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23 Gifts That Will Make Your Head Spin

Puzzles, toys, games, and gifts that'll really bust your brain.

Margo Gothelf · 10 months ago

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This gift guide is full of ideas that will truly make your head spin. We’re talking puzzles, trivia, and critical thinking board games. You’ll want to have your thinking cap nearby for all of these great gifts.

1. 500-Piece 60th Anniversary Barbie Puzzle

Ravensburger 500 60th Anniversary Barbie Puzzle


Celebrate over 60 years of Barbie with this iconic puzzle. The 500-piece puzzle shows the evolution of Barbie over the years, showcasing the impact she has had on pop culture and society.

2. The Original 3D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle

Sharp Brain Zone

Sharp Brain Zone

Attempting to solve this Original 3D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzle will give your brain a full workout. Don’t let the simple setup fool you, it is much harder than it looks. You’ll be super satisfied when you solve it.

3. Suspend Family Game

Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game

Melissa & Doug

The Melissa & Doug Suspend Family Game is all about balance. Take turns picking different rubber-tipped wire pieces to balance from an unstable stand. As the game goes on, the pieces get harder and more complicated to balance. Hopefully, it won’t come crashing down during your turn.

4. Your World 1000-Piece Puzzle

MudPuppy Your World 1000-Piece Puzzle


You’ll learn a whole lot from the MudPuppy Your World 1000-Piece Puzzle! This one doubles as a map, pointing out where animals live around the globe. When the puzzle is complete, see if you can find your favorite creatures to learn all about where they live.

5. Mind-Bending Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle



The Mind Bending Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle is called mind-bending for a reason. The extremely complicated puzzle is built out of 200 wooden pieces. The catch? All the pieces are the same color and very similar in shape. Good luck solving this one!

6. All Are Welcome Here! 1000-Piece Family Puzzle



The All Are Welcome Here! 1000-Piece Family Puzzle from Mudpuppy sends a great message about inclusion and positive acts of kindness. This is a puzzle you’ll want to do with the whole family.

7. Pictionary Air

Mattel Games

Mattel Games

Pictionary Air takes the iconic guessing game into the 21st century. The classic board game now works side-by-side with an app, making your pictures digital. Don’t worry, guessing the items is still just as hard.

8. Map of The United States of America

Mudpuppy Map of The United States of America


This puzzle of the United States is not your typical puzzle. The double-sided puzzle features fun facts about each state. The brightly colored map will be a great way to learn about geography when it is complete.

9. Trivial Pursuit Family Edition

Hasbro Games

Hasbro Games

Think you know it all? Then put your knowledge to the test with this family version of Trivial Pursuit. The family edition includes questions for both kids and adults. See if you can answer all the questions correctly to prove once and for all who is the smartest member of the family.

10. Hot Dogs A-Z 1000-Piece Puzzle

MudPuppy Hot Dogs A-Z 1000-Piece Puzzle


If you love dogs and puzzles, you’ve come to the right place. When complete, this 1000-piece puzzle shows 26 illustrations of dogs, one for every letter of the alphabet. When you’re done with this one, you’ll want to bring out the puzzle glue and hang it up on your wall.

11. Micro Arcade Tetris

Micro Arcade

Micro Arcade

If you would have told any hardcore arcade gamer in the ’80s that one day they would be able to play Tetris on a device the size of a credit card, they would have laughed in your face. But that dream is now a reality with Micro Arcade Tetris. This handheld game has the best qualities of the classic arcade puzzle game, and it can go wherever you go.

12. Kids Musical Crossroads Puzzle

Little Likes Kids Musical Crossroads Puzzle

Little Likes

Puzzles can be fun, but they can also spark a deeper meaning. Case in point: this Little Like Kids Musical Crossroads Puzzle. When complete, the puzzle shows a group of diverse kids rocking out to music together. The company behind the puzzle has made it a mission to represent children of all backgrounds and cultures playing together.

13. Perfection

Hasbro Gaming

Hasbro Gaming

Perfection is all about keeping calm. See if you can put all 25 geometric pieces back in their slots before time runs out. The catch? The ongoing timer makes the situation super stressful!

14. Women March! 500-Piece Round Puzzle

eeBoo Women March! 500-Piece Round Puzzle


Commemorate a piece of history with this puzzle. This circular puzzle celebrates the historic Women’s March of 2017 where over 4 million men, women, and children gathered for the largest single-day protest in history.

15. Qwirkle

Qwirkle Board Game Mindware


This puzzle-solving game requires players to match tiles of the same shape and color without creating any duplicate pieces. Each tile has a point value, so the more you match, the higher your score becomes. See if you can match all six tiles and create the ultimate Qwirkle!

16. Construction Site Floor Puzzle

Petit Collage Construction Site Floor Puzzle

Petit Collage

The Petit Collage Construction Site Floor Puzzle is great for kids who can’t get enough of trucks and construction. Once the puzzle is complete, see how many of the different vehicles your kid can name.

17. Simon Classic

Hasbro Gaming

Hasbro Gaming

Simon is a classic puzzle game that will put your memory skills to the test. The game starts at a steady pace, making it easier to remember the color patterns. But the better you get, the faster the patterns come in. Stay calm and see if you can master the patterns, beating Simon in the process.

18. The Golden Girls Puzzle



Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia will be so proud when you complete this 1000-piece puzzle. You can even leave “The Golden Girls” on in the background if you need a little motivation to finish it.

19. That’s So '90s Quiz

Ridley’s That’s So '90s Quiz


It’s time to put your knowledge of the ’90s to the test. Split the family into teams and see who can name all The Spice Girls or the singer of the “Macarena.” Millennials, this is your time to shine!

20. Rubik’s Cube

Rubik’s Cube

Winning Moves

The Rubik’s Cube is one of the world's top-selling puzzle games for a reason. Already a master at solving the Rubik’s Cube? See if you can beat the world record of solving it all in 4.59 seconds.

21. Operation

Hasbro Games

Hasbro Games

Operation is all about keeping those hands strong and steady. The game might be simple in concept, but it's still super hard to complete. See if you can master your shaky hand and save Cavity Sam from all of his ailments.

22. ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run

ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run


The goal of ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run is to get the falling marble from A to B using a set of towers. Sound easy? Think again. Each tower comes full of its own obstacles, including ramps and bridges that are designed to trick you. Your critical thinking skills will come in handy to solve this game

23. Areaware Gradient Puzzle

Areaware Gradient Puzzle


I don’t blame you if you give up on this one. The Areaware Gradient Puzzle gives puzzles a whole new meaning. This puzzle relies on the shape of the pieces, rather than the pattern. Can’t decide on a color? No worries, as the puzzle comes in multiple gradients.