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Gifts and Toys for Kids Who Love Superheroes

Got a Batman-obsessed little buddy, or know an aspiring Avenger-in-training? These toys and gifts for superhero fans are the birthday (or any day) presents they're dreaming of.

Brian Sandstrom · 7 months ago

Thanks for checking out our product recommendations! Just a heads-up, Camp may make some money if you shop from any of the external links on this page. Pricing and availability may have changed since this page was published.

Klutz Jr. My Superhero Starter Kit

Klutz Jr.

What kid doesn't secretly dream of transforming into a powerful superhero? These 25 gifts for superhero fans will help imaginative kids bring their dreams alive. From costumes to toys to books, these superhero gifts help kids live out their ultimate super fantasies. Watch out, world!

1. Superkid In Training, Mindware

super-kid-in-training 13788605-a02


The perfect kit to truly feel like a superhero. Put on the included super suit and combine the activities to make your own obstacle course. When you’re done with this super training, you’ll be racing cars and lifting buildings.

2. The Super Book For Superheroes


Laurence King Publishing

A book filled with super activities for anyone who wants to create their very own super universe. Learn to draw heroes and villains for comics, read about unique super powers, and compile the ideas to open up new worlds for imaginative play.

3. The Transforming RC Batmobile

81XuU3W5QEL. AC SL1500


Batman is leaving his old Batmobile in the past. This remote-controlled transforming Batmobile is ready to morph into Battle Mode at any moment. With flying discs, blazing lights, and sound effects, this Batmobile is ready to crush the Joker (or any villain in your collection).

4. Superheroes Magnetic Dress-Up, Petit Collage

Superheroes Magnetic Dress-Up, Petit Collage

Petit Collage

This kit comes with 27 mix-and-match magnetic outfits — perfect for your fashionable hero to try out and plan their super suit. Or dive into the superhero world with the dolls and imagine their powers as you make the silliest outfits.

5. Comic Book Kit, Kid Made Modern

Comic Book Kit, Kid Made Modern

Kid Made Modern

This kit has everything your super artist needs to create their very own comic book. It includes stencils, stamps, markers, and a 32-page hardcover book for your kid to become a bestseller.

6. Disney Villainous Strategy Board Game

ba894250-cae0-4f31-9146-1bc0c0cb144a 3.7bcb79cfd57c8b953ceebb5ba2393905


Ready to switch from good to evil? This strategic board game has you acting as Disney’s most dastardly villains. Backstab the other players as you aim to reign as the supreme villain.

7. The Floor Is Lava

Endless Games

Endless Games

What superhero doesn’t love to jump from rock to rock, avoiding the rising lava? This new take on the classic and active game is the perfect setting to imagine you’re a hero in peril, completing the silly challenges and trying to be the last one standing.

8. Light Up Hoverboard, Jetson Rave

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This hoverboard is the perfect super vehicle for a young superhero, with colorful wheels and multiple levels of sensitivity. Put on a cape and zoom through the house, leaving a shimmering rainbow in your wake.

9. LEGO Avengers Ultimate Quinjet

LEGO Avengers Ultimate Quinjet


This LEGO Avengers set is the pinnacle of superhero crafts. Gift this for your imaginative hero who loves playing out entire scenes with their toys. It’s guaranteed to become an explosive centerpiece to any of their stories.

10. Tangle NightBall Soccer Ball

Tangle NightBall Soccer Ball


Nothing screams superpowers like glow in the dark. This glowing soccer ball is perfect for a pick-up game of nighttime soccer, and it’s a great accessory for fighting crime after dark, as you imagine throwing your glowing energy ball through the darkness.

11. Micro Kickboard — Mini Deluxe

Micro Kickboard — Mini Deluxe


Every young hero needs their super vehicle, and this Micro Kickboard is perfect for those learning to zoom on wheels. If you gift this learner scooter, be prepared to see your kid’s cape flying around the corner as they pretend to fly around the streets.

12. Open The Joy Magic Kit

Open The Joy Magic Kit

Open The Joy

Convince others of your powers by winning them over with your magic! This kit will give any eager beginner the tools to learn magic tricks and confuse their admirers … or enemies!

13. Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser Racer

Air Hogs Zero Gravity Laser Racer

Air Hogs

Shoot your super lasers to guide this Air Hogs racer and defy gravity! Before you know it, this remote-controlled vehicle will be racing up the walls and even across the ceiling. Now imagine you’re defying gravity, flying alongside the car to defeat evil.

14. Little Mashers Lightning Bolt Glow In The Dark Sweatshirt

Little Mashers Lightning Bolt Glow In The Dark Sweatshirt

Little Mashers

Cute and fashionable, this lightning bolt sweatshirt is perfect for a superhero to wear for their any day look. Guaranteed to keep their identity a secret, this will have them rocking their super style on the streets.

15. Star Wars “The Child” Talking Plush

71izrUEYE6L. AC SL1500


Known to many as Baby Yoda, this plush is perfect for imagining the force is within them. Just like in “The Mandalorian,” this cute Baby Yoda plush is the perfect sidekick to help kids defeat the Dark Side.

16. CAMP x YoungJerks Printed Bandana

CAMP x YoungJerks Printed Bandana

CAMP x YoungJerks

A bandana has a flexibility that makes it a great addition to any costume drawer. Whether you use it as a cape or as a headband, this bandana is perfect for a dad to match their young hero.

17. Klutz Jr. My Superhero Starter Kit

Klutz Jr. My Superhero Starter Kit

Klutz Jr.

This kit will get any kid’s imagination whirring, with starter guides to create their own hero and power. With the mix-and-match costume set, they can switch out their belts and masks to match their hero within.

18. jackinthebox Superhero DIY Dress Up Art And Craft Kit

jackinthebox Superhero DIY Dress Up Art And Craft Kit


Three different crafts in one, this DIY dress up box is guaranteed to have a kid running around the house playing pretend for hours. After they’ve crafted their own cape, mask, and cuffs, don’t be surprised if your new hero escapes at night to defeat crime.

19. Avengers Hero Inventor Kit

81ZRQCOX2yL. AC SL1500


Connect this STEAM-inspired gauntlet to your phone to code it with Avengers sound effects or to record your own. With LED lights and electronic building blocks, this gauntlet will complete any superhero costume. Then go on the app to complete 18 different activities teaching your kids to build and code.

20. Delta Children 6-Bin Toy Storage Organizer

Delta Children 6-Bin Toy Storage Organizer


After collecting these gifts, you’ll need to organize them, and this superhero-themed toy storage is just the thing. With enough drawers and bins to hold your entire costume collection, this will make clean-up fun for parents and kids.

21. Color-In Comic Or Unicorn Cape, Selfie Clothing Co

Color-In Comic Or Unicorn Cape, Selfie Clothing Co

Selfie Clothing Co

Every great superhero needs a billowing cape. This color-in comic cape from Selfie Clothing Co allows kids to bring their fantasy to the next level as they decorate their very own Super Cape. After coloring in the detailed comics or unicorns, your superhero will look like a dashing rainbow as they speed by.

22. Treasure X Alien/Sharks

12F2224F 6

Treasure X

Unpack these aliens and dissect them to find the secret treasure hunters inside of their gooey insides. These mini figures are the perfect space heroes to add to your collection, especially as you imagine them fending off giant alien villains or evil sharks.

23. PonyCycles



Any young superhero will love galloping across the house on this magical steed. With the horse’s easy-to-steer handlebars, your kids will be lassoing barrels and capturing villains in no time.