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10 Amazing Gifts To Get Your March Birthday Kid

Our tried, true, and kid-tested guide to the best (and best-selling) birthday gifts for kids this month.

Megan Baldwin and Sarah Burns


Kids born in March are a lot like daffodils, which are among the first flowers to bloom in the spring, and are often symbols of rebirth, new beginnings, and even prosperity. But the other thing about daffodils is that more is MORE, and a single daffodil is bad luck. So March birthday kids need MORE: more friends to party with, more treats to chow down on, and most importantly, more presents!

From best-sellers and birthday favorites to a few picks especially perfect for March-born kiddos, here’s what to (birthday) gift this month.

Micro Kickboard Scooters

A CAMP best-seller! The Mini Deluxe (best for kids ages 2-5) is the perfect size for first-time scooters. The larger, Maxi Deluxe LED (great for kids age 5-10) features light up wheels for some extra flash – because March kids go everywhere in style. 

Be Big Puzzle

Luckies of London Be Big Puzzle

Luckies of London

March kids are born to shine. Spend some time shining as a fam with a positive puzzle to encourage them to embrace the limelight, go big or go home, and to never shrink themselves for anyone else’s comfort!

Fashion Angels Letter Board Design Kit

For the optimist in the family, this DIY frame is the perfect statement-maker. Create a message using the 292 letters and then customize your words with 2 sets of sticker sheets for all to read and appreciate.

Magnum Swipe Vlogging Light

Magnum Swipe Vlogging Light, Thumbs Up UK

Thumbs Up UK

March kids are more likely to become CEOs, and this vlogging light is great for their first venture capital pitch. Create incredible videos like a pro with an LED ring light and flexible stand that helps savvy March tweens and teens capture all their best angles.

Green Toys Recycling Truck

Created by the award-winning Green Toys, this recycling truck is the kind of mean, green, eco-friendly machine we think March birthday kids would be excited to get behind. It’s perfect for any kiddo who can’t wait to play in the dirt again.

The Toy Network Butterfly Color-A-Pal

Flutter away on a whimsical adventure with a beautiful butterfly friend to color over and over again  — perfect for your creative March preschooler or kindergartener who can’t wait to spring into action.

My First Flybar

Jeff Nass Photo 10 28 2018 HighRes-32


No batteries, gears, or pedals — just hours of endless, kid-powered fun. This pogo stick for three to five year-olds promotes balance and exercise, will be the first thing they reach for when they’re about to bounce off the walls, and what they’ll want to take with them when it’s nice enough to play outside again! 

The Essential Compendium of Dad Jokes

Beat dad to the punchline with 301 punny, terrible-but-kid-friendly jokes. This hilarious book is the perfect way for your birthday kid to practice their best/worst material ahead of April Fools Day!

Thinkbox Chemistry in a Box Craft Activity Kit

March kids are born curious. This inventive kit takes advantage of a kid’s natural interest, with 40 different exciting experiments to cook up for kids ages 6-10.

Green Toys Airplane

Did you know that March kids are statistically more likely to grow up to become pilots? It's true! (Or at least this one study says so...) Encourage your pint-sized high-flier to take to the skies with this appealingly chunky airplane toy — which, like all Green Toys, is actually made from recycled milk jugs.

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