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Gifts That Will Make a 3-Year-Old Very, Very, Very Happy

Who doesn’t want to delight a 3-year-old? Here’s a gift guide that’ll definitely make it happen.

Jack Shepherd

3 Year Old Gift Guide

Here’s the thing about 3-year-olds — they’ve got three modes: 1) Being, um, difficult, 2) sleeping, and 3) being absolute treasures. And the whole ballgame, if you’re fortunate enough to be a parent of a 3-year-old, is to maximize the amount of time you’re all spending in modes number 2 and 3. That’s probably enough highly dubious 3-year-old philosophizing for one paragraph, but the point is that if you want to make a 3-year-old in your life very happy indeed — which, of course you do; you’re not a monster! — these gifts are going to get the job done for you. Give one of these little treasures to your little treasure and pretty much everybody wins. 

Something for a “Bluey” Fan

“Bluey” is a national treasure (of Australia, technically), but the playful, positive, genuinely funny vibe of that show makes it a rare thing that parents and little ones will both enjoy. If you’re a “Bluey” family, these “Bluey” gifts will help a little one seamlessly transition from screen time to playtime. 

Something for a 3-Year-old Who Loves to Build

LEGOs are great. Nobody’s maligning LEGOs here. But sometimes you want a different kind of building experience, and the magnetic Magna Tiles and Tegu blocks are perfect for little hands that aren’t quite up to clicking LEGOs together. And for a building experience that’s more structured, what’s more fun than building a marble race track? The Hape Marble Race to the Finish has you covered. 

Pony Cycle UX-Series Med Brown Pony

They said it couldn’t be done. They said it shouldn’t be done. But some genius went ahead and crossed a pony with a bicycle and now here we are. 

Something for a Marvel Fan

You’ve still got a few years before you need to sit down with your 3-year-old and explain to them the complexities of “The Snap” and the dangers of the Infinity Gauntlet. So let them treasure this more simple time in their Marvel experience where they can just play pretend with Iron Man or the Black Panther. 

Something for a Kid Who Loves Trucks

Three years ago, you couldn’t tell a skid steer from a backhoe loader, but now you’re basically ready to run your own building site. The truck phase is a super fun one and here are a few trucks that are going to be guaranteed hits with your junior construction foreman.

FCTRY Kamala Harris Action Figure

Give a kid an early start on thinking about groundbreaking figures in politics by letting them bring the first Black, female Vice President of South-Asian descent to a tea party with Mr. Bear. 

Something for a Dino Fan

Can you identify a dinosaur faster than most paleontologists? Do you know your T-Rex from your Deinonychus? Your Cryolophosaurus from your Corythosaurus? You may have a 3-year-old. Here are some great gifts to feed that dino need. 

Something for a 3-Year-Old Who Loves Books

The whole game with books is to find something you don’t mind reading over and over and over and over and over again until you’ve got it memorized and you dream about it every night. Here are a few truly delightful reads that fit the bill. 

Something for a Star Wars Fan

Whether they’re a straight-down-the-middle Luke or Leia kid, or one of these youngsters who’s more compelled by the Dark Side of the Force, these perfect Star Wars gifts will delight any kid who’s got the Star Wars bug. 

Something for a Disney Fan

The Toniebox tells Disney stories kids will want to listen to over and over, and it can also be programmed with custom content when it’s time for a change. And any Disney fan worth their salt is going to want one of these dolls to play with while they listen. 

Loog Mini Guitar

Is your 3-year-old going to look like a cool, edgy, dangerous rock star when they’re playing this thing? No. We have to manage expectations here. They’re going to look unbelievably cute and precious and adorable. The rock star stuff comes later. 

Micro Kickboard Scooter Mini Deluxe x CAMP

With these gorgeous scooters, kids learn balance and coordination, and they’ll have a blast whizzing around while they’re at it. Will they also learn to keep up with you when you’re in a hurry or agree to go to the places you want them to go without making a fuss? Um, yes? Sure they will. 

Something for an Artistic Kid

Artists at this age knows no bounds! They're bursting with imagination, creativity, and aren't help back by silly things, like wondering if their masterpiece is any good. Encourage their creativity early, and watch it take them anywhere.

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