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A Kid Reviews the Amazing Hot Wheels Color Reveal Cars!

Take it from a 4-year-old — these color changing cars are SO COOL!!!

Jack Shepherd


The Hot Wheels Color Reveal set provides you with two Hot Wheels cars that dramatically change color when they’re placed in hot or cold water. Having seen this up close, my view — as a serious grownup — is that it is “extremely nifty.” But my view as a serious grownup is largely irrelevant, as I have nowhere near as much time as I’d like to play with cars, which is why I brought in a professional 4-year-old to review this product for you. Here's how that went!


Our first order of business was to remove the cars from their action cylinders (this is a technical term I’ve come up with because “plastic bucket” just doesn’t meet the moment in the way I need it to) and prepare them for their transformation. “THIS IS GOING TO BE SO COOL!!!” said my professional 4-year-old, professionally.


Outside of their packaging, the cars are a uniform bright green color, but we both have a strong suspicion that this is not their final form. In order to test this assumption, we have to fill one of our action cylinders with warm water. Then the fun begins!


After some negotiation, we agreed that the filling up of buckets with water would be handled by a competent adult pit crew, so that the “talent” could focus on dunking cars. What happened next was, in the words of our young car-dunking pro, “VERY EXCITING!!!”


Everybody involved all the way down to the pit crew had a good time with this part. The water turned a neon green color, and our Hot Wheel emerged looking totally different! But the next part is where things got really fun. Because now we were going to dunk the car in ice. 

The way these things work after you’ve done the first color reveal is that you can completely change their color scheme by dunking them in ice water, and then change it again by dunking it in warm water. As long as you have a willing pit crew to freshen up the water occasionally, this is basically endless fun for a 4-year-old. 


And it’s really a dramatic color change! Anyone old enough to have had the experience of blowing warm air on a Hypercolor T-shirt to make it change colors (before it went in the wash and then kind of got permanently stuck in a hideous “in-between” state) will understand the pure magic feeling of watching these cool chameleon cars do their sudden change. 



And the cars weren’t the only things that changed colors! One of our team members (and I’m not going to say who it was to protect his dignity) got the sleeve of his shirt wet and insisted on an immediate costume change before trying out our next color-reveal car. 


Once we got the hang of it, our team had a blast creating new color schemes for the cars by dunking parts of them in ice water and parts of them in hot water to create original looks for the vehicles. 


As long as you don’t mind things getting a little bit wet, this was a very fun time for the whole team. These were fun to unbox, the color reveal process was straightforward and engaging, and our professional 4-year-old reviewer was completely absorbed with them for a good while. In fact, everything was going great … until the DINOSAURS ATTACKED!!!