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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Kiddos Who Love The Color Green

If your small friend is obsessed with anything in an emerald hue, this is the gift guide for you!

Matt Harvey

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Move over yellow; turn around blue; stop right there red! We’re talking about the envy of the color world — the great and powerful GREEN! If you have a young one in your life who lights up at the sight of anything dressed in the color of go, this gift guide is sure to point you in the right direction! 

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Hape Tito Pull Along

Pull along toys are the type of toy that hang around for a long time in the growth and development chart. From the push-and-roll era to the run-around-the-house-pulling-it-behind-you phase, these dudes delight the whole way. Hape Tito Pull Along is a great gift for the littlest of littles.

Oli & Carol Arnold the Avocado

Oli & Carol are the best! They make their toys and teethers from natural, non-toxic materials, and their products are full of quirk and charm. Oli & Carol Arnold the Avocado is made for the gummy chomp of tottering teethers, and you’ll love it for how goofy it is. 

Kinetic Sand — Green

Kinetic Sand is the non-drying, non-toxic, and super versatile alternative to Play-doh. While we still love Play-doh — we love Kinetic Sand even more. It’s great to build with and satisfying to just mindlessly smoosh!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Book

This book is an absolute treasure in board book form! The trademark art style of Eric Carle is on full display in this classic, and since its very hungry protagonist is mostly green, it’s sure to grab the attention of your green-loving little. 

LeapFrog Mr. Pencil’s Scribble & Write

Learn to write, draw, and spell with the assistance of Mr. Pencil! This Leapfrog toy involves six activities to help your little learn essential skills in a fun way. 

Luke’s Toy Factory Recycling Truck

Kiddos in CAMP stores love to play with Luke’s Toy Factory Recycling Truck whenever it’s available. The parts of this truck can be pulled apart and reassembled, making it fun for imaginative play or fodder for fidgeters.

Mon Couer Green Shorts

Mon Couer Green Shorts are high quality, super soft, and ready for casual occasions of every persuasion. In short, they’re good green shorts.

Green Toys Recycling Truck

Green Toys are made from recycled milk jugs. This toy is super durable (like all Green Toys), and it’s designed holistically to minimize any sharp edges and maximize fun!

Micro Kickboard Scooter Head Green Dino

We love scooter time, and Micro scooters make some of our favorite scooters of all time! Kids can place one of these sweet Green Dino heads on a CAMP exclusive Micro scooter and it’s straight to the head of the pack!

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Macmillan Odd Dot My Favorite Color is Green Book

Here’s a fantastic activity book to help kids celebrate their favorite color! This one’ll keep kids occupied with dozens of different activities, all themed around the greatest color of them all.

Mukikim Tracerbot — Green

Kids can draw a path on a paper and watch Tracerbot do its thing. It’s amazing to watch this little green bot learn a doodle course and follow the path your kiddo has made for it.

Munipals 4 Train

Munipals 4 train is the toy version of the favorite NYC subway line of green lovers everywhere. These detailed wooden train toys play nicely with the Brio tracks that kids likely already have in their collection, thanks to a similar build and a familiar magnetic hitch!

Great Pretenders Reversible Dragon Knight Cape

Pretend play is the best play! This reversible cape is here to help super-charge kids' imaginations whether they want to display their dragon side or their gallant side!

Marvel Avengers Bend And Flex Hulk

He likes to say that you won’t like him when he’s angry, but we secretly love it when he’s in full smash mode. This bend and flex figure of the world’s favorite green Avenger is a real crowd pleaser.

Fred Taco Truck Taco Holder

Tacos are hard to hold, and even with the dexterity of full grown fingers, it’s a trick not to accidentally crush the shell with a glancing grasp. The Fred Taco Truck Holder is here to help kids cradle their fragile bundle of deliciousness — and it’s green!

Rainbow High Color Changing Car

The Rainbow High Color Changing Car is capable of changing colors, but green-loving kids can leave it on green and never stop never stopping! 

Rainbow High Series 3 — Daphne Minton (Mint)

Daphne Minton hits the halls of Rainbow High with Grit, Love, Action, Moxie (G.L.A.M), and fresh, mint-green outfits! Each Rainbow High doll comes complete with two outfits and accessories to match their own thematic hue.

Franklin Sports Kids Inflatable Dart Ball

Kids can take it outside with the Franklin Sports Kids Inflatable Dart Ball set! This is like darts but without all of the dangerous pointy bits.

The Giving Tree Book

Your kiddo will love this precious book with its beautiful illustrations and powerful story about a tree who gives its greenery as an act of unconditional love.

PAW Patrol: The Movie Rocky Transforming Deluxe Toy Car

Reduce, reuse, recycle is the mantra of the moment for every moment when you’re Adventure Bay’s resident recycle pup! Kids can get their green on with Rocky’s Transforming Truck straight from the PAW Patrol Movie!

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CAMP Core Bags

CAMP brand bags are made to be stuffed with … um … stuff! Let them take their stuff with them in stylish retro-fashion that’s somehow both fresh and nostalgic!

CAMP Core Canvas Green Camera Bag


CAMP Core Canvas Small Green Duffle


CAMP Core Canvas Large Green Duffle


CAMP Core Canvas Green Backpack


LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs

There’s something about a dinosaur that captures the imagination of folks tall and small. And there’s something about LEGOs that opens the imagination to new possibilities. Put those together and you get the LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs kit!

Sphero Mini Green

Sphero Mini is a little gyroscoping robot ball that features a multitude of functions and can help kids learn how to code. Using the free Sphero Play app they can drive their dude with a variety of steering options, or change the color on its internal LED to green and only green. 

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Power Treads Full Throttle Pack

Power Treads Full Throttle vehicles travel everywhere! Kids can build their own robot to traverse a track created by their imaginations. These lil dudes are a snap to build, and they can be slathered with stickers that glow in the dark!

LEGO The Child

Some people prefer Yoda. Some people prefer Yaddle (yes, even Yaddle has some superfans). But the real fan favorite of the mysterious species that Yoda and Yaddle belong to is The Child. And now your lucky kiddo can build one.

Yoga Joes Green

Yoga Joes are the same thing as the little green army dudes we're all familiar with, but with more Warrior 2 and Child’s Pose. Your kids can use them as desk decorations or as inspiration for their own yoga practice — YOOOOOOO-ga JOE!