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Stuff for People Who Just Really, Really, Really Love Cats

"Feline" fine with gifts cat people will love the meow-st.

Sarah Burns



We might refer to cats as our pets, but in their minds, we’re large cat friends who they love and are annoyed by in almost equal parts. We humans do mean well, but it’s hard living with an apex predator that also happens to be the cutest, most talented biscuit-making squish-loaf to ever exist, and leaving their teeny beans alone while they’re trying to sleep is a test of wills cat lovers simply cannot pass. Here’s a roundup of the coolest cat stuff, minus the “crazy cat lady” vibes.

Gift Republic Cat Mug

Finally, a mug that’ll make any drink the purr-fect beverage. Its simplistic, ingenious design features a friendly cocked tail that curves into the handle of the mug. The two attentive ears along the top frame a little pink nose and whiskers on the front. Look forward to your morning cuppa with this charming addition to your kitchen!

Fred Cat Call Phone Stand

Feline friends to prop your phone up so you can see the screen clearly while you let all your calls go right to voicemail. They’ll also gaze steadfastly in your direction, silently judging your viewing choices just like real cats! Also, this is literally the ONLY acceptable catcall that doesn’t involve calling an actual cat.

eeBoo Cats at Work 1000 Piece Puzzle

You might not realize it, but cats have a surprisingly busy work day. There are bugs to catch, plants to annihilate, balls of string to unwind — and all that stuff on the table isn’t going to just knock itself onto the floor. Celebrate cat jobs in all their forms with a colorful, whimsically illustrated puzzle featuring cats hard at work doing what they do best: Cat stuff.

Exploding Kittens

Look, I want to make it absolutely clear that we here at Camp do not condone violence in any way shape or form — unless we’re talking about imaginary cats, and the violence is like, super funny. Exploding Kittens is a fast-paced card game where players draw cards with various ridiculous harm-reduction devices and each player does their best not to explode. It’s hiss-terical, easy to learn, appropriate for ages 7 and up, and is sure to be your family’s new game night favorite.

Bari Lynn Leopard Jewelry Box

Cats just love chasing shiny objects. Keep your shinies safe with all the fierceness of a wild jungle cat. This flashy, metallic silver rainbow case has a special compartment to hold rings, and offers a simple solution to keeping stud earrings paired and organized; in fact It might be the only jewelry organizer you ever knead.

Bari Lynn Irre Leopard Mini Backpack

All the other cool cats will know your kid ain't kitten around when they show up sporting this claw-some backpack! It may be mini, but it’s plenty mighty, with a front pocket to keep necessities easy to reach, and a gloriously shiny, wipe-to-clean finish. Because if there’s anything cats know, it’s good grooming.

Updated June 2022