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Hit a Home Run With These Excellent Sporty Gifts for Sporty Kids!

Our list is *team*-ing with ideas.

Josey Miller · about 2 months ago


Shoot, shopping for sporty kids can be a real workout! After all, when you give a gift, you really want it to be a hit. That’s the goal, right? Well, keep your head in the game because these fun finds for kids who love sports will take your gift shopping list right over the finish line.

Franklin Sports Foldaway Batting Tee

Hey, batter batter, suh-wing, battah. It’s tee time with this toy, and your mini major leaguer will be knocking ’em outta the park in no time. From a parent’s POV? You had us at “foldaway.” Peanuts and Crackerjacks not included.

“She Persisted in Sports” Book

This book deserves the gold medal (the whole series does really). Sports are always about overcoming obstacles (figurative and sometimes literal)—but these sports-specific stories will provide some true persistence perspective. They’ll have every reader’s heart racing. 

Balance Jousting Set

This generation of kids may be all about “American Ninja Warrior.” But this jousting set has more of an “American Gladiator” vibe. Care to challenge your child to an old-school duel? Then get ready to defend yourself; your reputation hangs in the balance.

NightBall Basketball

A kid determined enough to keep drilling free throws after dark? Jumping through hoops like that deserves more than two points. The only possible penalty with this light-up basketball is it may delay-of-game bedtime. But keeping practice front and center? That’s the point!

Jetson Flash Self-balancing Hoverboard With Built-In Bluetooth

This hoverboard takes some time to master (even if it is self-balancing)—but your adventurous, active kid will feel like a sporty superhero on the Flash. The LED lights and Bluetooth boost this toy’s cool factor in a major way. Just don’t forget to <cue organ> “Charge!”

Franklin Sports Whirl Ball

Get ready to take family competition to the next level with this home version of everyone’s favorite arcade game! This one has an automatic ball return, so kids can focus on their Hawkeye-like aim instead of constantly running around looking for more arcade balls. 

Franklin Sports Kids Inflatable Dart Ball

Tennis balls stick to the target with this inflatable Dart Ball game that’s just as fun as bar darts, but without any of the hassle. (Specifically, you won’t have to do that thing where you pretend to be bad at darts and you challenge the meanest guy in the bar to a game but then it turns out you were the junior national champion and you humiliate him in front of his friends with a series of devastating bullseyes. Or is that just a dream I had?)

Franklin Sports I-Color Football

Tom Brady seems great and all, but it’s a real warning sign that he’s never even bothered to color in any of his footballs. Avoid his baffling mistake with this colorable Franklin Sports Football that throws great and looks great when it’s in the air!

Franklin 5-in-1 Sports Center

The champ who thought of this multi-tasker should totally get a trophy. This cute-lookin’, compact tabletop toy converts from a hockey game to a basketball game to a bowling game and beyond. It’s lighthearted entertainment for quick rain delays.

Gymnic Hop 55

Strengthen your legs, your core (gymnasts, we’re looking at you)—and bounce those sillies out while you’re at it. Parents, you can deflate the ball to put it away in a closet, and then blow it up to the best size for your child. And hey, a hoppy, er, happy kid is the name of the game. Everyone wins!