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Gifts for Kids Who Love PAW Patrol

For the pup who has it all (almost), here are our picks for the most unique, sought-after toys to ever bust out of Adventure Bay.

Sarah Burns

PAW Patrol Dino Rescue Dino Patroller Motorized Team Vehicle

Spin Master

You know them, your kids love them, and you think you have everything under the sun with their names, faces, or pawprints on them. But whether your kids are hardcore PAW Patrol fans, or are just starting to get into the unstoppable puppy-powered franchise, here’s a comprehensive guide to the most unique, sought-after toys to ever bust out of Adventure Bay. 

PAW Patrol Toniebox Figures and Sets

Chase Tonie


Grab a snack, and perk up your ears for an interactive audio experience that’s a howlin’ good time! Your family’s favorite hero pups have teamed up with Toniebox to bring a captivating story experience that puts your child in control of a listening adventure.

Each starter set comes equipped with a charging station to juice up your Toniebox with up to seven hours of playtime. It’s an easy, interactive system designed for kids to control using the magnetized Tonie figures, and simple movement controls. The starter set includes a Playtime Puppy Tonie loaded with stories and popular children’s songs.

PAW Patrol: Chase Tonie Audio Player Figurine


PAW Patrol: Marshall Tonie Audio Player Figurine


Canine Cruisers

PAW Patrol Gifts

Nick Jr

These pups are really going places! Die-cast vehicles, a transforming truck, and a patrolling team vehicle with a dinosaur?! The question here isn’t which one to get (all of them), it’s who keeps issuing all these drivers licenses to puppies? 

PAW Patrol the Movie True Metal Vehicles 6-Pack

Six slick die-cast vehicle exclusives! The whole crew is ready to roll with this collectible, giftable set containing 1:55 scale replicas that look just like the amazing Adventure City vehicles from the hit movie.

Rocky’s Reuse It Deluxe Truck

It’s a super pup team-up when your small one joins hero pup Rocky on his quest to recycle, reduce, and reuse. Clean up the streets with a trash compactor, removable dumpster, and all the tools that can handle whatever these dirty streets can throw at them. 

Marshall Transforming Deluxe City Fire Truck

Marshall is all suited up and ready for action in his firefighter’s coat from the action-packed movie. When there’s a fire emergency, your kiddo can roll on up with Marshall to save the day! Press a button, and transform his truck into a projectile water-cannon, ready to wash away the flames. Another touch of a button is all it takes to reset, and relaunch!

PAW Patrol Dino Rescue: Dino Patroller Motorized Team Vehicle

Every adventure is better when dinosaurs are involved! Your small friend can take a T-Rex for a spin in the backseat of the Patroller, and when trouble’s afoot, pop off the projectiles to keep that danger away from Adventure Bay. 

Cool Cats, Characters, and Playsets

PAW Patrol Gifts

Nick Jr

Recreate the greatest rescue missions of Adventure Bay’s four-legged finest!

PAW Patrol Dino Rescue: Marshall and Dinosaur Action Figure Set

When a dino is in trouble, the pups are here to help. All decked out in his dino-helping duds, Marshall and his large raptor pal are ready for a prehistoric adventure. Each duo includes a colorful surprise mini dino figure for lots of rescuing fun.

PAW Patrol Movie Pups Gift Pack Figure Set

Bring home all your kiddo’s favorites with a figure set pack that has them all. Recreate favorite moments, or invent all new adventures for this invincible canine crew, featuring uniforms from the newest film!

PAW Patrol the Movie: Collectible Blind Box Mini Figure

The Paw Patrol Mystery Pups are here to remind you that no pup is too small: These mystery pups are hidden away in an Ultimate City Tower container, waiting to be rescued! Each pup is only 2 inches tall, but ready to tackle even the biggest challenges.

PAW Patrol Kitty Catastrophe Figure Set

Eight delightfully detailed collectible figures in their classic rescue uniforms, featuring four canine favorites and their up-to-no-good kitty counterparts. It’s a set that could only be described as the cat’s meow.

Essential Plush Pup Pals

PAW Patrol Gifts

Nick Jr

It’s a fact that all dogs are good dogs, but these pups are the greatest! Find the best friends for settling in with a favorite PAW Patrol episode, circling three times before laying down for a nap, or going along for every dog’s favorite — rides in the car!

PAW Patrol the Movie 16” Plushies

If a classic, soft reliable stuffed animal friend is what you’re looking for, you gotta get a GUND. For over a hundred years, they’ve been the masters of high-quality plush toys, dating back to the popularity of a little guy known as the Teddy Bear. These pups are big, 16-inch huggable pals, perfect for playing pretend, reading to at story time, and sharing favorite missions with, over and over again.

PAW Patrol the Movie 6” Plushies

Standing six inches high, these highly packable, plush pups are perfect for storing in a suitcase or backpack, and make fantastic take-along pals. Take one on the family road trip or pack a bunch to pupulate the backseat!

PAW Patrol Snuggle Up Pups

Super soft, and oh-so-snuggly, these canines were designed with naptime in mind. Give them a squeeze, and their bellies become a light in the night, and they’ll even sing a lullaby! Great for imaginative play times, and incentive for easier bedtimes when it’s time to cuddle up with these sweet pups.

For Pups That Love Learning New Tricks

PAW Patrol Gifts

Nick Jr

When it comes to young pups, playtime means it's time to learn. These toys are the leaders of the pack when it comes to encouraging problem solving, and developing new skills.

PAW Patrol Chunky Wood Sound Puzzle

Hey, it’s the whole crew, and they’re ready to spring into action! But this is a mission unlike any they’ve experienced before – to encourage pattern and shape recognition using sounds and dialogue from the beloved series. The youngest heroes-in-training will love the satisfying chonky shapes, and the sounds they trigger with every piece that fits into place.

PAW Patrol Puzzle - Rubble

Can't you read the sign? This is a hard hat zone! Work on this unqiue, hexigon-shaped constriction site with Rubble, and 48 sturdy pieces to construct, bulldoze, and start again!

Something for the Whole Litter

PAW Patrol Gifts

Nick Jr

These pooch playthings are made to be shared, or enjoyed in pairs.

PAW Patrol Chase Sun Staches

Perfect for your pup’s next puppy party, grab a couple of these Sun Staches, and your whole crew will be ready to roll out in style! With a little built in visor, and 100% UV protection, these are sunglasses that know fun is serious business. 

PAW Patrol the Movie: Adventure City Lookout Board Game

Team up for a board game adventure that will determine the fate of the city. Play as your favorite hero, and travel in search of mission tokens – but don’t get caught by yourself, or you’ll be headed straight to obedience school.

For Pups that Stay Hydrated

PAW Patrol Water Rescue

Nick Jr

Does your kiddo need a spill-resistant sip while relaxing at home? Chase is on the case, quenching their thirst with this Buddy Sip Tumbler. Headed out on patrol? Take a hike with Marshall on a stainless steel water bottle for leak-free, durable hydration anywhere a rescue from thirst finds you!

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