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Birthday (Or Any Day) Gifts for Kids Who Love Slime

It's slime time!

Maria Bailey and Sarah Burns

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gifts for slime lovers


Who doesn’t love slime? No matter your age, sinking your hands into this stretchy, squishy, and super-sensory plaything never gets old! It flows like a liquid, but it hardens when you squeeze it. How cool is that? That's because slime doesn't behave like a "normal" liquid. It's neither a liquid nor a solid. Science says this is what makes slime a non-Newtonian liquid. We say this is what makes slime serious fun! From glow-in-the-dark slime and scented slime to exciting kits that allow you to make your own slime, get ready to take your slime game to the next level.

Mindware Slime Lab Science Academy

Mindware Slime Lab Science Academy


We all know how to play with slime (there are no rules), but how about making it? Put your lab goggles on, because the first order of slime business is making your own. To do this requires some scientific know-how, but Mindware Slime Lab Science Academy not only makes slime-making easy but downright fun! You'll learn the chemistry and process behind making your favorite gooey ooze.

Elmer's Gue Fruity Slushie

Elmer's Gue


This slime covers all the sensory bases! Elmer's Gue Fruity Slushie comes in a fruity tropical scent, with a bright pink flamingo shade and satisfyingly crunchy foam beads to add an exciting new element to the slimey gooey goodness.

Oosh Cotton Candy Cuties

Oosh Cotton Candy Cuties

Oosh Cotton Candy Cuties

Slime from our cotton candy dreams? Sign us up! Oosh Cotton Candy Cuties is made from a unique compound that makes it fluffy, stretchy, and so much fun! Tear it, bounce it, stretch it, and even smell it! This scented slime comes in four awesome colors and contains a super cute surprise inside, too.

Orbeez Color Seed Pack - Fresh

Slime devotees are in for a treat: a new, weird, tactile play sensation! At first, they look like nothing more than odd little bits of plastic. Submerge them in water for four hours, and they turn into little round gemstones, or marbles – but they’re not hard, they're soft, squishy, bouncy, Orbeez! Grab a handful for a big, satisfying squish!

Avalanche Jumbo Bucket Pink Bubblegum

Chewing gum is a privilege that comes with its own set of rules: don’t get it in your hair, don’t touch “ABC” gum, and don’t chew what’s in this big ol’ bucket – despite how good it smells. Slimy, stretchy, and deliciously bubblegum scented, play with this slime on its own, have fun mixing in the different sized foam beads with this slime that can most aptly be described as buckets of fun.

Kinetic Sand Dino Dig Playset

It’s a playset aspiring archaeologists are really gonna dig. Use the pickaxe to excavate the dino bones, and put all the pieces together. Roam the kinetic sand plains with your fierce dino skeleton figures, then break them apart, bury, and start this dig site over from scratch.

Mad Mattr Modeling Dough Quantum Tool Box

Part kinetic sand, part modelling dough, Mad Mattr combines the best of both worlds in a modeling compound that’s hard to put down. Create perfect bricts with the Quantum Tool Box molds, and use the extruders and cutting tools to sculpt, squish, stretch, and build what mattrs most.

Crazy Aaron’s Hypercolor Mixed By Me Thinking Putty

Five tins of Crazy Aaron’s finest, just waiting to be remade into mixtures of hypercolor genius. Give these putties your own unique twist, and dazzle onlookers with unexpected color-changing combinations worthy of being called crazy.

Kinetic Sand Shimmer Sand 3 Pack

We don’t typically advise squishing big handfuls of glitter: that stuff never goes away. Kinetic Shimmer Sand is different because it sparkles like glitter, but it’s a buildable, moldable, kinetic sand, perfect for creating the most glimmering of castles by the sea.

Crazy Aaron’s Wizard Wand Glow-In-The-Dark Putty

At first glance, this putty looks and feels just like any other bouncy, stretchy batch of Crazy Aaron’s putty – but beyond the glittering gold and violet hues, this magic mix hides a secret. Dim the torches in your enchanted lair to reveal the enchanting, electric-blue glow of Wizard’s Wand!

Kinetic Sand Sandswhirlz Playset

Remember when Dorothy landed in Oz, and how amazingly colorful Oz looked compared to the grey bleak background of Kansas? Well, welcome to the kinetic sand of Oz! Experiment with brilliant swirls of color, molds, and extrusion tools that make other kinetic sands seem a little bland in comparison.