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Become a Pranking Pro with These Prank Supplies and DIYS

What to get and what to forget for pranks that are fun for everyone!

Sarah Burns



Whether you’re going for a little laugh, or a full on prank, this is the stuff you’re gonna want in your bag of tricks. And because laughs are meant to be shared, these super silly suggestions are ideal for pulling off practical jokes with even the youngest pranksters!

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Classics are classics for a reason! No pranking kit is complete without a few of these classic fake outs. 

No Tear Toilet Paper


Prank U!

Being stuck without toilet paper is a tear-able position to be in. When setting up this prank, remember to remove all the toilet paper under the sink (or wherever you store it at your place), and be ready to crack the door a little to chuck a fresh roll of the good stuff to your victim after you’ve had a laugh.  

Snot a Prank

This is snot a drill – it might be one of the best classic gross-out pranks around! First, practice your fake sneezing skills. When you decide your acting skills are ready for an audience, whip up a batch of ooey-gooey, oh-so-sticky-and-green snot slime. Wait for just the right moment before sneezing your newly-practiced, super-convincing sneeze, and slime your own hands just in time for anyone around to see them completely covered in icky, snotty slime. People will be rushing to hand you tissues!

Prank U Doggy Doo Doo



A doody left on a toilet seat might not be peak pranking material, but on this list, it’s a solid number two. If the person you’re pranking has a new puppy, this prank is super effective on the couch, or a white rug. But make sure to come clean on your dirty deed before the clueless pup becomes your fall guy.

Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

Pour white glue onto a sheet of wax paper, and let it dry. Peel the glue off the paper, and set it on a laptop keyboard, then remind your prank victim not to cry over spilled milk. Not milk drinkers? Make some “water” instead by squeezing hot glue onto a sheet of thick plastic.

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It doesn’t matter what age you are — farts are always funny!

Gift Republic Fart Sound Box



The Gift Republic Fart Sound Box is the gift that keeps on giving. Used sparingly and strategically, you can get a lot of mileage out of one of these babies. The trick is to be sneaky with these squeakies — a little acting will go a long way, so start practicing your “whoever denied it supplied it” face. 

Minions Fart N’ Fire



What the Minions Hart N’ Fore lacks in discretion, it makes up for with its impressive variety of flatulent sounds, and overall look, if prop comedy is your thing — and when you’re a kid, it’s definitely your thing. And if you like taking a joke a little too far, you should know that this thing has a water tank, so you not only surprise your prank victim with an unexpected butt-blast, but also shock them with a fine, misty spray of what they’ll be hope is only water.

DIY Whoopee!

Try a low-tech classic prank by making your own whoopee cushion! This one is ingeniously crafted with a sponge, a zip-top bag, tape, and a balloon — although you can also go super low-tech with just a balloon! Fill the balloon and squeak the air out slowly for a high-pitched cheek-sneak, or let it all out in one raging blowout. This works best if you're pranking someone from around a corner or in a bathroom where your faked gastric distress will be very loud and very believable.

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When expectation collides with reality.

Donut Disappointment



Hiding a veggie tray in a box of donuts is an office break room classic, but it works equally well with buckets of fried chicken, boxes of Girl Scout cookies, or bags of potato chips. You can tailor this prank to whatever treat your prank victim prefers — unless it IS veggies, in which case, joke’s on you

NeatO! Hand Buzzer



Giving your prank victim an unexpected jolt is as easy as taking them by the hand!  A few simple twists of the dial get this buzzer geared up. Just slip the ring over your finger, position it in your palm, and it’s ready to use. Another simple classic that gets ’em every time. 

Follow the Sign!



Sticking a “Kick me” sign on someone’s back is mean and not funny, but writing “High five me!” and putting it on someone's back will cause a lot of goofy, enthusiastic confusion and awkward giggly moments, and it’ll get others in on a joke that doesn’t hurt anyone.


Elicit groans of agony without actually hurting anyone with some super silly spoofs. Use your imagination, and aim for references your prankee will understand, or they might miss the joke. 


My Joy-Filled Life

A Few Examples:

  • Cut some brown letter Es out of construction paper, and put them in a brownie pan covered in foil. A candle that smells like baked goods can really help sell this one when you tell everyone to “Come get a brown E!” My Joy-Filled Life shows how it’s done, and the pics of her confused kids are hilarious. 

  • Hang images of Burt Ward in a tree and ask a birdwatching friend if they’ve spotted any Robins.

  • Tape a photo of Slash from Guns n’ Roses to someone’s tires, and tell the car owner their tires look like they’ve been Slashed. 

  • Print out a bunch of letter “B”s; cut them out, and leave them in a room. Before your mark enters the room, warn them that you saw a swarm of Bs in there.



Or, pull off a prank using LOTS of one little thing. These take some planning and dedication, but the end results are typically hilarious ... and sometimes awe-inspiring.


  • Sticking googly eyes on everything in the fridge

  • Filling someone’s closet to the brim with balloons

  • Covering a co-worker's desk entirely in sticky notes

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Tips to keep in mind so everyone can stay safe, and have a good laugh!

  • DO help your prank victim clean up if the prank was messy.

    DON’T be mean. If you have to tell someone, “It was just a joke!” it wasn’t a good joke.

    DO get creative.

    DON’T mess with someone's food.

    DO be funny.

    DON’T use whipped cream for a pie-in-the-face gag. It will get cheesy in a bad way very quickly.

    DO use shaving cream in place of whipped cream — it’s way easier to clean.

    DO have fun!