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The Ultimate Gift Guide For Kids Who Love Yellow

If your kiddo lights up at the sight of anything yellow, they’ll love the gifts on this list!

Matt Harvey

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If you have a little one in your life who has the good sense and taste to love the happiest color of them all, say yellow to the Ultimate Gift Guide for kids who love the color yellow! Here’s a bright and shiny gift guide for your little sunshine full of gifts that radiate light and positivity. 

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This Is Baby

This Is Baby, the third release in Jimmy Fallon’s family-themed series of books, is a sweet, fun, and joyful book to teach little ones the names for all the different parts of their bodies. 

Candylab Hot Dog Van

If your kid loves a toy vehicle that doesn’t wait for others to ketchup, the Candylab Hot Dog Van is the one for them! Coated in the color of that other popular condiment that goes well with hot dogs, this one will have your little one saying, “HOT DOG”!

PAW Patrol Rubble

Rubble is his name, and demolitions is his game! Everyone’s favorite clumsy construction pup is here to help save Adventure Bay with his menagerie of signature vehicles, all in his favorite color — construction yellow. 

Rubble Paw Patrol Deluxe Movie Vehicle


PAW Patrol: The Movie Rubble Transforming Deluxe Vehicle


PAW Patrol: The Movie Rubble 6" Plush


PAW Patrol Puzzle - Rubble


Fisher-Price Cash Register

The legendary Fisher-Price Cash Register does sorting, helps with color identification, and most importantly, empowers imaginative play. Give your kiddo the yellow toy register that will launch a thousand imaginary start-ups.

Bruder Toys MACK Granite Dump Truck

Bruder makes rugged, true-to-life vehicles that kiddos love to play with. This giant dump truck toy has a blue cab and a yellow bed! The Bruder Toys MACK Granite Dump Truck is the perfect gift from a grandparent!

Bruder CAT Telehandler

Like all Bruder toys, the name of the game is quality! The Bruder CAT Telehandler looks just like the real thing, and your small friend will delight in playing with a detailed toy of a real-world vehicle they’re familiar with.

Minions Loud N' Rowdy Stuart Talking Action Figure


Minions Flame Throwing Kevin Action Figure

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Banana Blast

If Chess is the king’s game, then Banana Blast isn’t! All kidding aside, this game is an actual blast to play, and it’s easy for anyone to pick up quickly. Can kids get the most bananas without making Banana Joe jump?

Daron: New York City Taxi

Kiddos love this toy! I’ve witnessed so many of these becoming someone’s new favorite toy at first sight in a CAMP store that I’ve lost count. The Daron New York City Taxi is a ruggedly built replica of an NYC taxi that’ll take pride of place in the car box at home. 

Macmillan Odd Dot My Favorite Color is Yellow Book

Here’s a book that pays tribute to the literal sun’s favorite color — and to all the kids who love it. 

LEGO Classic Creative Suitcase and Brick Box

Give your kiddo a gift that will unlock the infinite possibilities that come alive when you combine a pile of LEGO bricks and an untamed imagination! It’s bricks. In a yellow box. But soon it will be cities and spaceships and dinosaurs and anything they can dream of!

Pokemon Pikachu Sun-Staches

Pikachu! No, we’re not having a seasonal allergy attack — we’re telling the world who our favorite yellow-hued Pocket Monster is! Let them represent their love of Pikachu with these stunner shades!

Munipals W and R Trains

Munipals are excellent little toy replicas of the vehicles we know from traversing a big city. The Munipals W and R trains are modeled after the yellow line of the NYC MTA.  These dudes play well with Brio brand train sets that your kids might already have. (Also, I’ve heard pirates favor the R train, and that’s a W in my book!)

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Bananagrams (boy, that’s hard to spell) is a word game that’s more about how speedy kids can be and less about how many points they can gain in a turn (looking at you, Words With Friends). Kids will love the banana pouch and the game that’s inside it!

Rainbow High Color Changing Car

The Rainbow High Color Changing Car can technically change to any color of the rainbow, but they can leave it in yellow to let ’em all know that their rollin’ is golden!

Rainbow High Series 3 — Sheryl Meyer (Marigold)

You know (or, more likely, your kid knows) that Sheryl Meyer is about that G.L.A.M (Grit, Love, Action, and Moxie) life! With two complete outfits in her signature Marigold color drip, Sheryl is ready to show out in the halls of Rainbow High.

PAC Man Monopoly

Everyone’s favorite yellow, ghost-eating, sentient cheese wheel from the ’80s is back, and this time he means business — real estate business, specifically. PAC Man Monopoly is the only version of Monopoly to include a tiny, playable version of the classic arcade cabinet. 

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Ella Cree Yellow Frida with Flowers Paint-by-Number Kit

There’s no better way to get a masterpiece on the mantle than for kids to paint it themselves! The Ella Cree Yellow Frida with Flowers paint-by-number kit is (literally) as easy as 1,2,3!

Hipsterkid Lemon Kids Umbrella FCTRY

Hipsterkid’s lemon-slice patterned umbrella is a stylish way to turn rainy days into lemonade days. OK, that doesn’t make any sense, but this is a cool umbrella!

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LEGO Dots Pineapple Pencil Holder

Let them take their writing utensils to the tropics with this LEGO Dots Pineapple Pencil Holder — it’s the sweet escape those pencils deserve!

Tacocat Spelled Backwards

What's Tacocat, you ask? Well, Tacocat is Tacocat, no matter which way you look at it. Hope that answers the question! It's also an absolute riot to play with friends and family, and the kids will absolutely love this one.