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If Your Kid Likes Pop-It!, They’ll Love These Fantastic Fidget Toys

Fun, funky fidget toys to keep hands busy and minds relaxed!

Jack Shepherd

Fidget Toys for Kids Who Love Pop Its

In the olden times, our grandparents’ grandparents used to huddle around the hearth with their children and a tiny scrap of bubble wrap that had been passed down to them by their parents, who themselves had obtained it from a package of sweetmeats that had been delivered for the St. Swithin’s Day celebration. Each member of the family would be allowed to feel the satisfying pop of one bubble in the bubble wrap before the sacred object was returned to its box to await the next special popping day. And that was entertainment for the whole year.

Nowadays, of course, we’re spoiled, because we have Pop-It! fidget toys, which is all the snapping, cracking, and popping fun of bubble wrap right in your pocket. 

But Pop-It!’s not the only toy that’s fueling the fidget craze, and anyone who knows the satisfyingly soothing fun of playing with a Pop-It! will absolutely love these other fantastic toys for anyone with fidgety fingers

Tangle Jr. Classic

The Tangle Jr. has no official shape — in fact it longs to be endlessly twisted and twirled by creative, fidgeting fingers trying to find a new form for it to inhabit. Basically, it’s a fun, twisty thing, and it’s perfect for fidgeters of all stripes. 

Tangle Jr. Fuzzies

If your tinkering tot likes Tangle Jr. with an extra dose of fuzzy, tactile fun, then this is the Tangle for your tot to tinker with! That was a very fun sentence to write. 

OMG Pop Fidgety Rainbow Cloud

For maximum stress reduction, put on some soothing rain-storm sounds on your white noise machine and get poppin’ with this rainbow cloud fidget toy. You’ll be amazed at the creative things you come up with when your mind is relaxed and your hands are busy. 

Bari H21 Unicorn Pastel In N Out Handbag

It’s fun, fidget-worthy, and functional! It’s also a unicorn, which is really just going above and beyond. Get wild and use this pop fidget purse with adjustable straps to keep your other fidget toys in, so you can fidget while you fidget!

Poppies Mega Pop Mini Controllers

All the fidgeting fun of a video game controller, but the video game is in your mind, man! By which I mean, these bubble-popping mini controllers will give your hands something to do so that your imagination can roam free!


Purrble is cute. Purrble is soft. Purrble is calming. Purrble makes precious little noises and his tiny heart races to show emotion. Once you hold Purrble, you will never want to let him go. 

Sealife Smash A Mals

Smash these stubborn, swimmy Smash A Mals with your hand and they’ll grow up to six times their original size! It’s really quite a powerful lesson in resilience when you think about it, but the main thing is that these cool little guys are tons of fun to play with.  

Light Up DNA Balls

These nifty light-up balls have an incredible texture and they slowly change color when you fidget with them. They’re a stress-relieving treat that will amaze and delight little ones and their hands busy at the same time! 

Giant Stress Ball

Once you’ve fidgeted your way to the big leagues, it’s time to pull out all the stops and just treat yourself to a giant stress ball. This one’s big and bold enough to satisfy the most advanced fidgeters.