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7 Gifts That Grandparents Give To Upstage Everything Else

Grandparent gifting has come a long way since you were a kid.

Megan Baldwin · 2 months ago

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Just a heads-up: With 5G Internet, a very active Amazon Prime membership, and a competitive streak, there's a good chance your parents have turned their full attention (and spare bedroom) to giving your kid the type of gifts that will cement their status as the best grandparent of all time. Ahead, a look at all the ways you're about to be upstaged this holiday — and grandparents, if you’re listening ... here’s your hit list.

1. KidKraft Bianca City Life Dollhouse


Just like the one Grandma grew up playing with … almost. This upgraded urban dollhouse (yes, there’s a rooftop pool) is probably too large to fit comfortably into a city apartment, but grandma doesn’t care about details like that.

2. Micro Kickboard Maxi Scooter Deluxe LED


Since you’ve left the house, Grandpa has acquired all manner of toys — so this souped-up scooter is just one more fancy ride to store in the garage. Your kid will feel like the king of the playground cruising by on the LED-deck, and Grandpa can use the moment to remind you that you couldn’t ride a bike until you were 15.

3. Janod Confetti Grand Piano


Just because you “didn’t practice enough” doesn’t mean your kid doesn’t have a shot at Julliard. This colorful grand piano is a perfect entry player — so you can repeat your parents’ favorite mistake ... paying for lessons for 10 years.

4. Melissa & Doug Giant Elephant

Melissa & Doug

What you hear: We got her a stuffed animal! What your parents actually got: A giant, almost-too-realistic elephant that’s just as big as your toddler. Thankfully your mom has an idea of how to get this thing home ... just stay here!

5. Scholastic Harry Potter Hardcover Book Box Set


We all know who this luxurious hardcover Harry Potter gift box set is for … and it’s not your 4-year-old. This set, designed for everyone who loves the world J.K. Rowling created, features the hardcover American editions of the books from Scholastic and comes in a Hogwarts trunk. Thank your parents later.

6. PlanToys Drum Set


Wooden toys feel nostalgic, and grandparents just love that sort of thing. They also just love that they no longer have to deal with the percussive repercussions of buying your kid a working drum set playset made of wood. It’s fine, you’ll just take every Zoom call on mute while your kid rocks out on the snare.

7. Beyond Shop Ponycycle

Beyond Shop

Your parents never listened when you asked for a pony, but that has nothing to do with this gift. Try not to feel triggered by this awesomely lavish ride-on pony — the first to be powered by human motion simulation, which means you won’t need batteries.