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The Force Is Strong With These Gifts for Star Wars Fans

More fun than bullseyeing a womp rat in a T-16.

Jack Shepherd

CAMP MayThe4th Header STARWARS

Red 2, Red 2; do you read? Then strap in, and give these plans a look over: It’s a list of bounty Star Wars fans really want. No, not more movies, spin-off episodes, storied character backgrounds, and complex storylines — we can’t help you there. But if you’re looking for the best Star Wars figures, toys, and games to play with in the galaxy, you’re in the right star system. Treat yourself and the Star Wars fans in your life, whether it's May the Fourth, or any other day that your planet is not being menaced by Starkiller Base.

W&P Star Wars Cookie Cutters

Whether you’ve been practicing your lightsaber skills with a blindfold and a Marksman-H combat remote or casually slicing Darth Maul in half, you’re going to want to put those chopping abilities to practical use sooner or later, and there’s no better way to do that than by making cookies. 

Darth Vader and Son

Parenting is hard when you're a Sith Lord with big responsibilities like making sure the Death Star is fully operational on a tight deadline. But this sweet and hilarious book imagines a version of Darth who's just a good dad looking out for his special boy.

Star Wars Mission Fleet Defend The Child Figure Pack

It’s your turn to help save The Child! Recreate your favorite moments from The Mandalorian, and invent all-new adventures with this 5 figure set featuring The Mandalorian, Cara Dune, the infamous droid bounty hunter IG-11, a Stormtrooper and — of course — The Child. Load him up in the hover tram, put on your jetpack, and choose your favorite blaster, because this might just be your most important mission yet.

Star Wars Mandalorian Monopoly

Which Grogu are you? Choose your favorite token of The Child to play through an adventure of galactic proportions! Travel around the board to buy hideouts, and collect items and places featured in The Mandalorian series like the Razor Crest Cockpit, creed relics, and of course, a tasty, one-eyed Sorgan frog.

Darth Vader and Family Coloring Book

Parenting ain’t easy – especially when you’re balancing the full-time job of trying to rule the galaxy, and raising kids that are rebel scum. Adapted from Jeffery Brown’s New York Times Bestselling series Darth Vader and Son, this tongue-in-cheek coloring book features all the original classic characters from films IV through VI. Younglings will love the new coloring adventures, and seasoned Jedi Masters will appreciate seeing their old friends in hilarious, contemporary family situations.

Thumbs Up UK The Child AirPods Case

Tuck your AirPods into a hover tram, where The Child will keep them safe and sound. These sturdy silicone cases are compatible with 1st and 2nd generation AirPods, feature easily accessible charging ports, and offer excellent protection against scratches, drops, and X-wing attacks.

How To Speak Wookiee: A Manual for Intergalactic Communication

What can you get a Wookiee for Christmas when he already owns a comb? Love and understanding are great and all, but if you’re looking for something a little more tangible, you should probably just ask him. Pick up this handy book for all your Wookiee translation needs, and find out what the big walking carpet in your life really wants. Bonus: it’ll help you avoid any silly confrontations that might get your arms ripped off!

Star Wars 6” The Child Figure

It's a big responsibility, but somebody's got to look after The Child, so why not you? Recreate your favorite iconic moments with this little Grogu who's the perfect size for bringing along on all your intergalactic adventures.

LEGO Star Wars

No matter what your build mastery level, there’s a Star Wars LEGO kit somewhere out there for you! Man your own starfighter, grab a stud-shooting blaster, and zip around with your fellow commanders on speeder bikes. Construct the cutest baby in the galaxy, and help him grip his snackies with articulated hands, and a posable head. Or roam the frozen wastelands of Hoth on a trusty Tauntaun that doesn’t smell bad on the inside or the outside!