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Make Your Driveway into a Playground With These Toys and Games

Spoiler alert: You don't need a big driveway to have big fun this summer.

Deena Campbell · 8 months ago

Thanks for checking out our product recommendations! Just a heads-up, Camp may make some money if you shop from any of the external links on this page. Pricing and availability may have changed since this page was published.

GettyImages-88749756 (1)


This year we've used our backyards for everything from virtual-working and exercising to relaxing and starting a garden. Maybe you’ve even hosted a few backyard movie nights with close friends. I speak for families everywhere when I say: People, you need a change of scenery.

Head around the front of the house and you'll find a whole new play zone: The driveway! It's safe, spacious, and a ready-and-waiting arena for family fun. Use it for games, sports, or any activity you don't want to do indoors. Check out our list of cool games and activities that are perfect for driveway entertainment. 

Go for a Different Kind of Zoom

Big kids can get in on the driveway fun with a balancing hoverboard. Get the entire crew on the action and see how fast each person can balance themselves down the driveway. The person with the fastest time (or whoever manages not to fall) wins. 

Chat and Chill



It's an American pastime for a reason: the good old-fashioned driveway hang. Pull some yard chairs and an umbrella into the drive (or set up in the shade at the edge of the open garage) and pass the time by telling jokes and funny stories in the summer breeze. This is a great activity for talkative kids who always have something to say — and a great way to build vocabulary and social skills. Not sure where to start? Bring some conversation starter packs with you to help make some memories.

Shoot Some Hoops

Spend warm days honing your shot with this basketball hoop that’s perfect for casual competitions with friends. Best of all, installation is a breeze. We promise you’ll set it up faster than you can say, “who’s got game?”

Have a Lemonade Stand



Looking for an opportunity to pick up some soft entrepreneurial skills? Set up a lemonade stand and let the kids run the business. They’ll learn how to drive a money-making venture, while parents sit back, sip, and relax.

Bean Bag Toss

This fun bean bag toss game is similar to cornhole — but way better! The motorized base actually moves from side to side, and each player must try to nail each bean bag into the hole. Add an extra layer to the fun by incorporating a hand-clap before tossing each bag. 

Driveway Tag



The best driveway games are the ones where you use every inch of it. Play a classic game of tag (or freeze tag!) to get everyone moving around. If you’re worried tiny ones will run into the street, block the end with your car or line chairs along the perimeter. 

Driveway Bowling

Your driveway probably has a lot in common with a bowling alley: It's long, it's narrow, it's mostly smooth, and it's designed to let the good times roll! Set up a family bowling game in the driveway, no special shoes required.

Family Car Wash



If you need to cool off on a hot summer day, grab a bunch of towels and sponges, bring the hose around, and soap and spray down the car. If you're feeling protective of the family whip, you can always have the kids wash their ride-ons and toy cars!

Make Some Chalk Art



Consider the driveway your canvas and that box of sidewalk chalk your painter's palette: What epic works of art could you create? Get inspired with this roundup of sidewalk chalk projects and make your driveway into an art museum.