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25 Gifts For The Child Destined To Be The Next Hollywood Star, On Or Off The Screen

For anyone who loves to display an extra flair for drama.

Brian Sandstrom · about 2 months ago

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This gift guide is perfect for a child who loves to display an extra flair for drama. From accessories for putting on plays in the living room to kits that teach kids to make their very own movie, any of these gifts are guaranteed to transform your playroom into Hollywood.

1. LEGO Make Your Own Movie


Use this LEGO movie making kit to film your favorite minifigures in your own stop-motion movies. The kit comes with a detailed guide that walks you through filming on your phone or tablet, with tips and tricks on lighting, sound effects, and camera angles. Your kid will be the next big director before you know it.

2. The Blockbuster Game

Spin Master

A perfect family game for movie lovers, The Blockbuster Game gives a cinematic twist on charades. Race to describe, quote, and act out classic films, as you try to keep your team from bursting into laughter.

3. Singing Machine Kids Mood Karaoke System

Singing Machine

Musicals are taking over Hollywood, and this karaoke machine will transport you into “La La Land” with its bluetooth sing-along speaker that works with any karaoke or music app. With cool voice effects like “echo,” it’s easy to imagine dancing and singing on the biggest of stages.

4. Studio Creator Video Maker Kit

Studio Creator

This video maker kit is perfect for any kid training to be the next LA influencer. With a ring light, tripod, and green screen, your child will be making professional videos for their Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube in no time.

5. Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano

Melissa & Doug

Whether your kid’s preparing to orchestrate the next movie musical or planning to be an official maestro, this toddler-sized piano is the perfect learning tool. With color coded keys and a matching songbook, your tyke can learn nine of their favorite songs before they can reach a real piano.

6. Singing Machine Mic Guy Bluetooth Speaker

Singing Machine

This 2-in-1 bluetooth speaker doubles as a microphone, so it’s perfect for the singer on the go. Charge it, bring it to any family event, and make sure to grab it away from Dad before he sings his sixth rendition of “Don’t Stop Believin'.”

7. Pictionary Air


Bring Pictionary to a new level with Pictionary Air. Grab your phone or tablet, and while the player is drawing in the air, you can see the drawing appear right on your device! The perfect party game for those shy to perform, but ready to get up and laugh with the family.

8. Mall Madness


The perfect board game to prepare for LA shopping, Mall Madness has you play as a future starlet racing to complete her shopping list. Whether it’s through picking out their dress for the Oscars or finding an outfit for the paparazzi, this game will have any fashionista excited to play.

9. Nailmatic Kids Magic Beauty Box


Ready to turn your regular bath into a getaway spa? This Nailmatic Kids Magic Beauty Box has bath bombs, colorful mousse, and nail polish — the perfect combination to make anyone camera ready.

10. Blinger Diamond Collection Pink


The ultimate sleepover gift, the Blinger can put diamond gems on hair, clothing, and accessories. Get ready to become your own stylist as you glam out any outfit.

11. STMT DIY Cosmetics Set


Haven’t found your signature style? Why not create it with this STMT DIY Cosmetics set. Perfect for customizing your own beauty collection, you can choose your favorite scents and shade, and wear them with confidence.

12. STMT DIY Journaling Set


Future Hollywood stars always have big dreams, and this journaling set is perfect for capturing them. Customize all 70 pages of the journal with glittering tape, clipboard frames, and patterned papers to create the secret sanctuary for all of your hopes.

13. Mukikim Rock & Roll It Code Drum


Hollywood isn’t only known for their starlets — it’s also a hotbed of Rock & Roll. This flexible and portable drum set allows you to code the different sounds and follow the colorful pads to learn all aspects of drumming. Bring it to your family parties, connect it to any MP3, and rock on!

14. Loog Mini Guitar


Have the next lead rocker on your hands? There’s no better place to start than with this adorable mini guitar. With the same first three strings as a regular-sized guitar, your kid can comfortably practice their finger positions for when they’re ready to size up and rock on.

15. Rhyme Antics Game

Rhyme Antics

In this “Catch Phrase meets karaoke” game, players draw cards to freestyle rap and spit their best flow. Who will reign supreme with their rhymes? Try out some beatboxing or maybe just rap over all of the guaranteed laughter.

16. Mukikim Rock & Roll It Rainbow Piano


This colorful piano is ready to be rolled up for players on the go! And the best part? It comes with headphones so kids can play anywhere and anytime (without annoying their parents). With multiple demo songs, keyboard tones, and a playback function, your kids will be making music in no time.

17. Sphero Specdrums


The future of music is here. You can turn simple colors into musical tones with these Sphero Specdrums. With the accompanying app, players will be able to turn the world into their own instrument. Imagine your entire driveway becoming a giant piano with some chalk

18. Trolls Pop-To-Rock Poppy Singing Doll

Spin Master

Does your kid love to pretend they’re a star in a rock band? Well this Poppy Singing Doll is the perfect frontwoman to add to their show. Choose your genre and Poppy can belt out an acoustic or electronic version of “Trolls Just Want To Have Fun.”

19. Fisher-Price Tape Recorder


This retro tape recorder is perfect for getting your toddlers singing and moving. With six classic nursery rhymes, your child can sing along or even record their own tune! Now your youngest rockstar is ready for the studio.

20. Nailmatic Hollywood 5-Piece Nail Polish Set


This kid-friendly nail polish set is perfect for those ready to try out some new glam. With glittery colors and adorable names (Gaston and Bella? Perfection.) your kids will feel fabulous and ready to strut the catwalk.

21. CreaTV


This “TV” is the perfect project for a creative kid to storyboard their next movie. As they draw out the scenes, you can spin the paper around to watch the movie play out on the vintage style TV. Turn your family movie night into a fun crafting project for everyone to enjoy.

22. Plasticine Movie Maker Studio


Have a movie maker who loves to craft? This Plasticine kit will have them making their own clay characters and shooting them to create an intricate stop-motion film. The modeling clay characters will bend and pose around the sets and scenery that you’ve chosen! Then use the free and easy-to-use app to get the film rolling.

23. The LEGO Animation Book


Always wanted to make your own stop-motion animation film, but never knew where to start? Why not with LEGO? This animation book breaks down the basic steps of stop motion so that before you know it you can create explosions, convey emotions through the mini-figures, and light consistent photo frames.

LOL Surprise! Dolls

MGA Entertainment

Every Hollywood starlet needs a posse, and these LOL Surprise! Dolls exude star power. With 15 exciting surprises in each set, any child will be pretending they’re walking down Rodeo Drive with their fashionable bestie.

25. Polaroid i-Type Camera


Bring yourself to old Hollywood with this classic style Polaroid. Use it to storyboard your future feature film, or just capture your favorite memories.

Combine it with this black and white Polaroid film to complete the classic look.