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13 Gifts That Only Uncles And Aunts Can Get Away With Buying

Go big, go loud, and then go home.

Megan Baldwin and Sarah Burns


As spectators in the holiday spectacle, uncles and aunts are expected to check the parentally irresponsible gift box. Think sugar, safety hazards, and all the glitter. So don’t blow it, adult-kids. Go big, go loud, and then go home. Below are some of our favorite gifts for kids from people without kids.

1. HearthSong Two Piece Buddy Bumper Ball Set



Like the Sock’em Boppers you grew up fighting over, only way better. These giant rubber orbs slip on and create an inflatable cocoon — so the kiddos can battle it out in the backyard with minimal breakage.

2. Mukikim Rock & Roll It Rainbow Piano



No sane parent would ever buy their child a portable piano, but that’s why uncles and aunts exist, right? Roll this music-making machine out and let the kid crush the keys, and any quiet time.

3. Singing Machine Superstar Bluetooth Sing Along System

Singing Machine

Singing Machine

Drop the mic with this Bluetooth-enabled boombox.  Built with six voice changing effects, three looped song tracks, and three hype sound effects, the Superstar will become your niece or nephew’s favorite way to ruin Mommy and Daddy’s Zoom calls.

4. Tulip One-Step 5-Color Rainbow Tie-Dye Kit



Looking for a new side hustle? Put your nieces and nephews to art work with this simple one step tie-dye kit. Packed with five colored dyes and step-by-step directions, you’ll be ready to get your creations up on Etsy in no time.

5. Rainbow High Fashion Dorm House

Rainbow High Fashion Dorm House

BRRRIIIING! Fashion School is officially in session, so it’s time to help your nieces and nephews unpack, and move into their new home for the rest of the school year! Fits four of their favorite Rainbow High fashionista friends, and comes fully stocked with over 50 dorm essentials like coffee cups for late night study sessions, a wardrobe rack to hold all the latest, most colorful fashions, and a real bubbling hot tub to blow off steam during finals week.

6. Pony Cycle U-Series Small Pink Unicorn

Pony Cycle Pink Unicorn

Pony Cycle

Most adults will tell kids that unicorns aren’t real, but aunts and uncles are not most adults. Bring their fantasies to life with their very own unicorn to ride off onto a magical adventure! Parents will love that it gets their kid moving, playing, and imagining, and will hate that your gift totally outshines anything Santa brought – but hey, isn’t that what you're here for?

7. KidKraft Pirate's Cove Play Set

KidKraft Pirate's Cove Playset

Sail the seven seas with your favorite first mate! Real working lights and sounds will deter enemies from messing with the black flag of the Jolly Roger, and the real working cannon fire will send all who dare to try straight to Davy Jones’ Locker.

8. Little Tikes My Real Jam Electric Guitar

Little Tikes My Real Jam Electric Guitar

Get them a gift that totally rocks! With four play modes, and a super realistic design, rockstars-in-training can go it solo, or connect via Bluetooth to play along to their favorite tunes. So crank those amps to 11, and consider gifting their parents a bottle of Advil for when jam sessions go on a little too long. 

9. PAW Patrol Movie Ultimate City Transforming Tower

PAW Patrol Movie Ultimate City Transforming Tower

Nieces and nephews burnt out from box after box of itchy clothes and other less exciting gifts from all your less cool relatives? It’s time to call in an expert team that really knows how to save the day. It’s the ultimate adventure from the Bay they know and love, complete with six classic pups to coming to the rescue! Towering at three feet of fun, roll out the ramp to gear up for a car chase, switch on the flashing lights, and launch the projectiles. A playtime this action-packed is a real humdinger!

10. Mukikim Rock & Roll It Code Drum

Mukikim Rock & Roll It Code Drum: 1

Crash, boom, bang – it’s a percussion thang. The Rock & Roll Code Drum makes learning how to play as easy as knowing your colors. Kids love it because it's a fun, new way to explore their musical abilities, and parents love it because it’s educational, and helps develop music skills. Before you know it, your sibling’s offspring will be keeping time with a music system that boasts multiple instrument sounds, accompaniment tracks, a playback option – and every parent’s favorite feature for noise-making toys – headphones!

11. Hape DJ Mix & Spin Studio

Hape DJ Mix & Spin Studio


Imagine the joy a music-loving kid will have scratching up the turntables as the tiniest of DJs – and the look of dismay on your sibling's face when they realize they’re in for hours of toddler-led electronic jams. With this set, they’ll be pumping up the volume with four different instrument modes, 18 awesome sound effects, a tempo slider, and a built-in turntable for record-scratching action that would make Grand Wizard Theodore proud!



Ready… aim… fart! The ’rents aren’t likely to encourage potty humor, so it’s up to the aunt or fun-cle to give this gift that the kids will think is a total blast. Featuring Minions from The Rise of Gru, kids (and adults) ages 4 and up will be giggling it up, and having a gas. Immature? Sure. Fun? You’re darn tootin’!

13. Cool Maker Shimmer Me Body Art

Cool Maker Shimmer Me Body Art

Few relatives understand cool as well as uncles and aunts, so it’s only natural they’d be the ones to introduce the kids to the world of body art! Help them shine with a variety of dazzling colors including stick-on gems, shining foils, and shimmering stickers to mix and match to explore their own unique creative expression. Nothing permanent of course – but you can still have lots of fun watching your sibling’s face drop when you tell them you’ve helped their kid get their first tattoo!