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Jurassically Fantastic Gifts for the Dinosaur Lover

Everything is cooler when a dinosaur is involved! Here’s a gift guide with Jurassic pizzazz!

Matt Harvey and Daniel Fernandez



There’s something truly awesome about a thunder lizard! If you’ve ever been lucky enough to see a reassembled dinosaur skeleton in real life, you know that gobsmacked feeling of being in the presence of something really extraordinary.

Dinosaurs have been capturing the imagination of humans for as long as we’ve been aware of their existence. We all know that kids love dinosaurs as much as (if not more than) any paleontologist, so this list will help you get fantastically Jurassic by giving a gift that includes an extra dose of dino dopeness! 

VTech Mix & Match-a-Saurus

Remember that nightmare you had where dinosaurs and robots came together and mechanized dinosaurs were taking over the world? The bad news is, dinosaurs and robots have indeed come together and the future is upon us… The good news? These robo-dinos are safe, educational, and just plain adorable. The Vtech Mix & Match-a-Saurus is all about teaching little ones how to express their feelings through fun songs and phrases by placing, emotion, character, and music tiles on Mix & Match-a-Saurus’ back. “Rawr!” Which roughly translates to “happy learning!”

Kinetic Sand Dino Dig Playset

Wait a second, why am I hearing the Jurassic Park theme all of a sudden? Must be because we're playing with the Kinetic Sand Dino Dig Playset! If your little one has big dreams of becoming a paleontologist and discovering the first ever “Grilledcheesealodon,” then they'll need some practice. You can find up to 10 different dinosaur bones with your tiny plastic 2-in-1 shovel and pickaxe, digging through 1 pound of black and red kinetic sand.

Funwares Tacosaurus

Veloci-wrap your taco in the loving care of the Tacosaurus Taco Holder! If you thought tacos were awesome before — we can promise you they taste better when they come fresh from a Tacosaur! Taco Tuesday has never been so toothsome. 

LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs

LEGO Creator sets are designed to empower builders and to spark the fire of creativity. The LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs set has all of the bones to make a T-Rex, a Triceratops, or a Pterodactyl.

PAW Patrol Dino Rescue

What happens when the powerful pups of Adventure Bay encounter adorable dinosaurs? Awesome toys — that’s what! This line features the fan favorite members of the Paw Patrol, signature vehicles, and dinosaurs to rescue.

The Toy Network Dinosaur Mesh 12 Piece Playset

This is a bag full of little dinosaurs! Your little one wants this. You probably want this too. They play great with Yoga Joes!

Learning Resources Jumbo Dinosaurs

The extra-large version of the mini dinos above, these dino guys are perfect for the small-handed paleontologist! Your little one will be obsessed with these realistically detailed dino toys. 

Jurassic World Toys

Life will find a way … and so will hours of playtime with these sweet dinosaur toys based on the dinos in the movies! Watch your water cups!

Mudpuppy Dino Dig Excavation Kit

You won’t go wrong with this incredibly engaging excavation toy — kids really dig it! Use the tools provided to chisel away at an egg, revealing a supremely neat mystery dinosaur toy within. Kids will have as much fun with the reveal as they will playing paleontologist!

Roxy the Last Unisaurus Rex

Do you love unicorns? Do you love dinosaurs? Meet Roxy — the last Unisaurus Rex: part unicorn, part T-rex, and all love! Your small friend will be smitten with this vibrantly colored picture book.

The Toy Network Mini Blocks T-Rex

This little T-Rex Mini Blocks building set is perfect for a “just because” present, a birthday party gift bag, or for the little builder in your life that also likes dinos! 

Treasure X Dino Hunters

Treasure X is a favorite amongst surprise toy enthusiasts, and their Dino Hunter collection is top notch! Break your Treasure X Dino Hunter free from amber or pull their pieces from the gnarly innards of a giant T-Rex. Each Treasure X Dino Hunter includes a figure and his treasures. If you’re lucky enough, one of your treasures could be made of real gold!

Do You Know?: Dinosaurs and the Prehistoric World

Once they reach a certain age, a kids’ craving for more dinosaur knowledge becomes insatiable. Fortunately, this comprehensive book has enough detail and illustration to satisfy even the most voracious young paleontologist.