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Gifts for April Birthday Kids That'll Make Everyone Else Wish It Was Their Birthday, Too

It’s a fact that moms-to-be try to have kids with April birthdays. We think this list of gifts might have something to do with it.

Megan Baldwin · 7 months ago

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Heeral Chhibber

Kids born in April nailed it. They’re born when Spring is just starting to do its thing, comedy is in season, and PB&J gets celebrated. If that’s not enough, we’ve assembled a list of birthday gifts for these kiddos that will make just about everyone not born in April wish it was their birthday. From archery sets to pogo sticks, here’s what to get your April kid to make them feel special ... and by special we mean, the owner of all things awesome!

Toniebox Audio Player Starter Set

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If your April birthday kid craves independence, then the Toniebox audio player is just what they need! Kids can control the Toniebox themselves after a grown-up spends a few minutes setting it up in a companion app. Kids just need to plunk their favorite Content Tonie on top, then tilt the durable speaker to fast-forward or rewind, and squeeze the Toniebox’s ear to adjust the volume.

Franklin Sports Runaway Bean Bag Toss

Ready, aim, fire! This lightweight bean bag tossing game is instant backyard fun for all ages. Spoiler alert: The motorized base will be moving from side to side ... catch it if you can!

Ollyball Ultimate Indoor Playball

Spring is tricky. Transition from indoor to outdoor play with this safe-for-all spaces playball that absorbs impact — so no windows get broken. 

Hearth Song Buddy Bumper Ball Set

Spring forward and crash into another kit with this bumper ball set.  Simply inflate and step inside the translucent blue ball and let the bopping-bodies fun begin. 

FlyBar My First Foam Pogo Jumper

Jump up, jump up and get down with this foam pogo stick.  Designed for indoor and outdoor use, the jumping toy is hours of healthy, bouncy fun — perfect for putting a spring in your kid’s step. 

Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox

A classic! Little Tikes Sandbox is the perfect spot to build castles, dig for treasure and dig a hole to the other side of the world. 

Fisher Price My Home Office Playset

April kids are born to be CEOs. Give them a head start with this WFH-inspired playset. Grab an oat milk latte to go so she isn’t late for her first conference call with the stuffed animals who are angry about not getting premium bedtime placement. Slack notifications not included.

The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak

April is hilarious and so is this book! A #1 New York Times bestseller, this wildly funny read-aloud by actor B.J. Novak will turn any reader into a comedian — one page and fart noise at a time!

Pony Cycle U Series Brown Pony

April kids are the best! Make their birthday dream come true with this kid-propelled ride-on pony. Instead of riding on rocking horses, the PonyCycle allows kids to ride to wherever they want. Just get on, bounce and go!