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Brilliant Gifts for Anyone Who Needs Everything in Black

You can argue it’s not a color, but devotees know it’s the only one they really need.

Sarah Burns

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Leather jackets. Nail polish. Shades. When it comes to cool, black is the color supreme. And while purists will say it’s actually just a shade, those who stan black as their fav will dutifully roll their eyes and say, “Whatever” — which is the only correct response to give to someone who’s trying to rain on your cool-but-gloomy parade. 

It’s true that black has no visible wavelength, but that’s why it’s the coolest! The best gifts for people who embrace this controversial color are bold, fun, fearless, and fashionable updates on timeless classics, often containing just a hint of mystery.  


Manhattan Toy Safari Zebra

Little ones can go on a learning safari filled with fidgets, clackers, springy thingies, and all kinds of doodads. Their guide is a friendly, free-standing zebra that’s kind of like a busy board, but better! With  gears to turn, mazes to guide knobs through, and blocks to spin, this zebra is a 3D, hands-on discovery center, and it’s the perfect height to help improve a toddler’s coordination and balance. 

CubCoats Star Wars Vader Zip Up Hoodie

Most kids will agree that there's no such thing as too many zip up hoodies! Few villains had cooler duds than Darth Vader’s obsidian armor, but let’s face it, large black helmets just aren’t all that cozy. Fortunately CubCoats has fixed that design flaw and included an amazing perk that your kids will love: It zips up into a Darth Vader Plushie, perfect for packing on trips into deep space. 

Manhattan Toys Mind Cubes

Yes, they’re made to be stacked, tumbled, and gnawed on by a toddler, but these unique, squishy blocks are a work of art. They’re also specially designed to help stimulate visual development with bright colors, high-contrast patterns, and charming animal illustrations.  Ribbons sewn into the sides add a different level of sensory play, and when it’s time to clean up, just pop these cool cubes on a shelf till next playtime.

Banana Panda the Way I See It Educational Cards

Playtime is one of the best ways to grow big baby brains, and these large, high-contrast flashcards are ideal for eyes just learning how to see. Parenting doesn't come with a manual, unlike this set, which totally does! Developed by a child psychologist, the book will guide caretakers through the whys and hows of early brain development.

Loog Mini Black

It’s never too early to encourage kids to express themselves with music, and this kid-sized guitar is just what they need to start jammin’. Three tunable strings help small hands learn basics like chords and finger placement, and the included songbook will help kids learn a few tunes right out of the box, so they'll be learning the solo from Freebird before they know it! Well… maybe in a few years.


EeBoos Holographic Foil Scratch Papers

Black, sparkling, and holographic is hard to beat on the “stunning combos” list. Featuring three glittering holographic designs hidden beneath a solid layer of black, kids can use the included bamboo scratchin’ stick to doodle to their heart's desire.  

Great Pretenders Reversible Wizard Cape and Hat

The color black is dark and mysterious, and it has a way of casting a spell on those who claim it as their fav. Kids can work up some magic on their own, draped in a cape as black as the starry night sky, with a lightning bolt hat to show they’re the most powerful — and stylish — wizard around.

Crazy Aaron’s Star Dust Cosmic Glow

This is the closest a person can get to actually holding the cosmos in the palm of their hand. Is that holographic rainbow glitter, or planets and stars sparkling across the darkened galaxy? When kids turn off the lights, they'll reveal all the secrets of deep space, because this mysterious dark matter has special shimmers that glow in the dark.

Living Royal Pizza N' Fries Ankle Socks

Socks, pizza and fries — some things are just better in pairs. But these aren’t any old socks, or any old meal: Your giftee can set them under a light source before wearing for a glow-in-the-dark experience that’ll make the inside of their shoes the coolest party in town.

Little Mashers Chalkboard Super Power T-Shirt

Not all heroes wear capes — some wear awesome DIY shirts! Kids can pick their superpower, then grab some chalk to design their own superhero duds on the black chalkboard decal. Washes away easily, so they can choose different powers on different days, and decorate their superhero shirt fresh for each new day of super adventures.


LOL Surprise OMG Movie Magic Spirit Queen

Sweet and spooky, Spirit Queen really knows how to make the scene. She’s part of the OMG Movie Magic fashion doll line, filled with over 25 surprises, including two full outfits and lots of amazing accessories, like amazingly cool black batwing sunglasses, and a creepy crawly spider web skirt. All the packaging is highly detailed, from a cool retro VHS tape box to entire spooky scenes, perfect as backdrops for kids to create their very own creature features at home!

Bari Lynn Leopard Jewelry Box

Receiving a jewelry box is kind of a rite of passage in girlhood: It’s acknowledgment that they're old enough to appreciate and take care of something valuable. This practical design features compartments for earrings, holders for rings, and dividers for necklaces, pins, friendship bracelets, and other treasures.

Thumbs Up Darth Vader Airpods Case

Kids can put the power of the Dark Side to work protecting their 1st or 2nd generation AirPods. Clever silicone construction lets their AirPods charge wirelessly, and the attached carabiner clips anywhere they need to access the coolest playlists since Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes brought down the house at the Mos Eisley Cantina. 

Bari Lynn Accessories

Bari Lynn is the name for hats, headbands, tie dye, and all things sparkle. There’s something to suit every style, whether your kids are looking to sparkle in rhinestones or shine in bold neons. The hats are amazingly cozy, and the tie dye headband and bag are perfect on their own but even better as a coordinating combo.

Bari Lynn Fox Fur Pom Beanie - Black Tie Dye


Bari Lynn Knit Hat - Black


Bari Lynn Tie Dye Knot Headband Black


Bari Lynn Tie Dye Jewel Bag Black/White


Skoogmusic Skoog 2.0 Tactile Musical Interface

This is music, cubed. It looks like a futuristic black box, and it feels solid, but also squishy. Designed as an accessible instrument for all, this melodious cube will fascinate skilled musicians, but those with no musical training at all will be able to play around with notes right out of the box, just by touching different areas of the cube. Your young giftee can connect to an Apple device to upload different sounds, play along with their favorite songs, or record the first ever Grammy-winning album composed entirely on a Skoog. 


Suck UK Color Change Umbrella

Sleekly designed, this black umbrella is dotted with white raindrops that contain a colorful secret: They change color when activated by water, so kids can take take a rainbow with them wherever they go.

Urbanears Plattan 2 Bluetooth Headphones Black

In a world where everyone seems to have uncomfortable white earbuds jammed into their ear canals, these against-the-grain black headphones are stylishly retro. They’re also super comfortable and have excellent sound quality. Plus, with over 30 hours of wireless playtime, no one needs to worry about losing juice while they're rockin’ out.

Lexon Packable Duffle Black/Cognac

I’m not claiming to understand the technology Mary Poppins had to fit so many things into one bag, but I’m pretty sure this duffle would be her go-to for gym days and weekend trips. Small but spacious, this perfectly packable duffle bag is lightweight and versatile, and it boasts such a surprising capacity that even Miss Poppins would be impressed. 

Lexon Flip LCD Alarm Clock Black

Building and reinforcing healthy screen time habits can be really hard, especially when we rely on our phone as a flashlight, calculator, or alarm clock. Give their phone one less thing to do with an alarm clock that has two simple functions — On and Off.

Fred Word of Mouth Cup

You’ll always know what’s on their mind with a mug that really spells things out. Kids can fill the ceramic, letterboard-style mug with their favorite beverage and make a statement with over 120 semi-permanent stickers to customize their cup with words that suit their mood.


Gift Republic Dark Like My Heart Bath Bombs

Now they can wash the cares of the day away by wallowing in a pool of darkness. These charcoal bath bombs turn a tub into a fizzy, relaxing treat that lightens the mood as it darkens the bathwater.

MyKronoz ZeBuds Pro - Black

There are regular earbuds, and then there are comfort-designed audio accessories that elevate a listening experience at every level. Users can switch seamlessly between music and crystal clear calls with voice commands, and enjoy long listening sprees thanks to the ZeBuds Pro auto standby mode that can save up to 16 hours of extra playtime. With wireless charging, long battery life, and exceptional sound quality, this is a great gift for young people who love to play their personal soundtrack.

W&P Porter Mug Terrazzo Charcoal

Doesn't matter how they like to fill your cup, this mug has got them covered. It’s eco-friendly, durable ceramic with a silicone, heat resistant cover to prevent slips and scratches. The splash-resistant lid was designed to be taken to-go, and the mug sits comfortably in most car cup holders. They'll sip in style with a mug that looks as great as their favorite bevi tastes. 

Hoodie Memory Foam Pillow - Black

They can act so adult sometimes, but when it comes down to it, teens are really still growing kids who need lots of rest. Give the gift of shut eye anywhere with a comfy hoodie/pillow combo that makes naptime possible anytime.

State Bags Lorimer Backpack

At some point, the cutesy, bright-colored plastic backpacks of their youth just don’t cut it anymore. When it’s time for them to graduate from the kiddie stuff, State Bags Lorimer Backpack is a timelessly fashionable option. Lightweight and durable, the Lorimer Backpack features three compartments with double-zippers and an easy-to-spot-clean nylon construction. It can hold a 15” laptop with room to spare, and the front pocket is the perfect size for personal items.