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Stylish Presents to Impress Your Favorite Fashionista

Give the gift of little luxuries, go-to accessories, and a whole lot of flossiness.

Sarah Burns


We here at CAMP Fashion Labs Institute believe fashion is a form of creative expression, that it should be accessible to everyone, and it should be lots of fun – and if there’s one thing we do best, it’s definitely fun. Here’s a runway lineup of our best gift picks for style-savvy trend-setters of every age! 

Bari Lynn Headbands

There’s nothing basic about a basic headband: They’re functional, add instant style, and they make great gifts! There’s no sizing to worry about, and they won’t break the bank, so go ahead and grab one for yourself one too, so you can give the gift of twinning with your bestie.

Petite 'n Pretty 10K Shine Lip Gloss

High-shine and super moisturizing, Petite ‘n Pretty looks like real makeup because it is real makeup — in age-appropriate, sheer colors, and a pediatrician- and dermatologist-approved formula that’s cruelty-free, vegan, and all wrapped up in a cotton candy scented tube. This sparkling formula offers a pop of light color, and a wonderful, holographic shine. Yes, it’s made for kids, but lucky for adults there’s no age limit!

Barbie Extra Doll - Millie w/ Periwinkle Hair

Showing off your style with clothes and accessories isn’t just about chasing fashion trends, it’s about exploring new ways to express yourself. Barbie Extra – with her head-turning jacket, sparkling bling, and star-powered pup by her side – certainly knows a thing or two about self-expression! Take a lesson from her, and dare to be your boldest, most extra self. 

Leopard Jewelry Box

Pins, friendship bracelets, pairs of earrings – keep them all organized, safe, and undamaged in this rockin’ jewelry box. Decked out in silvery metallic leopard print, with subtle rainbow speckles, the box hinges open to reveal compartments to hold all your treasures, with two ring holder sections, an interior slip pocket, and a partition to keep your necklaces from tangling up into your earring collection.

Yellow Owl Workshop Gurrl Power Earrings

The coolest cats are always the ones that speak their minds – and even though, yes, cats technically can’t talk, we know what they’re trying to say. Let your ears do the talking, with a pair of purrfectly mismatched kitties with an attitude.

STMT DIY Cosmetic Set

It’s hard to choose just one thing to love about makeup. It’s full of fun colors to play with, it presents the opportunity to express oneself in new, exciting ways, and it’s super fun to make! Pre-teen cosmetologists will love showing off their handmade lip balms, combining shimmering powders, and choosing scents and colors, just like they make them in the lab.

Kris Nations Heart Stud Earrings

For all the trends in the world, few things compare with simple, timeless classics. These sweet heart studs go with everything, and will quickly become a go-to accessory — at work or school, out shopping, or partying it up, this is one pair that fits in everywhere.

Little People Big Dreams: Coco Chanel

Part of the best-selling Little People Big Dreams series about the movers and shakers that helped shape history, Coco Chanel follows young Coco’s journey from the orphanage where she first picked up a needle and thread, to being one of the world’s most influential and recognizable fashion icons. Simple storytelling and charming illustrations will delight the youngest fashionistas, and inspire them to dream big.

Magnum Swipe Selfie Ring Light

A great outfit can’t go undocumented – that would be such a waste! Capture your best outfits in your best lighting with a portable photo studio at your fingertips. Clip it on to your device, and choose from three settings to get the mood lighting you’re looking for, and find your angles with ease.

Kris Nations Round Pave Charm Necklace

All that glitters isn’t gold – sometimes it’s silver and simulated diamond. Stunningly sparkling, this necklace features a silver charm with forward-facing, pave-set gems that capture the light brilliantly. If you’re looking for an unexpected jewelry gift that’s truly dazzling to behold, this is it!

Juno Valentine & the Fantastic Fashion Adventure

Looking your best is a lifelong learning experience, and we could all use help sometimes. Join Juno on a quest to find the perfect outfit for picture day. As she struggles to find the look that best suits her unique personality, she enlists the help of female icons from all over the world, and all over time! In the end, she doesn’t just find clothes, she finds confidence – and it looks good on her.

Studio Creator Video Maker Kit

Quiet on set! Oh, I’m sorry – I get carried away when I see the Studio Creator Video Maker Kit. Simple selfies are fine for everyday fashions, but when you’ve really pulled out all the stops for a look, and want to share your methods with others, only video will do.  And this kit has your back – and background – with a greenscreen, and camera stand/ring light setup that turns any room into instant studio space. 

Yellow Owl Workshop Color Pendant and Earrings

Going around in circles trying to pick just one color? Pick them all, with a unique, multi hued pendant that makes for some beautiful neck candy; or try a pair of gold cloisonne stud earrings with every color from RGB to CMYK. But why choose when you can get both, and have every color of the rainbow?

Bari Lynn Watermelon Handbag

Help yourself to this fruity watermelon treat! It’s not seedless, but you’re still going to want a piece all to yourself. Light and sturdy, it’s a slice of summery fun fashion ready for a walk down the boardwalk, the beach, or a picnic.