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Gifts for the Kids Who Pick Purple Every Time

With shades like violet, grape, and wisteria, kids won’t even miss the rest of the rainbow.

Sarah Burns

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Violet, plum, lavender, orchid, amethyst — no matter what their shade, purple is the color of creativity, royalty, enlightenment, mystery, and magic. And much like the color’s admirers themselves, this versatile hue has the uncanny ability to stand out on its own or fit in just about anywhere, depending on how it’s used. Here’s a list of the most whimsical, majestic, and creative gifts for all the purple people in your life.

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Great Pretenders Color-A-Cape Fairy

Flowers and sparkles and fairies and beautiful butterfly wings! They can design their own fairy duds with this color-in cape set, complete with 8 fabric markers in classic colors and a lovely lavender lining. 

Gift Republic Unicorn Egg Soap

Little kids aren’t super clear on the concept of germs, so they don’t really understand the benefit of the whole hand-washing thing adults seem to be forever trying to push. But you know what they do understand? Toys! Watch how fast they make washing up a habit when each sudsing session gets them a little bit closer to discovering the enchanting unicorn within!

Great Pretenders Whimsy Wonder Wings

These wire-frame wings are beautifully detailed with dazzling swirling glitter, and a pink velour heart in the middle. Elastic bands stretch to fit comfortably over the shoulders, and it comes wrapped in a giftable tulle bag. 

The World Needs More Purple People

Calling all creatives, question askers, and kind-hearted, hard workers — the ones who laugh a little too loudly, are always ready to help, and love to share their silliness with others. These are the everyday superheroes — they make a difference because they can, and because they believe they have something wonderful to share with the world. Is your kid a purple person too?

OMG Pop Fidgety XXL Squares

Unlimited, bubble popping fun! Easy to sanitize silicone popper fidget keeps little hands busy, helps reduce stress, and keeps anxiety at bay. This one is extra large, super squishy, and has pretty purple hues marbled with swirls of blue and white.

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Purple Mad Mattr

Mad Mattr is kinda like sand, only better, and it’s a classic CAMP favorite. The moldable, squishable compound has a unique, satisfying texture, and it can be shaped kind of like clay but without any of the stickiness. It’s also vibrantly colored, and it never dries out, so they can build up their own purple dream castle, squish it down, and build it up over and over again.

Scruff a Luvs Cutie Cuts Purple

This violet cutie needs a little love. Kids can adopt a scruffy pup pet, and treat them to a spa day at their very own grooming salon. Don’t have a grooming salon at home? That’s OK, because this new fuzzy buddy comes with all the beautifying tools they'll need to give them a fresh new look.

Spin Master Hatchimals Pixies Crystal Flyers

Crack open the mysterious crystal egg to find the fairy within! This one has a special sensor to “see” movements: Kids just raise their hands high in the air to watch her spin and soar to dazzling heights, or duck them down low, and she’ll swoop down and follow. When it's time to recharge, their new fairy friend rests inside her sparkling crystal egg as pretty decor till next playtime.

Little Likes Kids Musical Crossroads Puzzle

The curtain is rising, and the purple-hued stage is set for the performance of a lifetime! Purple-puzzle-loving kids can put the pieces together, and rock out with a group of music-loving kids who can’t wait to get the show started.

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

Add more amethyst hues to their life with a mini tin of color changing Amethyst Blush Hypercolor Putty! Or let them get lost in a swirl of spellbinding jewel hues, with a mesmerizing mixture of squishable, stretchable Super Illusions Super Scarab Putty.

Crazy Aaron's Amethyst Blush Hypercolor Putty


Crazy Aaron's Super Scarab Illusions 4" Tin

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LOL Surprise OMG Movie Magic Gamma Babe

With futuristic flair, and purple periwinkle hair, Gamma Babe is here to make a scene. It’s a box office bit of an unboxing experience, with over 25 surprises to discover, including props, accessories, and two complete outfits ready for those cameras to roll for a glamtastic space adventure. 

LOL Surprise OMG Movie Magic Ms Direct

Whether she's gracing the silver screen, or flying high in real life, Ms. Direct is here to save the day. Draped in action-packed purple and a regal gold cape, she’s all about fierce style, fearless attitude, and feats of heroism. There are over 25 surprises waiting to be revealed, and the vibrant packaging serves double duty as backdrop for this daring diva. 

Rainbow High Series 3 Emi Vanda (Orchid)

Part of the Rainbow High Series 3 collection, Emi loves fashion, and she sports a comfy, everyday glam look, pairing sweatshirts with cute skirts and lots of accessories for some sparkle. Kids can set Emi up on her included stand for fashion inspo when they're shopping the closet for a new look. 

Bari Lynn Irre Leopard Mini Backpack

Pink and purple is a winning combo that’s always in the bag. There’s no need to pick just one when they go so well together, and with this mini backpack — with its purpley-pink, iridescent sheen — kids can have them both. Features a double zip main compartment, a front pocket for personal items, and a secure side pocket for everything else.

iScream Reversible Mini Cupcake Sequin Pillow

If there were a list of mandatory cupcake colors, purple would be right at the top. They'll flip out over the cupcake of their dreams, adorned with sparkling reversible sequins to swipe a hand over for a color-changing treat. This cupcake makes undoubtedly adorable decor, and it’s surprisingly soothing to play with.

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We Wear Cute "Stay Positive" Pillow

This super cute, soft “painted rock” pillow is the perfect size for kids to sit on, hug, or scream into during those really rough days.

CAMP Corkcicle Rainbow Kids Cup

Featuring CAMP’s exclusive pink and purple “Rainy Day” design, this mug is perfect for slightly older kids craving a cool to-go cup. It’s also super functional, with flat sides for a secure grip and a sip-spout opening. And it keeps drinks cold for up to 18 hours for well hydrated playtimes, car trips, and sport practices.

The Mandela Effect Game

The 260 cards of this intriguing game reveal mind-blowing revelations intended to make players question their entire reality. The Mandela Effect is an exploration of collective memory and our perceptions of the world around us.

Cool Maker KumiKreator Necklace and Friendship Bracelet Maker

A violet device for the coolest craft creations. This set is packed with everything you need to create necklaces and bracelets in a snap — or a spin of the handle that automatically braids the pieces together! Your junior creators can pick out colors (there are lots of purple and pink shades to choose from), load them into the KumiKreator, give it a spin, and set up shop as an independent jewelry designer — gifting bracelets to their besties, or spinning up necklaces like a pro!