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12 Fidget Toys Kids Can Make Themselves

These easy DIY fidget toys help release pent-up energy and harness creativity. Double win!

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

Let’s face it: No human being was designed to sit at a desk all day, least of all kids. So a bit of boredom and trouble focusing pretty much comes with the territory. That’s why a simple fidget toy can work wonders — fidget toys can help kids (and adults, too, BTW) refocus and settle by giving busy hands an outlet for releasing pent-up energy. While there are all kinds of fidget toys out there you can buy, making your own fidget toys is a fun way to keep busy and tap creativity at the same time: Double win!

Fidget Putty


Little Bins for Little Hands

Love slime but hate the mess? Then you’ll definitely want to check out this putty recipe from Little Bins For Little Hands. The putty is basically a slime recipe, just without the water. Without the water, the mixture turns into a pliable material and gets rid of that ooze factor — and the gooey mess! Because of the firm texture, the putty is great for keeping those fingers busy and occupied.

DIY Emoji Squishy Stress Balls


Hello Creative Family

Stay on-trend and keep your kiddo's busy mind at ease with these DIY emoji squish stress balls. The adorable stress balls are filled with slime, making them extra squishy. Don’t worry about them popping and making and mess, either. The balloons are double layered for extra protection. Pick out your favorite emoji and find the how-to on Hello Creative Family.

Fidget Paper Clip

Fidget Paper Clip

Sensibly Sara

If your child isn't the crafty type and just wants something straightforward and discreet to help them focus, this fidget paper clip craft is the perfect solution. The fidget toy comes together with just a paperclip and some palmer beads — that’s truly it! Did I mention it only takes about five minutes to make too? Kids can easily keep it in a pants pocket, and it won’t make any noise or cause a distraction to others when they're using it in class. Check out the details over on Sensibly Sara.

DIY Flour Stress Ball

DIY Flour Stress Ball

My Crazy Good Life

Okay, I'm not going to lie, it might be a little messy making these flour stress balls, but it will definitely be worth it in the end. To get ahead of the mess, make sure you have good quality balloons and a funnel (adult supervision helps, too!). Then attach the funnel to the opening of the balloon and slowly scoop the flour in the opening. Make sure to tie the balloon with a strong knot! Your family will definitely want to make a few of these and keep them around the house for an instant stress reliever. Get all of the instructions over on My Crazy Good Life.

DIY Watermelon Squishy Toy

watermelon squishy

Buggy and Buddy

Kids can squeeze tension away with these DIY watermelon squishy toys. To make them, you'll need a piece of inexpensive memory foam. (If you happen to have an old memory foam pillow around the house, you can upcycle the foam from the pillow!) Let your child use scissors to cut out the little watermelons, then add a bit of paint, and they're ready for use. Don’t stop at just watermelon shapes either! Kids can make a whole fruit salad with little orange slices, strawberries, and apples.

DIY Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

DIY Infinity Cube

Moms and Crafters

The best part about these infinity cube fidget toys is that they are super customizable. Kids can choose between different sized blocks, multiple colors, and even pick out a printed duct tape to match. Can’t decide on which size to make? Make a variety of infinity cubes to keep around for different situations. A small one will fit perfectly in any backpack for a super portable fidget toy, while a large one will be great to keep at home when kids need to keep their hands busy.

Endless Lego Fidget Cube


Lemon Lime Adventures

Kids who love Legos will be all over this fidget toy. The small fidget toy is made completely from repurposed Legos and is built in a way that provides endless hours of entertainment for those busy fingers. The cube can turn, twist, and open up just like a Jacob’s ladder. Find a full tutorial and the Lego pieces needed to make the fidget cube over on Lemon Lime Adventures.

Popsicle Stick Fidget Spinner

Popsicle Stick Fidget Spinner

Kids Activities

There’s no need to buy a fidget spinner when kids can make their own out of basic crafting materials. To make this simplified version of a fidget spinner, pull together some popsicle sticks, duct tape, washers, and a clothespin. Kiddos can choose one seamless duct tape print for a uniform design, or go with a few different patterns for extra wow factor.

Zipper Bracelets

Zipper Bracelets

Moms and Crafters

You know that super satisfying feeling when you move a zipper up and down repeatedly? Kids can now take that feeling with them on the go with these zipper bracelet fidget crafts from Moms and Crafters. The toy comes together with a small zipper, string, and a simple clip-in buckle. The buckles work in two ways on the bracelet. Combine different bracelets to make a mega bracelet, or simply use the buckle to clip onto a backpack. These bracelets are also pretty hard to misplace since they snap right on to your kiddo's wrists.

Soda Tab Fidget Toy

Soda Tab Fidget Toy


Not all fidget toys have to be complicated, and the proof is in this soda tab fidget toy. The simple toy upcycles a few soda tabs and puts them into a key ring. Keeping the soda tabs on the keyring gives fidgety fingers a full range of motion to pull or twist them around. Upgrade this simple toy by letting kids paint a few of the tabs with nail polish before adding them to the keyring to add a pop of color.

DIY Marble Maze

Fabric Marble Maze

Apple Green Cottage

With a small marble, embroidery thread, and soft fabric anyone can make a sensory and fidget toy, all in one. For the sensory aspect, choose a soft or fuzzy piece of fabric that is soothing to hold. Then, have kids follow the instructions over on Apple Green Cottage to incorporate the fidget toy. When the toy is finished, they'll be able to guide a small marble through a fabric maze that they've sewn together themselves.

Floating Bead Bracelet

Floating Bead Bracelet

Lines Across

Kids can make a fidget toy into a fashion statement with this floating bead bracelet. Head over Lines Across where you’ll find the instructions to make this bracelet. As kids place the beads on the string and pull them through, they can twist, twirl, and spin the beads in place. The flexibility of the beads is perfect for giving those fingers something discreet to do in a public setting. 

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