging their finger around the tablet, switch to slingshot mode, or move the Sphero using the tilt driving method for even more steering options! They can drive freestyle or set up the included mini traffic cones to see how nimble our little rolling robot ball can be. They can even have a bowling competition with the included mini bowling pins!

The Sphero Play app is also fully loaded with video games that can be played using the Sphero Mini as a controller! If that’s not enough, the Sphero Play app is designed to help kiddos learn basic block coding that they can use to program basic commands for Sphero Mini, change the color of the LED lights, and much more. Once they’ve mastered the basic block coding, they can download the Sphero Edu app for a more advanced challenge.

Thanks to its super-vroomy combination of education and play, Sphero Mini is one of the best STEM toys on the market!

We love Sphero Mini, and here are 5 reasons why:

1. Sphero's a phenomenal STEM toy


Toys are an excellent way for small friends to get introduced to the basic principles of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) through play, and Sphero Mini is one of the best STEM toys on the market! Kiddos are introduced to basic coding with three different options for how to code Sphero Mini — Block, Draw, and Text “canvases” range from beginner to advanced in the Sphero Edu app. There’s even a how-to guide for parents so they can play along with their little ones!

2. SO many ways to play


There’s a happy variety of ways to drive the Sphero Mini, and even more ways to apply those driving skills! Kids can make a maze, navigate the traffic cones, go bowling, and make up a golf game with a cup ... the possibilities are as limitless as their imaginations!

3. Sphero's alter ego is ROY G. BIV

Sphero Mini is capable of glowing in a variety of brilliant colors! Kids can change the hue of your robo-ball buddy in the app!

4. It's not just a toy — it's a bunch of video games too!

The Sphero Mini can be used as a controller for the video games in the Sphero Play app! The app includes 3 different games: shoot through space, speed through a tunnel, or smash a polygon of bricks.

5. No batteries needed for hours of play power

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When Sphero Mini is fully charged with the included braided USB charger, the battery can last for up to 60 minutes of play!