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The Greatest Gifts for Joyful June Birthdays

The last day of school is a hard-to-top birthday gift, but these present ideas for June birthday kiddos come pretty dang close!

Sarah Burns


School’s out, and the days are getting longer, so it's time to party! Check out all the hot summer birthday loot that’s too cool for school — but just cool enough for super-awesome June birthday kids!

Ages 1-5

Educational Insights GeoSafari Jr. Walkie-Talkie

There are few things in childhood that cement friendships quite like handing your bestie the other walkie-talkie. Adventurers can call each other speakerphone-style up to 300 feet away with the press of a button. When the message is received, kids can hit the sound effect button to say, “Roger that!” 

Clixo Rainbow Set

With Clixo, road trip boredom is a thing of the past! Seven strange shapes are paired with strategically placed magnets for a building experience that’s lightweight, portable, and as easy as clicking a few magnets together.

Bruder Toys MACK Granite Halfpipe Dump Truck

If your kiddo's ready to do some heavy-duty haulin’ down at the old sandbox, this super-detailed Mack track looks just like the real thing but at 1/16 the size. Pop up the hood and check out that engine! That’s 605 horsepower right there – well, the full-size one is, but this one runs mostly on kid power. Kids can fill ’er up and tip the open-box truck bed to dump it out, then start all over again!  

Ages 6-8

Kid Made Modern On The Go Drawing Kit

This kit is the perfect way for kids to keep busy on a summer trip and get a head start on those back-to-school “What I Did On My Summer Vacation” projects. There’s 32 pages of drawing and coloring prompts to combat creative block, and a set of vibrant colored pencils that tuck away neatly inside for easy travel, with enough space leftover for a few small souvenirs. 

Pogo Bal

A Saturn-esque spheroid for sprightly, springy fun! ‘80s babies will appreciate the classic red disk and blue ball design; newer babies will appreciate how fun this thing is once you get the hang of it! Brand new/actual babies shouldn’t use this, though – it’s for ages six and up.

Julián Is A Mermaid

For NYC kids, summer starts when school ends and the Mermaid Parade comes back to Coney Island! Young Juliaࠥn sees women dressed as beautiful, bright, sparkling mermaids on the subway and wishes he could dress up like a mermaid too – but what would Abuela think? Julián Is A Mermaid is a lovely, richly illustrated tale of self-love, individuality, and acceptance — this is a beautiful, empowering book to add to your summer reading list.

For Ages 9-11

Ooly Marvelous Multi Purpose Paint Markers

Rock painting is one of the best family summer crafts! It’s not just about painting a pretty rock – it's about the fun process of selecting rocks for just the right size and shape, and making summer memories while making art from nature. Ooly Marvelous Multi Purpose Paint Markers work on tough-to-color materials like wood, fabric, and stone — helping kids turn every stone not skipped across a serene lake into the perfect summer keepsake.

LiteHawk Rowdy

Backwards flips, forward tricks, flipping off walls, and kickin’ it to the curb are just a few of the highlights on LiteHawk Rowdy’s impressive RC resume. These super zoomers feature a Swing Boom Axel design that allows each set of wheels to move individually, and oversized rubber tread wheels that grip almost any surface with ease. This is the perfect RC stunt car for any kiddo who's craving life in the fast lane.

Minnie Mouse Cute Is a Lifestyle Bracelets Design Kit

Friendship bracelets are the must-have accessory of summer. They’re a symbol of everlasting BFF-ness, a handmade token of affection, and guaranteed to be the most unique, cutest piece in your child's jewelry box, because nobody knows cute like Minnie Mouse! This kit contains over 1200 beads and jewelry fasteners to make over 30 unique styles, all organized in an adorable, functional Minnie-themed case.

For Ages 12-14

Polaroid Go Instant Camera

Let kids document all their summer fun! This camera might seem like a retro novelty, and that’s partly right; its classic analog instant film means this blast from the past will be spitting out real-life pictures you can hold in your hand! The camera is now updated with autofocus, because let’s face it, with our phones and apps doing the work for us, we’re all pretty terrible photographers now.  

Kids Against Maturity Illustrated Edition

Easy-to-carry games are perfect for summer fun, and this one is highly portable, family friendly, and extremely hilarious. Take Kids Against Maturity along on camping trips, picnics, and sleepovers. Filled with silliness, potty humor, and some mild innuendo for the adults, this is great group game that’ll have everyone giggling.

CAMP Backpacks

Camp 05-24-22 731

Kids packing up for summer camp, a long weekend, or a family vacay? They're going to need a go-to backpack to hold all their gear! Let’s face it — most backpacks scream “SCHOOL!” and that’s not what anyone wants when they’re trying to enjoy their trip. But this backpack is different: this backpack screams “FUN!” and “ADVENTURE!” Available in a super cool retro style, and classic tie dye perfect for storing essentials, these are backpacks designed to be stuffed with feel-good summer vibes. 

Gift Republic You Guac Served

Families, it's time to unleash your inner lean, green, ping-ponging machine!  Set up the retractable net over the table of your choice, grab a paddle, and get ready to serve. This is a cute and practical set for picnics, backyard BBQs, beach parties – you avoca-don’t want to leave home without it!


What Do You Meme TikTok Edition

Like all good things that live on the internet, TikTok is full of videos just begging to be memed. What Do You Meme TikTok Edition pairs up cards and captions to create outrageously funny answers, then scan the QR code to watch the original video. Much like TikTok, this game is recommended for ages 17 and up, so leave the littles outta this one. 

Scratch Off Bucket List Things To Do

Ideal for adventure seekers, dabblers, and try-anything-once enthusiasts! Filled with unique-but-manageable experiences, this gift is a triple-whammy of encouragement to explore, the opportunity to make new memories, and relish scratching every single item off on the list.

Singing Machine Carpool Karaoke Mic

Who's ready for a road trip? Kids can share favorite playlists and pass the mic for their very own Carpool Karaoke party! Recreate the wildly popular segment from The Late Late Show with the people you love to sing with the most, and just pretend James Corden is in the driver's seat. Singing along is as easy as pairing up with Bluetooth, and hitting play on them tunes. 

Summer Camp Candle

Ah, summer camp! The trees, the fresh air, the miserable hay fever. This candle will definitely bring back all the memories of being away from it all, minus the itchy, watering eyes and getting a wedgie from jumping off the tire swing into the lake.

Lexon Tykho 3 Bluetooth Speaker

Retro design meets sleek, modern ingenuity. The Lexon Tykho reaches a full charge after 4 hours, boasts a battery life of 20 hours, and has an impressive range of up to 10 meters. With a silicone rubber case, this speaker is durable, splash-proof, and way more functional than a traditional FM/AM radio.

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