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5 Reasons Kids Love the Treasure X Mega Monster Gold Lab Playset

Kids can assemble their lab, squish their slime, and reveal their monster piece by piece!

Matt Harvey

The CAMP Discovery Cabin is where our Counselors and kiddos test-drive the toys we're really excited about. We take our favorites off the shelf and out of the box, so you can see for yourself how they work!

Surprise toys are all the rage these days, and Treasure X Monsters is the monstrous answer to the outrageously popular LOL Surprise dolls! Releasing the toy from its packaging has gone from a tedious but necessary part of the new toy experience to a majorly fun and gratifying feature — and your kids will love it!

As they unpack their Treasure X Monster Lab playset, they'll reveal their character’s mystery treasure x-ccessories (possibly dipped in real actual gold) and pull creature pieces from their gloop-filled containers. Once they've uncovered and de-slimed all of the cartoonishly gruesome body parts, they get to assemble your gnarly monster dude like the re-animator they've always secretly wished they could be!

Kids can inject their handsome creature with the plasma syringe and slide them under the power dome to flip the switch and light up their eyes — Franken-style!

We love Treasure X Monster Gold: Monster Lab Playset, and here are 5 reasons why:

1. Gory Surprise Reveals Galore

IMG 6438

Part of the appeal of mystery box toys is discovering which accessories came with each particular toy. Treasure X Monsters levels up the excitement to hypebeast mode with a wide variety of possible outcomes! Common, rare, and super rare accessories can be pulled, and best of all — kids get to liberate them from their rad-but-icky slime ensconcement!

2. Real Actual Treasure

DSC 7194

Treasure X Monster Gold toys are perfect for treasure hunters! Kids can play prospector, because every Treasure X Monster offers the unique opportunity to uncover an actual treasure dipped in REAL gold!

3. Brings Playtime to Life

IMG 6434

This set includes so many fun things to play with: Kids will find an operating table, a laboratory workbench, an "it's aliiiiiiiiive!" machine with light-up action, a robot arm, jars, a mad scientist figure, and all of the parts to assemble their monster inside the package!

4. Crank It Up to Full Power, Right Out of the Box

DSC 7187

The Treasure X Monsters Gold: Monster Lab Playset comes with batteries, so all of the Franken-fun can begin with urgency!

5. Just the Right Amount of Assembly Required

DSC 7199

This toy is perfect for kiddos who like to build things and even more perfect for those small friends that like to take stuff apart. The whole process of unboxing this toy is excellent for littles with a mild appetite for destruction, and they’ll find limitless joy in pulling their monster apart, just to reassemble it!