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13 Gift Ideas For The Speed Racer In Your Family

The perfect gifts for any child who suffers from a NEED for SPEED.

Daniel Fernandez

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They grab the keys to the car when you’re not looking. They make engine noises in their sleep. They run fast. They think fast. They chew fast. Heck, they even poop fast. They don’t know any other way of living and they don’t want to. If your child exhibits any of these behaviors and/or personality traits then you should know that they were born with a serious condition ...THE NEED FOR SPEED!

From tike to teen, we’ve got the speed racer in your family covered with these 13 great gift ideas!

1. Melissa & Doug Wind Up Cars

Melissa & Doug Wind Up Cars

Melissa & Doug

Sometimes the urge to burn rubber on the open road starts young. So young that your little one can’t even walk yet. With these soft and easy-to-clean pull-back vehicles by Melissa & Doug (9 months - 4 years) they’ll be able to zip and zoom to their heart’s content while also learning about different kinds of vehicles!

2. Ontel Magic Tracks: Flex And Glow Racetrack

Ontel Magic Tracks: Flex And Glow Racetrack


Ontel’s Magic Tracks take racetrack building to the next level! With 11 feet of glow in the dark racetrack and a car with LED lights included, Magic Tracks can lay flat or bend on and around any surface! And if that weren’t enough, these tracks roll up for quick and easy clean-up and storage!

3. Jupiter Creations Spinforce Globe

Jupiter Creations Spinforce Globe

Jupiter Creations

There’s something oddly therapeutic about winding up two cars along a track and launching them into a see-through globe where they zip around at high speeds and crash into one another before they come to a complete stop only for you to repeat the process over and over … don’t you think? Self-contained and great for siblings, the Jupiter Creations Spinforce Globe (3 years and up) is a must have!

4. Carrera First Paw Patrol Slot Car Racetrack

Carrera First Paw Patrol Slot Car Racetrack


With 50 years of slot-car racing under their belt, Carrera has teamed up with the wildly popular Paw Patrol franchise to create the awesome Carrera First Paw Patrol Slot Car Racetrack (3 years and up) for endless hours with your child’s favorite pups from the Paw Patrol series, Chase and Marshall!

5. PlasmaCars



No batteries, no gas, no electricity? No problem! Plasma Cars (3 years and up) just need some wiggling and jiggling to get moving! A word of advice to my fellow adults out there: Before you decide to try out your child’s Plasma Car after they’ve fallen asleep, I strongly suggest taking a break from the eggnog and taking a good hard look at yourself in the mirror.

6. Think Gizmos Racing Car Set

Think Gizmos Racing Car Set

Think Gizmos

For the speed-demon who’s also inclined to tinker, the ThinkGizmos Racing Car kit (3 - 7 years) gives your child the opportunity to assemble their very own race car! This STEM toy is great for tapping into your child’s critical thinking and fine motor skills, and giving your child a sense of pride as they race off into the sunset with a car they built!

7. Air Hogs Stunt Shot R/C

Air Hogs Stunt Shot R/C

Air Hogs

As a mommy or daddy, your first reaction to the gigantic wheels and chunky frame of the Air Hogs Stunt Shot R/C (5 years and up) might be yelling, “Not in my house!” Well, don’t judge a book by its tires, because the wheels of the Air Hogs Stunt Shot are entirely made of foam, so no matter how wild or fast the stunts get, this car won’t cause any damage, and it’s great for indoor play!

8. Modarri Design & Drive - Delux Pack

Modarri Design & Drive - Delux Pack


What do you get when you cross three dads with a love of toy cars and the desire to share that with kids around the world? You get the Modarri Design & Drive - Delux Pack (5 years and up), which includes the parts to design your very own customizable model car and 20 feet of high-quality foam track pieces you can mix and match to make your dream race track!

9. Litehawk Rowdy

Litehawk Rowdy


Sometimes going fast just isn’t enough. Sometimes … you need to get rowdy! That’s exactly where Litehawk Rowdy (8 years and up) comes in. With its 4-wheel drive and unique double-sided chassis design, this remote controlled vehicle was made to drive Mom and Dad up a wall while driving up Mom and Dad’s walls!

10. Hot Wheels iD Smart Track

Hot Wheels iD Smart Track

Hot Wheels

With the iD Smart track kit by Hot Wheels (8 years and up), racing has been taken to the next level! Including 16 track pieces and two Hot Wheels iD cars, the iD smart track allows your children to actually record data from their races, such as the number of miles driven, highest speed reached, and the number of races they’ve won. They can also play mini-games designed by Hot Wheels!

11. Spin Master “The Animal”

Spin Master “The Animal”

Spin Master

Not for the faint of heart, Spin Master’s “The Animal” (4 years and up) cannot be contained ... literally! Breaking out of its packaging with a slew of monstrous sound effects and a powerful claw that it uses to climb different terrains and overcome obstacles, “The Animal” is an interactive truck that cannot be contained!

12. Odyssey Turbo Runner

Odyssey Turbo Runner


The Odyssey Turbo Runner (8 years and up) is not your typical four-wheeled vehicle. In fact, it’s not even “wheeled” at all! Enclosed inside a protective rolling cage, the Turbo Runner is a quadcopter that safely flips, climbs, and flies anywhere your little one can imagine. This one’s great for indoor and outdoor play.

13. First Drive 12V Electric Kids Car

First Drive 12V Electric Kids Car

First Drive

You know how some parents try to live vicariously through their children? You may find yourself doing that with the First Drive 12V Kids Car (2 years and up). Available in a variety of popular models from different luxury car brands such as McLaren, Audi, and Mercedes, these electric cars come equipped with LED headlights, MP3 audio playback, and a remote control, allowing you to experience the drive of a lifetime … from up to 50 feet away.