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20+ Gifts Every Kid Actually Wants This Holiday Season

These are the gifts you save for last when opening presents!

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1. Operation: Pet Scan

Hasbro Games

This ain’t your granddaddy’s Operation game! Unless your granddaddy is a practicing veterinarian, that is. Instead of delicately yanking wishbones and bread baskets out of a red-nosed patient, you take on the role of a vet, carefully moving game pieces through the maze-like guts of an excited pup.

2. PAW Patrol Vehicle Sets

Spin Master

If you are or have ever met a kid under the age of eight, chances are that you’re pretty aware of the hit show PAW Patrol. The pets of PAW Patrol have taken to the mean streets of your playroom to rescue dinosaurs, launch off ramps, and race head-to-head in this collection of vehicle sets based on the characters.

3. The Treasure X Aliens

Treasure X

Some people reading this list are probably too young to remember when alien dissections were a big enough deal to be broadcast on cable TV during prime time. Nowadays you can dissect aliens anytime and anywhere with the Treasure X Aliens dissection play sets. Each alien is filled with goopy slime and other curious surprises, so get slicing!

4. The Animal - Interactive Unboxing RC Truck

Spin Master

As if radio-controlled monster trucks weren’t already cool enough, along comes the Animal, complete with an interactive package that the toy literally tears itself free from with the turn of a key. Once it’s out of its package, the Animal features clawed tires and a strong tow strap, putting all other toy trucks to shame.

5. Beyblade Sets


With each of these Beyblade play sets, you can host days-long tournaments right in your home. Just pick your battleground, either the four-track Cross Collision Beystadium or the multi-level Hypersphere Vortex Climb Beystadium, then grab a top and get to battling! The loser of your Beyblades tourney has to clean up after all the presents are unwrapped!

6. The Pirate's Cove Play Set


The Pirate’s Cove play set has it all. Action, adventure, romance, a three-story pirate den, and a mighty galleon to sail the seven seas with. Not to mention all the dang pirates! This is a big gift, but is sure to provide hours of entertainment to your little land-lubbers.

7. The Child LEGO set


On the hit Disney+ series The Mandalorian, the Child is a pretty curious little creature. It's hard to figure out what's going on in that little head of theirs...unless of course you build the head yourself. Recreate the Child then proudly display it with this 1,073-piece set.

8. LOL Surprise! OMG Remix Sets

LOL Surprise!

LOL Surprise! OMG REMIX sets could wind up being the next great music format. These dolls come complete with a record and package that plays actual music. The sets also include the iconic surprise LOL! Doll accessories you would expect, like outfit changes and wardrobe containers that all need to be unwrapped and discovered.

9. Rainbow High Fashion Dolls

MGA Entertainment

Follow the rainbow to Rainbow High and get to know each of the girls, each of whom represent different colors of the rainbow. Each doll comes with different clothes and accessories, so grab a few to mix and match their outfits to make some pretty bold fashion statements.

10. The Transforming RC Batmobile


The Batmobile has come a long way from the cute little cars that Adam West and Michael Keaton used to drive around. I mean, look at this thing! It shoots projectiles! It’s got its own Bat-Signal! It turns into a hovercraft! It’s even remote-controlled, making it easier than ever to clean up crime in your house.

11. The Micro Kickboard


Micro Kickboards are like the Rolls-Royce of the scooter world. This thing is fully souped up, with wheels that glide like a hot knife through butter, ultra-responsive steering, and a sleek design that you’ll want to show off around the streets of your neighborhood.

12. The Sphero Mini


This little bot is bound to be your new best friend. It’s only about the size of a ping pong ball, but it packs a lot of educational fun into that tiny little space. You control the Sphero Mini with an app on your phone, programming it to follow you around, navigate through tiny little traffic cones, knock down pins, and more!

13. "Trolls" LEGO Sets


The world of Trolls is so rich and colorful, you probably wished you could live in it while you were watching the two films. Well, you can’t, because it’s fictional. But now thanks to these Trolls Lego sets, you can get pretty close!

14. Tiny Arcade Pac-Man

Tiny Arcade

It wasn’t that long ago that if you wanted to play Pac-Man, you’d need to dig up as many quarters as you could find, get on your bike, and make your way to your local arcade to get your fix of blue ghosts and little white pellets. These days, the arcade comes to you with these Tiny Arcade cabinets, featuring classics from the world of retro gaming.

15. The BROOM RC RoboDragon


Anyone can radio-control a car, but have you ever tried to radio-control a DRAGON?! This cute little guy might look more like a friendly little chameleon than a ferocious dragon, but he still does plenty of fun dragon tricks, like extending his tongue to eat up little metal bug chips. Sorry, I guess that’s also more of a chameleon thing as well. Just trust us, it’s fun.

16. Deer Pong


A game usually reserved for off-campus student housing in college, Deer Pong brings all the fun of bouncing ping pong balls into red plastic cups without the splitting headache the next day. Best of all, the mounted deer head talks to you as you play, motivating you to win with some good-natured trash talking.

17. Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers


Pixies Crystal Flyers are a little like if an Apache attack helicopter was an adorable little princess. These cute little figurines float when they’re launched from their specially designed crystal chamber charging pads. But don’t worry, the wings are made from flexible materials, so they’re safe to set free in your home.

18. The Superstar Bluetooth Sing-Along System

Singing Machine

Karaoke at home! The Superstar Sing-Along system comes with a tablet mount, speaker, and even special stage lighting to make you feel like a pop superstar. The system is compatible with most modern karaoke apps, but you can always sync it to your phone or tablet using Bluetooth to play your favorite karaoke tracks right from Youtube.

19. The U-Series PonyCycle


This is the next best thing to owning an actual pony. The PonyCycle rocks back and forth like a real horse as it glides around on wheels at the base of each leg. All your wildest cowboy fantasies can finally come true. Yee-haw!

20. The Franklin 3-In-1 Sports Set


Train to be a multi-sport athlete than can do it all with this Franklin 3-in-1 set. You’ll have all the equipment you need to play soccer, hockey, and something called “knee hockey” which I’ve personally never heard of before but it sounds fun as heck!