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A Kid Reviews Gazillion Bubbles

Is a bubble always just a bubble, or do cool delivery systems seriously level up the fun quotient? We brought in a bubble-savvy kid expert to help answer these burning questions and more...

Ros Muggeridge


Gazillion Bubbles boasts a top-secret bubble solution that supposedly blows bigger and better bubbles than any other mixture on the market. We collected four Gazillion Bubbles products and commandeered one kid reviewer to test the toys and provide feedback. Here’s what happened...

We began by unpacking the items.


“Can I use the scissors?” 

I think mommy should do it. These are the big scissors.

“I’m so excited to do that one. Can I do the giant circle thing first?”

You know what isn’t fun for mommy? Opening all this packaging. 

“I love a lot of packaging. It makes it more funner to open.” 

Incredibubble-Wand-set up

Even though our reviewer has probably played with bubbles hundreds of times in his life, he surprisingly displayed very little bubble burnout. This toy required minimal set up and the reviewer got to work straight away.

“Can I pour the mixture into the thing?”

Yes, just be careful not to spill it. How many containers of bubble mixture do you think we’ve spilled over the years?


You answered that question quickly.

“Yeah, I counted.”


The wand was dipped into the tray of solution and waved around to produce huge bubbles. It worked perfectly the first time, providing the instant gratification that this particular reviewer pretty much requires at all times.


“It’s windy today so I can just stand here and the wind makes the bubble for me.”

 Dude, you’re good at that.


“Yeah, I’m the best at making these. My friend Sevin turned seven today.”

“Is that true?


A bit of a misnomer, this toy is actually a battery-operated fan that kids dip into a tray of mixture. 

“This doesn’t look like a wand. It looks like a fan.” 


Set up is relatively easy but requires a mini screwdriver. I can never find mine when I need it.

OK. I have to go inside and get batteries for this one. 

“OK. I’m going to hide in the storage bin because I’m scared.”


Once the button is pressed, the toy blows surprisingly large bubbles. One cool feature is that kids can make a large bubble and then turn the fan on its side and blow the bubble around. 

“This makes big ones. It’s my favorite. You can make a bubble and then blow it up into the air with the fan. When it gets too high it pops!” 

power-wand (1)

 (Sprays a lot of bubbles directly into my face.) “I’m having fun with this one.”


There’s a knack to operating this toy and it takes a lot of hand-cranking, but once it gets going, it works surprisingly well. The best part is that it doesn’t require batteries. From an adult’s perspective, batteries are annoying: they always die at the worst moment and it’s a nuisance to have to keep replacing them, but the kid doesn’t really care about that. The one downside is that it takes a fair amount of energy to keep the crank going which tires out our reviewer’s little hands pretty quickly.

“If you do it too fast, it doesn’t work. You have to do it slower. A bubble just bounced off my shirt.” (Collapses into hysterical laughter.)


"Look at these ones that I’m blowing into my face.”

You mean into my face. OK that’s good, please stop now.

 “Yeah, I meant your face.” (More hysterical laughter.)


We end this epic journey through Gazillion Bubbles's heavy hitters with what is billed as the ultimate bubble blower. There’s a lot riding on this one, and it doesn’t disappoint. After a fairly straightforward set up involving replacing the original bubble mixture cap with another valve cap, it’s ready to go — and the bubbles begin pouring out!


“It’s raining bubbles from outer space!”


The small bubble container needs a refill pretty quickly; I can see that this one is going to be a bit of a mixture guzzler.

“Look! That pigeon is confused by the bubbles.”

Big sister comes to play

The reviewer’s big sister even stopped by after babysitting to play for a little while, proving what I think every parent knows — you’re never too old for bubbles.