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Must-Have Gifts For The LOL Surprise! Enthusiast

Unbox all the G.L.A.M.

Vera Sizensky and Daniel Fernandez


They’ve got hair vibes, remixes, glittery globes, pets, and super big eyes. Oh, yes: We’re talking about LOL Surprise! 

If you’re stumped on what to get for someone who has an OMG obsession to the max, look no further. Here are the best LOL Surprise! gifts of 2022 that any LOL enthusiast would be thrilled to unbox.

LOL Surprise Tweens Fashion Doll Cherry BB

Cherry BB

LOL Surprise

Meet Cherry BB: she’s all about the art-scene, and her passion for fashion lies in retro trends, and all things vintage. Cat’s eye glasses? Check. Namesake cherry earrings? You betcha. Bring on the ‘50s kitsch, ‘cause Cherry is here for it! 

LOL Surprise Tweens Fashion Doll Freshest


LOL Surprise

If your style-y kiddo needs the hottest trends right now, let me introduce you to the Freshest. Her style is laid-back, effortless, and inspired by the sci-fi shows she loves to binge. Freshest could most definitely kick butt playing Overwatch (Sombra main), but she’s equally at home on the half pipe at the skate park. 

LOL Surprise Tweens Fashion Doll Fancy Gurl

Fancy Gurl

LOL Surprise

A little picky, a little particular, and always in pink, Fancy Gurl is as sweet as the Valentine colors she forever stans. She’s a social butterfly, and just dying to give everyone she meets a makeover, and help them find the perfect shade of pink to perfect their wardrobe. 

LOL Surprise Tweens Fashion Doll Hoops Cutie

Hoops Cutie

LOL Surprise

Hoops Cutie’s motto? Big confidence; big earrings. Rockin’ athletic wear on and off the court, Hoops Cutie lives in sneakers and sweats, ‘cause she’s always down for a game. You can see her A-game in everything she does – whether she’s kickin’ it with her friends, or kicking the competition to the curb on the court, she does it all her way with style and finesse.  

LOL Surprise OMG Movie Magic Starlette


LOL Surprise

Rehearsal? Ha! This Starlette always knows her cue. She’s a stunning pop-art princess in her technicolor tops, and film printed leggings. Her fans look up to her, of course – but none more than her own little sisters, LOL fan favorites Pop Heart and Kansas QT. 

LOL Surprise OMG Movie Magic Ms. Direct

Ms. Direct

LOL Surprise

There’s no guesswork when it comes to Ms. Direct – this daring diva is always ready for action. Decked out in lightning galore, dastardly villains better watch out, because she’s got superhero roles on lock. With her cape billowing in the breeze, you can be sure Ms. Direct will swoop in to save the day!

LOL Surprise OMG Movie Magic Spirit Queen


LOL Surprise

Bringing down the house with old-school Hollywood glamor, Spirit Queen bewitches audiences with her subtly spooky style. Amazing hair up to there, and splendid skirt of spiderwebs, when Spirit Queen isn’t enchanting a crowd, she likes to spend time with her little sisters, Countess and Witchay Babay. 

LOL Surprise OMG Movie Magic Gamma Babe

Gamma Babe

LOL Surprise

Fashionista Gamma Babe is ready to fascinate audiences with her own futuristic features. With these space-age fabrics, and silver metallic highlights, she’s 100% ready to light up the set with her out-of-this-world outfits that are always ahead of their time. 

LOL Surprise Winter Chill Confetti Doll

LOL Surprise Winter Chill Confetti Doll

LOL Surprise

Comes with everything there is to love about the Winter Chill Dolls, PLUS 15 surprises! Unboxing is practically a party, with colorful confetti, stickers, and the most fabulous, glittering LOL clothes and accessories to keep out the chill while sparkling with style.

LOL Surprise JK Queen Bee

81wSoh49+wL. AC SL1500

MGA Entertainment

All hail Queen Bee. Kids can slide open the back panel of this playset to reveal their mini fashion doll, then open the side to reveal her surprises, ready to be unboxed from her garment bags, shoebox, and hat box.