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Dazzling Gifts for the Glitter Lover

There's no such thing as too much glitter. Shine on, you crazy diamond!

Vera Sizensky and Daniel Fernandez

mikroman6 / Getty Images

mikroman6 / Getty Images

If all that glitters really is gold, then these gifts hit the jackpot. Add a little sparkle to someone’s day with these awesome gifts for the glitter lover. 

Unicorn Snot Holographic Glitter Lip Gloss Assortment

For anyone with an inner unicorn: These glittery, holographic shades of cosmetic-grade lip gloss are perfect for adding a little bit of oomph to your natural sparkle, and they even smell like cotton candy for a true kissed-by-a-unicorn kind of experience. 

Spin Master Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers

Ride the wind with this high flying friend! Flying is a little like running, and Pixies need to rest and charge up properly – this one uses a USB cable to rest comfortably inside the beautiful crystal egg – perfect for displaying when not flying about. When she’s ready to go, kids can flip her switch, and watch her glittering wings spin and take flight! Young fairy-loving friends can use hand motions to tell her which way to go; she can sense movements thanks to a special motion sensor. Lift your hands to watch her fly high, and lower them to see her come back down to earth. 

Silver Glitter Earbud Compact

These wireless earbuds give a little extra sparkle to every tune. They include a charging case and cable, and they’re compatible with most Bluetooth-enabled devices. They charge in one hour and have a working time of two to three hours. 

Purse Pets Glamicorn Unicorn Interactive Purse

If you know someone who's always wanted their own unicorn pal, their wishes have finally come true! This enchanted friend is ready for magical adventures, interactive playtimes, and fantastical fashion looks. The bag features adorably big blinking eyes, and over 25 sounds and reactions so it's always easy what’s going on inside this unicorn friend’s head – even when it’s full of your kid's stuff.

LOL Surprise Winter Chill Confetti Doll

They’re all dolled up and ready to face chilly temperatures with their own unique, glamorous winter-ready fashions. It’s an unboxing extravaganza, featuring a re-released fan favorite, with 15 glittering surprises to discover! 

Bari Lynn Headbands

Got sparkle on the brain? Anyone would, when wearing one of these glittering beauties! Whether your child is into twinkling stars, rhinestone-studded clouds, or jewel-adorned buckles, Bari Lynn has a headband for every style, and any occasion.

Barbie Extra Dolls

Champions of self-expression, Barbie Extra dolls are all about wild style, bold fashion choices, and lots of glitter! Each Barbie comes with tons of accessories, and a different adorable pet that's just as fashionable as their outgoing owners. 

Bari Lynn Tie Dye Jewel Bags

Magical creatures like unicorns, mermaids and fairies are known for their beauty, grace, and fine taste in handbags – it’s where they store all their magic. So let your child make like a unicorn and keep their belongings close with swirls of color in a rhinestone-studded purse with removable shoulder strap and wristlet attachment. Now anyone can carry magic with them in style.

Flip Sequin Mermaid Pillow

Make a sleepover extra magical with an adorable flip-sequin mermaid pillow. Sweet dreams guaranteed!

Crazy Aaron’s Star Dust Cosmic Glow Thinking Putty

It’s like holding a glimmering galaxy in the palm of your hand. These putties deliver all the sparkle of playing with glitter, but without the mess, and they’re super satisfying to squish, shape, and even bounce! 

Bari Lynn Glittered Cupcake Crossbody Bag

Looks good enough to eat! Bari Lynn designed this sugary sweet purse to legit hold stuff, with a secure zip top and enough room for all of your cupcake shop loyalty punch cards (and plenty of other things, too).

Kris Nations Round Pave Charm Necklace Sterling Silver

There’s a saying that diamonds are glitter for grown ups. This charm dazzles with simulated diamond pave and a brilliant silver finish chain that’s built to last. It’s like glitter’s older cousin that spent a semester studying fashion in France.

Kinetic Sand Shimmer Sand (3-Pack)

Is this some sort of magical, glittering fairy dust? A dazzling mermaid treasure from the sea? Packed in a castle mold fit for undersea royalty, it’s guaranteed to be the most shimmering, glimmering kinetic sand you’ve ever seen! Enjoy its sparkle in the sunlight without worry, because this modeling sand never dries out – but you do, so remember to wear some sunscreen.

Sunnylife Glitter Inflatable Lilo Chair

Looking for some pool time fun, with a heavy splash of pizzazz? Filled with holographic glitter, this is a dazzling pool chair that’ll help anyone live their best sunnylife

Great Pretenders Party Fun Sequin Tutu Confetti Skirt

Glitter-loving kids will love twirling in a multicolored, shimmering swirl of pink and glitter! This elastic waist pink tulle skirt adorned in dazzling dots of glittering sequins turns every playtime into party time!