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Perfect Presents for People Passionate About Pink

On Wednesdays, we wear pink. But also on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays …

Sarah Burns

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Pink isn’t just a color, it's a whole vibe. Sometimes people try to put it down by calling it “girly,” but that falls apart under any kind of scrutiny because:

A. girls are awesome, and

B. pink is literally just a color, and colors are for everyone!

So if you’ve got kids who are thinking pink, you’ve come to the right place, because this list is packed with the pinkest presents for all kinds of people.

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Darlyng & Co. Cute Animal Teething Mitten: Isabella the Unicorn

This enchanting pink unicorn soothes sore gums like magic. Secures easily to baby’s hand so adults can worry less about constantly picking up and disinfecting their teether, and babies can help themselves to chewy relief.

GUND Spunky Huggybuddy Pink

A Huggybuddy combines the hugging power of a stuffed animal pal with the security of a favorite blankey. They’re super soft, gently stuffed for big, squishy hugs, and lined with smooth, sensory-sensational sateen. Pick this pink puppy for the perfect cuddling companion for a baby. 

GUND Cozys Bunny

Kids will never have a bad hare day with this charming fluffball around! Part of GUND’s Cozy collection, especially designed for maximum cuteness and cuddliness — or cuteddliness, which is a word I’m making up just now, just for this pink cutie. The super plush, high-pile fuzz is so soft, and its adorably floppy arms and legs make this sweet little hopper the coziest bun in the cuddle puddle. 

Sunnylife Rainbow Inflatable Sprinkler

When pink is a kid's favorite color, it’s pretty much the only one they need! This summer, they can cool down in their very own pink rainbow this summer that’s not only fun and functional, it’s also Sunnylife’s celebrated collaboration with Indigenous artist Natalie Jade — a true work of art for the lawn!

Care Bears Medium Plush - Cheer Bear

Kids will love Cheer Bear for her sweet smile, pretty pink fur, and the rainbow she shares with others in need. Adults will love sharing a classic childhood favorite with the kids, and all parent/child disagreements going forward will be decided solely with Care Bear Stares! Probably not really, but with their message of spreading kindness and healing hearts, you might just find life to be a little more peaceful.


Cry Babies Magic Tears Pink Edition

The collectable Cry Babies dolls come tucked inside a pink, shiny, metallic teardrop. There are 8 different babies to discover, each with their own set of surprises like accessories, stickers, and a backdrop for a pretty pink display. Kids can feed the baby a bottle, and give their tummies a squeeze to watch them cry magic pink tears! 

Macmillan Odd Dot My Favorite Color Is Pink Book

Stop right there: When it comes to this book, only pink is allowed! Your kids can celebrate their favorite color with an activity book filled with hours of puzzles, mazes, and drawing prompts for the pinkest playtime possible.

Mad Mattr - Pink

Playing in the sand is pretty great, but it really has a way of sticking around and making a mess. Mad Mattr is kind of like sand, but without the drawbacks. It’s sorta gritty, but somehow silky smooth; it crumbles, but also stretches; and it’s perfect for building and modeling the pink sandcastle of their dreams. 

Purse Pets Glamicorn Unicorn Interactive Purse Pet

Magical, enchanting, and always helpful, unicorns have their own way of doing things. This fantastical friend will be your kid's best wingman, holding everything they need, and keeping possessions safe by their side. With over 25 sounds and blinking eyes, this unicorn friend reacts to their voice and touch, and has a purse-sonality of her own.

Epic Everyday All Girls Pink Fanny Pack

This super functional, super hot pink fanny pack will be their go-to to carry all the essentials. The adjustable strap allows it to be worn comfortably around the waist or strapped across the body, so they can keep what they need with them, and keep their hands free for more important things.  

Barbie Extra in Pink Sherpa Coat

She’s got a certain flair, and periwinkle hair! The young ones will love Barbie Extra because she's all about bold fashions, unique style, encouraging self-expression, and being true to yourself. Her playful pink shorts and top set is styled with an awesome charm necklace, an ice cream charm bracelet, and an amazing, super fuzzy, light pink sherpa coat, sure to be the envy of all the other dolls in their collection.


Bari H21 Fur Rainbow Bag

Technically, pink is not part of traditional R.O.Y.G.B.I.V. rainbows, because … science and wavelengths and stuff. But this is irrefutable fuzzy fashion, and fashion is supposed to break a few rules. This faux fur fuzzy rainbow bag features a removable, adjustable strap, and it zips closed to keep your kid's pots of gold (or whatever they store at the end of your rainbow) safe during all their colorful travels. 

Bari Lynn H21 Tulle Star Headband Light Pink

Sweet, sparkling accessories are a must for spring, celebrations, and a touch of everyday glam. Here’s a headband that’ll have them seeing stars! The soft pink tulle is adorned in a rainbow of multi-colored, glittery stars and studs, so they'll be as dazzling as the twinkling night sky, even in broad daylight.

Bari Lynn Pink Heart Jewelry Box

They've got pink necklaces, pink bracelets, pairs upon pairs of pink earrings, and various pink pins, brooches, and other doodads for pink-ing up any outfit that needs more pink. But where do they store it all? In a matching jewelry box, of course! The pretty ombre pink case is embossed with hearts, and it contains compartments for necklaces, bracelets, rings, and all their favorite pink things.

LOL Surprise Tweens Fashion Doll Fancy Gurl

Fancy Gurl knows a thing or two about being pretty in pink. As part of the LOL Surprise Tweens line, she’s a high-fashion doll with 15 surprises to discover! Includes shoes, accessories, hangers for all her fine clothes, and a doll stand so they can show off those perfectly pink styles with the perfect pose. 

Bari H21 Beanie Confetti Heart Pink

Know a young person who's craving everything pink? Then this beanie is a no-brainer! The cozy rib knit will keep their head warm, the fox fur poof adds a touch of sophistication, and the clear hearts filled with sparkling glitter give this pretty light pink head-topper just a touch of sparkle.


Bari H21 Tie Dye Jewel Bag Pink/Blue

Pink and blue, with rhinestones too! Tie dye trends come and go, but an adaptable clutch like this with a removable shoulder strap is never out of fashion. This practical purse offers style and functionality to any pink-laden wardrobe, plus a touch of sparkle.

Gift Republic llama Cleaning Slippers

They can kick those dust bunnies to the curb with a pair of llama friends for their feet. Super cute smiling faces and super soft vibrant pink microfiber fluff make cleaning as easy as walking. They’re also comfy and easy to care for — just toss them in the gentle cycle, dry on low, and let the kids keep those floors clean for you!

iScream Pink Glitter Earbud Compact

Their favorite songs will sound sweeter coming from metallic pink earbuds, with a glittery pink charging case! Compatible with most Bluetooth enabled devices, these wireless earbuds fully charge in about an hour and boast up to 3 hours of continuous playtime. If pink is their favorite color, these earbuds will be music to their ears.

Bari Lynn Gal Heart Backpack

Bold, daring, and never dull, let’s hear it for hot pink! Its high-shine iridescent material makes a statement while carrying what kids need. This highly functional fashion backpack features a double zip main compartment, adjustable comfort straps, and a front zippered pocket that’s ideal for school supplies, long weekends, and day trips. 

iScream Reversible Sequin Unicorn Pillow

They're gonna flip over this color-changing, rainbow-haired unicorn friend. When they run their hands over the sequin it changes colors from light pink to white and back again! But it’s not unicorn magic — the “flip sequins” are double sided with different colors to create the effect. It’s a soothing, sensory experience and enchanting, whimsically pink decor.


Petite 'n Pretty 10K Shine Lip Glosses

This is everything they could want in a lip gloss, plus it comes in three sheer pink shades! Its high shine, cruelty free formula goes a little sticky, but it soon melts away for the ultimate moisturizing treat. Sheer, but super sparkly, this dermatologist-approved brand is perfect for glaministas who appreciate a glittering, well-hydrated pout.

Petite 'n Pretty 10K Shine Lip Gloss- Gia Pink


Petite 'n Pretty Deluxe 10K Shine Lip Gloss - Pink Pact


Petite 'n Pretty 10K Shine Lip Gloss- Shell Shocked


W&P Porter Terrazzo Mug

Part of Porter’s Limited Edition collection, this light pink, rainbow-flecked mug is ready to go when they are. It’s the perfect size for morning coffee, or evening tea, and it’s designed to fit into most standard cup holders. The Terrazzo stoneware construction is strong and keeps drinks well insulated, and the food-grade silicone lid is dishwasher safe and spill-free. 

Petite n Pretty 9021 Glow Eye Cheek Palette

Petite n Pretty is one of the few makeup formulas on the market that worked with pediatricians to create a line of products perfect for sensitive skin — or anyone with an interest in cruelty free makeup without harsh or sketchy ingredients. This palette contains six sheer-but-buildable age-appropriate colors, plus a blush, and a highlighter to experiment with creative fresh new looks. 

Luckies of London - Print Club x Luckies - Be Big Puzzle

More than just a puzzle, this is a piece of good advice — golden words to remember — emblazoned in hot pink: BE BIG.

Living Royal Girly Gamer Ankle Socks

Give the gamer in your life a pair of socks that’ll put some pep in their step, which is of course essential for victory dances after winning hard fought boss battles. These socks are adorned with smiling clouds, adorable ghosts, diamonds, crowns, and extra lives, so you can complete the story and all the sidequests in style.