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Birthday (Or Any Day) Gifts for Kids Who Love Outer Space

Galactically cool toys for kids who love outer space, spaceships, planets, stars, and all things NASA.

Maria Bailey · about 2 months ago

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gifts for kids who love space


A birthday means another trip around the sun —but whether it's your birthday or not, any day is a good day to take your imagination on a spin around the stars, planets, and galaxies in our universe. Space cadets, get ready to launch into these space-themed toys, games, and crafts for kids who love outer space!

Visit Cosmic Camp

Coming this fall to the Camp Fifth Avenue location, Cosmic Camp is a galactically fun family experience that challenges you and your crew to have a total blast. Created by CAMP, the experts in all things family fun, our out-of-this-world play space takes you on an adventure through interactive games, physical challenges, and crazy cosmic-themed locations. Come as a family, leave as a crew! Cosmic Camp opens its doors on September 6, 2022 — synchronize watches for mission blast-off, and get your tickets now!

Gift Republic Name a Star


The only thing better than gazing up at a sky full of stars might just be knowing that one of them has your name on it! This thoughtful gift allows you to register a star in the night sky in your name (or any name you choose — "Mr. Bananapants" has a nice ring to it) and comes in a tin packed to the brim with astronomical information.

LEGO Mars Research Shuttle

LEGO Mars Shuttle


Get ready to launch your love of space to new astronomical heights! The LEGO Mars Research Shuttle set has a cockpit for your crew plus two cargo doors that slide open to hold a storage drone and rover. Explore the red planet with the rover's articulated grappling arm, laser and tilting solar panels, or use a helidrone with spinning rotor blade and scanner. You might just answer the famous question, Is there life on Mars?

Mudpuppy Outer Space Secret Picture Puzzle

Gifts for Kids Who Love Space

Mud Puppy

Send your favorite animals in spaceships to outer space in this colorful 42-piece puzzle with an exciting twist. The puzzle comes with a special wand you can use to reveal secret pictures hidden in the image!

Astronaut NASA Pilot Costume with Movable Visor Helmet for Kids

Gifts for Kids Who Love Space

Spooktacular Creations

When embarking on a trip to outer space, you gotta look the part. In this NASA-inspired astronaut costume, you're ready for any space expedition that comes your way. This jumpsuit even features a moveable visor helmet, embroidered NASA logo, and USA flag patches that will have people confusing you for a member of the NASA crew!

Meri Meri Space Greeting Card

You know what parents always say about gifts: "Open up the card first!" Here's one card that definitely makes following that advice worthwhile! This fold-out lunar scene is complete with a space rocket and an astronaut planting a Happy Birthday flag on the moon. Birthdays are always better when a trip to outer space is in the cards.

MudPuppy Outer Space Activity Pack To Go

Gifts for Kids Who Love Outer Space


Enclosed in a handy mini travel-friendly suitcase, this space-themed activity pack includes three color-in postcards, over 20 stickers, a sketch pad, activity book, color-in poster, and five crayons to keep you entertained ... while you wait for details of your mission into orbit!

Banana Panda Observational Space Puzzle

Birthday (Or Any Day) Gifts for Kids Who Love Outer Space

Banana Panda

Piece together an exciting scene from outer space and discover details as they emerge in this colorful 60-piece puzzle! Is that Saturn or Mars? An astronaut or UFO? A universe of surprises awaits...

Kid Made Modern Wooden Spaceship Craft Kit

Gifts for Kids Who Love Space

Kid Made Modern

We come in peace — er, pieces! Before these spaceships take off to outer space, they first need a cosmic paint job from out of this world. Featuring a selection of paints, paintbrushes, and stellar stickers, this fun spaceship craft kit contains everything you need to transform three unassuming wooden spaceships into a fleet worthy of epic intergalactic travels! 

Micro Arcade Space Invaders

Toys for Kids Who Love Space

Micro Arcade

You can't beat the classic 80s arcade games, and now you can experience the joys of Space Invaders at home — or on the go — with the first fully functional pocket-sized arcade game! Micro Arcade Space Invaders features a full-color screen, super-cool sound effects, and directional control buttons to zap swarms of extraterrestrials and prevent an alien invasion on planet earth! Be warned: the more aliens you defeat, the faster they attempt to invade!

LEGO Star Wars Death Star

Gifts for Kids Who Love Space


That's no moon! It's a space station! Now you can act out some of your favorite scenes from Star Wars by building the infamous evil empire HQ itself: the Death Star. This incredibly detailed set comes with 20 figurines, including your favorite characters, such as Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker, and Darth Vader, for endless possibilities.

Jiggy the Astronaut Puzzle

Designed by Seattle-based artist Emma Repp, this pop-art puzzle is the missing piece to our cosmic dreams. The whimsical design features an astronaut standing before a spaceship in vibrant colors and patterns like no space scene we have ever seen before. Put together this 800-piece puzzle and seal your magnificent masterpiece using the puzzle glue and straight-edge tool provided. 

Fred 3-2-1 LUNCH! Kids' Rocket Utensils

Kids for Kids Who Love Space


3-2-1 lunchtime! Budding little astronauts will be fueled up and ready to go on an adventure in no time, thanks to these nifty rocket-inspired utensils for toddlers and preschoolers. Ergonomically designed for little hands to hold onto and have fun while they eat, these tools make lunch time into LAUNCH time.

Crazy Aaron's Star Dust Cosmic Glow Thinking Putty

You'll feel like you're holding a little bit of the universe right in your hands with this special cosmic-themed edition of Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty. This addictively-fun star stuff glimmers with rainbow holographic glitter in daylight and glows with mysterious, multicolored sparkles in the dark.

Fred Planet Pinned Up

pinned-up 5252107 2

Genuine Fred

Be the most organized kid in your class — no, in the world — NO, in the UNIVERSE with this nifty lunar-inspired bulletin board. The seven-inch corkboard moon comes with six silver astronaut thumbtacks, all ready to deploy on their next mission: To keep you from spacing out on important notes and reminders.

Glow in the Dark Stars and Planets

Gifts for Kids Who Love Space


If you already eat, sleep, and dream space, the only thing to do next is ... dream bigger! These stunning glow-in-the-dark decals in the shapes of planets, stars, and moons will illuminate your bedroom wall and inspire you to dream of the brightest adventures in outer space.