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7 Gifts That Only Uncles And Aunts Can Get Away With Buying

Go big, go loud, and then go home.

Megan Baldwin · 2 months ago

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As spectators in the holiday spectacle, uncles and aunts are expected to check the parentally irresponsible gift box. Think sugar, safety hazards, and all the glitter. So don’t blow it, adult-kids. Go big, go loud, and then go home. Below are some of our favorite gifts for kids from people without kids.

1. HearthSong Two Piece Buddy Bumper Ball Set


Like the Sock’em Boppers you grew up fighting over, only way better. These giant rubber orbs slip on and create an inflatable cocoon — so the kiddos can battle it out in the backyard with minimal breakage.

2. Mukikim Rock & Roll It Rainbow Piano


No sane parent would ever buy their child a portable piano, but that’s why uncles and aunts exist, right? Roll this music-making machine out and let the kid crush the keys, and any quiet time.

3. Singing Machine Superstar Bluetooth Sing Along System

Singing Machine

Drop the mic with this Bluetooth-enabled boombox.  Built with six voice changing effects, three looped song tracks, and three hype sound effects, the Superstar will become your niece or nephew’s favorite way to ruin Mommy and Daddy’s Zoom calls.

4. Tulip One-Step 5-Color Rainbow Tie-Dye Kit


Looking for a new side hustle? Put your nieces and nephews to art work with this simple one step tie-dye kit. Packed with five colored dyes and step-by-step directions, you’ll be ready to get your creations up on Etsy in no time.

5. Tubelox Deluxe Set


This hands-on building set lets kids construct everything from playhouses, to usable cars, and helicopters. Parents will approve of this one, until they’re spending more time building their kids’ heli than updating Excel sheets.

6. Dylan’s Candy Bar Bash Cake

Dylan's Candy Bar

Raise the candy bar. From Dylan’s Candy Bar comes the craziest confection ever: a table top piñata made of milk chocolate. Kids will get a rush when they break into the chocolatey center to discover (you guessed it) … even more candy!

7. Little Tikes Jump n’ Slide Bouncer

Little Tikes

Parents will hate to love that you bought their kids a bounce castle. But this awesome, easy-to-inflate bouncy house equals hours of fun and even more hours of chill when the kids are completely zonked out.