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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Kids Who Love the Color Red!

Red is the very best color, and these are the very best gifts for kids who know it!

Margo Gothelf

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There’s a reason red is the first color of the rainbow. It’s the first color they thought of when they made rainbows! Everything else was an afterthought. And that’s why all the best things are red: Fire trucks. Spider-Man. Strawberries. That’s it. Those are all of the best things. Now, get red-dy for an incredible gift guide packed with perfect gifts for kids of all ages who love the very best color there is.


Petit Collage Baby Fox Organic Squeaker

This soft and sweet little red guy squeaks for baby! This lovely little fox is literally hours of entertainment for the cool kids in the 1-and-under set.

Disney Mickey Mouse Shoot & Store

Getting your toddlers excited for bath time might take a little bit of work. Why would they want to clean off all the dirt they just worked so hard to get on? Luckily, the Disney Mickey Mouse Shoot & Store is here to help. Kids can sink shot after shot while they work to get squeaky clean!

Micro Kickboard Maxi Scooter Deluxe LED

Kids will speed down the street in style with Micro Kickboard Maxi Scooter Deluxe. This trendy scooter is perfect for little ones who have the need for speed. Kids will love feeling the wind in their hair — underneath that helmet, of course — while parents will love the stability and smooth ride. 

All the Finest Red Vehicles!

In a very scientific survey of toddlers, 10 out of 10 agree that the best car color is RED! Think about it, all the best kinds of cars are red: Fire trucks, excavators, and sprinter ambulances all look like a dream in a bright red coat of paint.

Daron FDNY Vehicle Set


Bruder Excavator - Red


Bruder MB Sprinter Paramedic


Hape DJ Mix & Spin Studio

Kids are never too young to learn how to spin the absolute hottest farm animal sounds, funny noises, and sick tunes to get the party bumping! Little ones will have a blast and be the life of the party with this fun music-maker.

Etch A Sketch Classic

It's a classic for a reason. And this beautiful red hunk of nostalgia is just as fun as you remember. Kids will absolutely love etching, sketching, and then shaking it all up to start again!

My First Flybar

Back in the bad old days, pogo-sticking was something only older kids could enjoy, and the little ones had to watch from the boring old ground in dismay as their elders gleefully hopped and bounced around. But My First Flybar has changed all that! Now hopping is for everyone!

LiteHawk Mini Crusher

These little red speedsters are fast, durable, and ready to zoom around the house while your little one whoops with delight! Charges with a USB and can run for up to 12 minutes and hit speeds of 12 mph!


The Coolest Red Superheroes

Everyone knows that Spider-Man and Iron Man are the best Avengers, and everyone knows that it’s because of their amazing red suits. Sure, they’re not great for camouflage, but who needs to hide when you can fly through the air and save the world with your super strength?

Marvel Spider-Man Bend and Flex Marvel's Scarlet Spider


Marvel Basic Titan Iron Man


Gymnic Hop 55

Walking is so last year. The Gymnic Hop 55 is here to help kids get all that pent-up energy out as they hop around the basement, jump around the yard, or bounce all the way down the street. Plus, it improves core stability and coordination, and parents will be thankful for the way it tires all the little ones out.

Great Pretenders Reversible Wonder Cape

It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's your kid flying around in the most stylish red Reversible Wonder Cape. The cape will quickly become part of their signature identity, and it’s only a matter of time before they get an invite to join the Avengers.

LiteHawk Mini Rowdy

The LiteHawk Mini Rowdy can flip upside-down, change directions, and pull crazy stunts off walls and tables! Kids will want to put this fearless little stunt machine through all of its paces, so it's built to be tough!

Bari H21 Buckle Pleats Headband Red

Nobody knows headbands like Bari Lynn knows headbands, and this elegant little pleated headband with a rainbow buckle detail will make anyone look and feel stylish, especially if they love to stand out in a bold red color! If Little Red Riding Hood saw this one, she'd trade in her hood in a second!


Crocodile Creek Little Builder 7 inch Playground Ball

Perfect for hitting that home run in kickball, scoring the winning basket in a game of 3-on-3, or taking on some arch rivals in a game of handball. This is one of those all-purpose balls that they'll be glad to have their hands on for amazing indoor and outdoor play. 

UNO Triple Play

Here's a paradox for you: Playing UNO is about as much fun as anyone can possibly have, right? But UNO Triple Play is THREE TIMES as much fun as playing UNO!!! How is that possible? Well, it has to do with the fact that you can have larger and smaller infinities, but we don't have time to get into that. Especially when there's UNO to play!

Rainbow High Color Changing Car

Yes, it can change to all the colors of the rainbow — that's one of its coolest features. But kids can set it to red so that everyone in school knows what color is the fashionistas' favorite!


Sphero Mini Red

This little red ball might not look like much until you realize that it’s not a ball at all but a programmable mini-robot! Kids start off by playing STEM-inspired games on the Sphero app, then head to the programming section and show off their best Block Based Coding or Javascript skills. With a bit of practice, they can teach their Sphero how to navigate mazes and rooms, and give it a little mind of its own!

Thumbs Up Retro Handheld Console

This Retro Handheld Console walked so the iPad could run. Let your kids go back in time a few generations and see what was all the rage during the ’80s and ’90s with this lookalike Gameboy. Kids can hit up classic games like Tic-Tac-Toe and Connect Four and see what games never made it to the app store.

Thumbs Up Retro Punch Machine

A perfect desk ornament to go along with all the other red bling on your teen's homework desk. And homework is way more fun when they can take breaks to beat their high score on this classic arcade punch game.


Snow Cozy CAMP H21 Adult Red Pom Pom Beanie

This stylish red pom pom beanie repping CAMP and New York City looks so great, they'll want to wear it in winter and then turn the AC all the way up in the summer so they can wear it indoors.

Lexon Mino X Floating Bluetooth Speaker - Red

The best part about this speaker — besides the color, of course — is its accessibility. The sleek speaker is waterproof, portable, and super stylish, and it's so simple and small that they can throw it in their bag or pocket so they can have a rockin' soundtrack everywhere they go.