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Gifts and Toys for Kids Who Love Superheroes

Got a Batman-obsessed little buddy, or know an aspiring Avenger-in-training? These toys and gifts for superhero fans are the birthday (or any day) presents they're dreaming of.

Brian Sandstrom

Klutz Jr. My Superhero Starter Kit

Klutz Jr.

What kid doesn't secretly dream of transforming into a powerful superhero? These gifts for superhero fans will help imaginative kids bring their dreams alive. From costumes to toys to books, these superhero gifts help kids live out their ultimate super fantasies. Watch out, world!

Color-In Comic Or Unicorn Cape, Selfie Clothing Co

Color-In Comic Or Unicorn Cape, Selfie Clothing Co

Selfie Clothing Co

Every great superhero needs a billowing cape. This color-in comic cape from Selfie Clothing Co allows kids to bring their fantasy to the next level as they decorate their very own Super Cape. After coloring in the detailed comics or unicorns, your superhero will look like a dashing rainbow as they speed by.

Treasure X Dino Hunter

Treasure X - Dino Hunter

Treasure X

It's time to dig in! Young superheroes-in-training can channel their inner Indiana Jones to chip away at the stone compound with the special dino digging tool to discover prehistoric amber, fossils, and treasure. With 18 possible dinos to find and collect, your child is well on their way to amassing a prehistoric fleet of dinos that await their command, Jurassic World style!

Pony Cycles



Superheroes don't work alone, and what better pal is there than a magical steed? Each Pony Cycle is 100% kid-powered, easy to steer, and chomping at the bit for the next great adventure!

Marvel Titan Heroes Series

Hasbro - Blast Gear Captian America


Now kids can stand tall with their favorite Marvel heroes! Each champion from Hasbro’s Marvel Titan Hero Series stands 12 inches tall, boasts a highly detailed molded suit, and basic articulation ideal for poseability and playability. From web-slinging to Wakanda, if you’re looking to introduce your kid to their first real action figure, these are the heroes for you.

Superheroes Are Everywhere

Superheroes Are Everywhere

Penguin Kids

Here’s the thing about superheroes: there’s almost always a pivotal moment in their backstory when they needed a hero themselves, and there was no one there to save the day. This is a joyful celebration of empowerment by none other than the First Lady herself, Kamala Harris. It encourages readers to be the change they want to see, and take action to make this world a better place!

Even Superheroes Have to Sleep

Look – you can’t be at your prime-superhero-ness unless you regularly get a good night’s sleep. There’s no room under that mask for tired, puffy eyes, and super-strength requires time to recharge. Your sleepy little superhero will enjoy this calming rhyming story, and parents can use the stickers on the bedtime tracking chart to reinforce good nighttime habits like brushing teeth, and getting into jammies. Establishing a powerful bedtime routine can be a real challenge, but this book is here to save the day.

Justice League Drop Bottom Lunch Bag with Cape

Trading lunch loot is a school cafeteria rite of passage. Now kids can let the whole table know who has the top-tier trading goods without ever having to say a word — just let the Justice League’s eyes do the talking. Remember – not all lunches wear capes.

LEGO Marvel Sets

 Arishem's Shadow


Kids can expand their personal LEGO Universe with character-led sets to build, display, and play with! These sets let creative kids recreate favorite Marvel movie moments, or imagine all new challenges and action. No matter the skill level, there’s a LEGO set that’s right for your child.

VTech PJ Masks Learning Watch

 PJ Masks Learning Watch


When the PJ Masks make the scene, bad guys know their number is up. But this watch does more than just numbers: the gamified lessons teach superheroes in training shapes, time, and math skills.