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Gifts for Birthday Kids Who Just Really, Really, Really Love Dogs

Here’s to all of the goodest pups, and the people who love them!

Sarah Burns



What even are dogs, and why are we so lucky to have them? These pure-hearted, floofy, four-legged angel-babies miss us the same whether we’ve been gone for five minutes or five years. They’re our companions, confidantes, and constant comic relief. We make them a part of our lives, and in return, we’re their whole world. Here’s to all of the goodest pups, and the people who love them!

For littles who just think dogs are hilarious:

Bluey Family Home Playset

Meet Bluey and family! It’s an adorable poseable pack of pups full of accessories to dress them up from scenes from the series. There’s lots for your child to explore in the Bluey household, with four rooms, and removable furniture like beds, chairs, and stools for the kitchen counter. Pull down the wall panels to reveal the outdoor patio – it’s like two playsets in one!

PAW Patrol Rescue - Dino Patroller Motorized Team Vehicle

Dinos and dogs are already awesome on their own, but this team comes equipped with a PAW Patrol first: a motorized vehicle that conquers almost any terrain with just the touch of a button. The Dino Patroller, which is large enough for the entire PAW Patrol squad, has a little “pew pew” action in the form of launching projectiles, and a net to contain dinos who might be in trouble. It also comes with an exclusive Chase figure, so your child and those paws can uphold the laws!

GUND Spunky Huggybuddy

The perfect pooch friend for the newest pups in our lives. Spunky is made of super soft fleece, and it has a smooth satin tummy, so he’s not only optimal for cuddling, he’s also a super comforting sensory experience. One hug, and you’ll agree he’s im-paw-sible to put down.

Hape Pepe Sound Stacker

Arf, arf! This wooden fido loves to play! Kids love his eye-catching colors, and smooth wooden stacking blocks that make a satisfying “clunk” when stacked together. Give this pupper a gentle bop on the head to hear him bark! 

Mudpuppy Can You Spot Puzzle - Dog Days

It’s a puzzle! It’s a game! It’s adorable drawings of doggies in a puzzle to put together – then it becomes an eye-spy challenge. The twelve sturdy pieces are perfect for a toddler-sized challenge, but being able to spot Spot and all the other hidden images give this unique puzzle an added level of play young pups can grow into.

For kids who are actually old enough to care for dogs:

We Rate Dogs the Card Game

All dogs are good dogs, but this game will determine who is the best! Kids play their cards to compete in the dog show and rack up points, or cause an upset for their fellow competitors. This is a boisterous, fast moving game for pups 8 and up! 

Scruff-A-Luvs Cutie Cuts

This poor pup could use a serious cleanup. To rescue a scruffy pup like this, it’s going to take a little love, and a magical mutt-makeover! After a nice refreshing trim, a bath, and a brushing, your kiddo will discover what kind of dog they've adopted, and a bunch of other goodies for stylin’ their new best furry friend.

MudPuppy Hot Dogs A-Z 1,000 Piece Puzzle

A whole alphabet of pooches for your child's puzzling pleasure! This charmingly illustrated puzzle features popular dog breeds from A to Z. If 1,000 pieces seems overwhelming, get the whole litter together and have the ulti-mutt family puppy puzzle night!

For anyone who ever had a dog they loved:

Living Royal All Over Puppy Socks

We know how im-paw-sible it can be to choose a favorite furry friend, and that’s why these socks have ’em all. Put your paws in these puppies, and you’ll be stepping out in style. This ankle-length pair will fit kid-sized feet size 9 and up, women’s 4-11, and men’s 6-9.

Do You Look Like Your Dog?

When you look at your furry best friend, is it sort of like looking at a pup version of yourself? You’re not alone; it’s such a well-observed phenomenon that it’s been turned into a canine card game! Train your brain and match the pet to the right owner to put your memory to the test.

Looking for more puppies?

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