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12 Doodads And Knick Knacks That Will Brighten Up Your Days Working From Home

There’s plenty to love about working from home, and these desktop doodads and day-brighteners will keep your desk an inspiration zone.

Daniel Fernandez

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In the old days, if your boss told you to “work from home,” I’m sure you’d either faint, ask them if they had a fever, or stand there awestruck with your jaw on the floor as the clouds parted, the heavens opened, and a single joy-filled tear rolled down your cheek.

But it’s been a while now since you started writing proposals and taking meetings from the comfort of your own home and even though there’s plenty to love about it, we both know that working from home can get pretty boring, bland, and lonely.

Well, I’ve got you covered with 25 doodads and knick knacks that will brighten up your days working from home! (By the way, it may also be time to wash those sweatpants you’re wearing now. I’m just trying to help.)

1. Areaware Cubebot

When you miss the chats by the watercooler, your only companion is the spreadsheet you’ve been staring at for the past two hours, and your therapist is on vacation, this adjustable wooden robot by Areaware is here to help. You can move his parts so that he sits at the edge of your desk and listens patiently to all of your problems!

2. Mini Zoltar

Do I hit “Submit” on my application for a new job? Do I order lunch from Seamless for the fourth time this week? Do I ask my boss for a promotion even though he definitely heard me sighing exasperatedly at him when I thought my Zoom was on mute?? Shhhhhhh, don’t fret. He has all the answers you seek. Leave it to Mini Zoltar.

3. The Original Live Sea Monkeys

How old were you when you found out that “Sea Monkeys” are actually “brine shrimp” and have been angrily tweeting about being lied to as a child to all 14 of your followers this morni- … Uh, I mean, don’t you remember how great it felt to be a kid at the county fair and pick up some of these for your room? Nostalgia abounds!

4. Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty

OK, OK, you’re finally in flow and you’re seizing the day and all the diems are being carpe’d and you’re on track to meet your deadlines when suddenly a coworker comes to you asking for help. They’re in a tricky situation and only you can get them out of it. Well, thinking time requires Thinking Putty, obviously.

5. Sphero Mini

The Sphero Mini is a ping-pong sized drivable robot that lights up, accelerates, and helps teach coding basics. When you’re bored, build a tiny maze on your desk out of paper clips and rubber bands and steer your Sphero Mini through each turn (or use it to freak out your cat).

6. Discovery Plasma Globe

Look, guys, being honest with you, this classic desk ornament doesn’t really do much. But I usually average about three existential crises a day and there’s nothing like having something really bright, colorful, and touch-responsive to take my mind off things.

7. Lincoln Logs

It was Henry David Thoreau who said, “We can never have enough of nature.” And it was Abraham Lincoln who said, “Hey dude, check out my logs!” If you’re tired of staring at a screen and feel yourself coming down with a case of cabin fever, use these Lincoln Logs to take a much-needed respite to reconnect with yourself and with nature. (Kinda, sorta?)

8. Squigz Building Set

When you’re waiting in the Google Hangout staring at your reflection on the screen because your boss is running late to the Zoom meeting they scheduled, then canceled, then rescheduled again — remember it isn’t worth stressing about. Instead, pull out some of these quirky toys, start squishing, and get Squiggy with it.

9. Time For You Sand Timer

When work gets to be a bit too much, Carissa Potter’s five-minute hourglass is a simple reminder to make time in your day to “Check In With Yourself” and “Take Time To Breathe.” As glittery sparkling sands gently fall, follow along with one of the many tiny ideas, activities, and suggestions that come in Carissa’s booklet full of ways to destress and reconnect with yourself.

10. Homesick Summer Camp Candle

Whether you need a moment to slow down in between meetings, or you’re burning the midnight oil on an important project, nothing helps to clear the mind and relax the senses like a great-smelling candle.

11. Yoga Joes (Rainbow)

“I don’t know but I’ve been told (I don’t know but I’ve been told); sun salutations are my favorite pose. HOO-RAH!” The battle for self care can be won with some reminders from these unlikely and colorful friends. Place these rainbow-colored Yoga Joes along your desk and you may just be compelled to follow them in their relaxation.

12. Affirmators! Family Deck

If you’re working from home, you’ve probably got a household filled with little ones running around, a roommate (or five), or a partner working just as hard in the same room — and we both know that those personalities can take up lots of mental space. These affirmation cards by comedian Suzi Barrett help you bring yourself back to the present so you can appreciate where you’re at and what you’ve got.

I hope some of these fun doodads and knick knacks add some joy and brightness to your days as you work from home!