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The Very Best Gifts for Kids Who Are Bonkers About the Color Blue!

If your kid’s favorite color is blue, they’ve got great taste — and they deserve one of these great gifts!

Jack Shepherd

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Blue is undoubtedly the very best color. Why else do you think they made the sky and the sea blue? They’re two of the most important things! And blueberries — the very best fruit! And bluebells — the very best flower! And … um … blue millipedes? Honestly, I could go on and on, but I think I’ve proved my point. Nothing beats blue. With that incontrovertible fact in mind, here are some fantastic gift ideas for kids who agree, and for anyone who likes this absolutely top-tier color. 


GUND Blue Spunky Huggybuddy

Part blanket, part plush, ALL adorable, the GUND Spunky Huggybuddy is baby’s favorite new blue buddy. We won’t tell if you want to snuggle with this adorable plush as well.

Blue's Clues & You! Dance-Along Blue

It takes a lot of courage to be a blue dog — something almost no actual dogs are doing — so let’s celebrate the legendary Blue and her enigmatic clues with this delightful dance-along plush!

Blue Gymnic Rody

Bouncing and hopping around the living room like an excited kangaroo is fun and all, but it’s even better when kids do it with a hippity-hoppity friend like this bright blue Gymnic Rody.

Green Toys Blue Airplane

They’re called Green Toys because they’re eco-friendly, but even Green Toys sees the power and magnificence of blue. That’s why they made  this single-seater plane with a spinning propeller as blue as the sky it majestically cleaves with its wings.

Tegu 14-Piece Set, Blues

Tegu blocks are a new way to build. They’re beautifully designed, incredibly versatile, and they stick together by magic (well, magnets). Here’s a set that’s full of lots of pretty blues.

Blue Kinetic Sand

The stretchy, squeezy, satisfying sand that’ll leave kids' hands completely dry. They can build a blue castle, truck, or animal, or just mold it into a formless, abstract celebration of the world’s greatest color.

Disney Frozen 2 Singing Elsa Doll with Blue Dress

Nobody rocks an icy blue dress quite like Elsa does, and this Elsa is ready to serenade a lucky kid with “Into the Unknown” while she’s at it. She looks great, she sings great, and she’s the perfect gift for the Frozen 2 fan in your life.

Gazillion Power Wand

They'll feel the awesome power of the Gazillion Power Wand as they laugh maniacally and rain down and endless wave of giant, non-toxic bubbles in the direction of anyone who dares to stand against them! Mwahahahaha!


Care Bears Grumpy Bear

He’s the most iconic of the Care Bears — the most discerning Care Bear fan’s favorite. I am of course talking about Grumpy Bear — a bad-tempered, blue buddy that kids can’t help but love.

My Favorite Color is Blue

Hey, it says it right on the book. Fans of yellow, green, red, or purple can certainly enjoy the fun activities in this book, but they’ll never truly get them in the way that Team Blue does. 

Toniebox Creative Tonie Starter Set, Light Blue

A unique and creative audio system for kids who love listening to stories. Kids just place their Tonie on top and enjoy the custom stories, or use the feature that allows them to play their own narrations!

Bari Lynn Knotted Pastel Tie Dye Headband

While your little blue fans are thinking about all the blue things they can add to their all-blue empire, why not give them a beautiful Bari Lynn headband so they can look fantastic while they're at it?


Epic Everyday All Boys Blue Fanny Pack

They're going to need something to carry around all their blue goodies, so why not treat them to this stylish (yes, fanny packs are stylish!), sturdy, and practical bag for keeping their stuff safe.

Hearth Song 2-PC Buddy Bumper Ball Set

Look, Bumper Balls are so much fun that even those of us who live and breathe the Blue lifestyle can admit that these bad boys would be fun in pretty much any color. But they’re blue! So we don’t have to!

Giant Stress Ball

Sometimes kids need a giant blue stress ball because they're having a tough day, and sometimes they need it because they just like having something to do with your hands. Either way, Giant Blue Stress Ball will always be giant, blue, stress-relieving, and here for them.


Ridley's Dominoes

Sometimes the classic games are the best ones. And this Dominoes set is designed to recreate that classic feel with bold blue coloring and a sturdy, beautiful box.

Learning Resources Botley The Coding Robot

Let them learn to code with a blue robot friend who can move in six directions, put on a light show, transform into a ghost, and more — which is pretty impressive for a little guy who is mostly eyes and wheels.


Lexon Tykho 3 Bluetooth Speaker - Duck Blue

It’s affordable; it’s durable; it’s got a cool minimalist design; it sounds great; and, yes — it’s blue! Here’s a classic-looking bluetooth speaker for grooving to (hopefully) the Blues.

Lexon Mino X Floating Bluetooth Speaker - Light Blue

It's tiny, it's blue, it's portable, and they can bring it in the shower with them to transform the bathroom into a karaoke club! Literally the perfect gift.