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Spellbinding Gifts for People who Love Magic

Here’s a list of the coolest gifts for anyone with a trick up their sleeve.

Sarah Burns · 2 months ago


Welcome! If you’ve found this list, you’re really in luck, because it’s been charmed! We called in the experts at Camp’s Horoscopes And Other Real Magics division — or C.H.A.R.M for short — to bring you this carefully curated collection of games, toys, and books featuring magic in its many forms. Wands at the ready? OK, now just say the magic words ...

Mudpuppy Bag of Magic

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “little bag of tricks,” this is exactly the one they were talking about. Magicians 6 and up will be dazzling audiences all over the living room and beyond with this set of over 15 tricks. Try your hand at levitation, disappearing magic balls, and surprising the crowd with a rabbit-filled finale. 

Crazy Aaron’s Wizard's Wand Glow-in-the-Dark Putty

Crazy Aaron beseeched the finest wizards of the land to stir up his putty-pots with their magic wands and create an uncanny concoction, then he crammed these tiny tins with as much of the magical mixture as they could hold. Majestic purple with just a hint of gold sparkle is mesmerizing enough on its own, but switch off the lights, and you’re in for a shock — of mystifying electric blue!

Vendees Magical Fairy Bath Bomb

Why take a normal bath when you could take a bath that’s ... miraculous?  Have an enchanted unboxing experience to discover surprise ingredients and — with a little spellwork (and reading the included directions) — you’ll be crafting bath bombs like magic.

Open the Joy Magic Kit

Magic is for all ages, and this is a kit that makes it accessible for apprentices as young as 4 years old. The illustrated booklet has 20 tricks to master, including the disappearing coin trick, the rope trick, trick cards, and a magical coloring book to amaze and delight your friends with a simple wave of your wand!

Marvin’s Magic Fifty Amazing Magic Tricks

Don’t be fooled by its diminutive scale, because this tiny tin packs a magical punch! With over 50 tricks, this is the perfect set for any novice to build their own act, or entertain at parties doing card tricks and reading minds like a mystical pro. 

Thames & Kosmos Magic, Gold Edition

Chock full of classic tricks, this is the kit for the kid who’s just dying to know how it’s all done. It’s got classic tricks like magic dice, a trick deck of cards, and a whopping 150 tricks spelled out in a way that’s meant to be learned ... and mastered. Bamboozle your buddies, confound your family, and become the greatest magician that ever lived!

Camp The Mommest Magic Mom Tee

When a mom becomes a mom, she undergoes a transformation that includes magical powers including but not limited to: telepathy, monster-under-the-bed hunting, finder of all things lost, and foreseeing the future consequences of your actions. Warn the world of their unlimited power by gifting the moms in your life with a comfy tee that matriarchal magicians will wear with pride. 

Juno Valentine and the Magical Shoes

What does it mean to walk another’s path? Follow Juno on a magical adventure when she discovers a closet filled with enchanted shoes. Trying a pair means traveling to the past to meet a host of trailblazing female icons who changed history forever. Find the perfect fit with Juno!

Scholastic Harry Potter Hardcover Books 1-7 Box Set

Whether you’re revisiting, or discovering for the first time, remember that your trunk should always be placed at the foot of your bed when you’re settling in at Hogwarts. That way it won’t be tripped over, and it’ll make it easy to access all 7 volumes of your favorite wizarding classic whenever you’re in the mood for a trip to Wizarding World — no portkey required. 

Great Pretenders Reversible Wizard Cape and Hat

With a flash of lightning on one side and a flurry of stars on the other, you could say that this wizard’s cape is absolutely bewitching. Place the magic-infused pointed hat on your head before casting your next spell, and have a truly magical playtime!

Klutz My Fairy Wands and Wings

Everything you need to become a real-life fairy is in this box! Well, almost everything; it’s still missing a bit of crafting magic — but that’s where you come in. Enchant mere materials with the unlimited power of your creativity to create wands, wings, and the most mystical fairy crowns ever to grace this side of the forest.