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How the Micro Kickboard Scooter Conquered the World, According to History. And Kids.

Test your scooter smarts and learn fun facts about every kids’ favorite form of transportation — the scooter!

Nicole Kear


Once upon a time, very long ago, when kids had to get someplace, they walked. It was tiring, and slow and pretty boring. As they plodded along, putting one foot in front of the other, these children dreamed of a wild, fantastical future in which they could travel — it’s going to sound ridiculous — on wheels

Fast forward to 1817, when a guy in Germany got a brainwave to stick roller skate wheels on the bottom of a wooden plank, attach a simple handle and...voila! Suddenly people could roll instead of walk. The only trouble was, these crude scooters were — um, how can we say this politely? — not super safe. They were heavy, made a racket, and felt pretty unstable — sort of more trouble than they were worth. 

More than a hundred years later, a banker named Wim Ouboter had a hankering for some bratwurst (stay with me, I promise it’s related). At a mile and a half away, the shop that held his favorite sausages was too far to walk, but just too close to drive. Fueled by the thought of those mouthwatering sausages, he invented a scooter that was light, safe, quiet and a cinch to steer. Enter the Micro Kickboard Scooter!

Now, you’ll find kids zooming by on Micros in every corner of the world. They’re going places fast, and they’re riding in style. Hooray for progress! Hooray for wheels! Hooray for scooters!

Scooter Fun Facts

  • During the Great Depression, kids made their own scooters out of roller skates by removing the wheels and attaching them to wooden planks. 

  • Amelia Earhart loved scooting! She was sure that in the future, scooting would replace walking. 

  • Scooting is great for the environment! When people scoot instead of driving, it helps reduce car emissions which cause global warming.

  • Scooting is a great first step before bike-riding — you build balance and confidence, and learn the rules of the road!

Here’s What Kids Say About Why Scooters Rule


Where’s your favorite place to go on your scooter?

  • “Anywhere without hills.” — Hannah, age 14

  • “My great grandmother’s house where I get ice cream.” — Valentina, age 9

  • “The living room.” — Verusca, age 7

  • “Up and down my street.” — JJ, age 10

  • “We took it with us on a family trip to Paris — and we saw lots of kids riding scooters there too!” — Averil, age 11


What do you like best about your Micro scooter?

  • “The wheels!” — Verusca, age 7

  • “It goes really, really, really fast!” — Hayes, age 4

  • “It makes it easier to move. You can do one push and go what would usually be 25 steps.”  — Julia, age 9

  • “Doing tricks on it. It was like a BMX bike but a BMX scooter.” — Liam, age 13

  • “It was really easy to balance on, and if you leaned from side to side, it responded to your turns.” — Averil, age 11

  • “I liked how it was a smooth ride. It got me places.” — Stella, age 14

  • “I loved how pretty it was, and I thought everybody would think I was cool riding it.” — Valentina, age 9

  • “I always used to collect rubber bands at the base of it.” — Emma, age 15


How did you learn how to ride it?

  • “I put one foot on the ground. I put one foot on the scooter. Then I push. It’s my favorite thing!” — Holden, age 3

  • “It was hard at first but it got easier and easier.” — Micah, age 6

  • “I learned to ride my scooter with my grandma when I was two.” — Henry, age 8

  • “I rode it down the street, and almost fell down and broke my head. And then I did it again and it worked.” — Julia, age 9

  • “When I got on it the first time, I didn’t know what to do so I just kept trying stuff to see what would work. That’s a metaphor for not giving up.” — Valentina, age 9

CAMP Holiday2021 01

What would you add to your scooter?

  • “Rocket boosters!” — Noah, age 4 

  • “A dinosaur.” — Holden, age 3

  • “It would hover.” — Micah, 6

  • “I would add a machine that gives you your favorite candy and also makes all your wishes come true.” —  JJ, age 10

  • “Pink wings with little tiny kittens on them and the kittens are sitting on a cloud and have pink wings too.” — Verusca, age 7

  • “That a trillion dollars would come out when you park it.” — Henry, age 8

  • “If you could ride it on the sky, that would be fun.” — Averil, age 11

If you could take a scooter ride with anyone, who would it be?

  • “My dogs.” — Holden, age 3

  • “Catboy from PJ Masks.” — Noah, age 4

  • “Matt Barzal, the NY Islander.” — Henry, age 8

  • “A mummy.” — Verusca, age 7

  • “Hermione Granger.” — JJ, age 10

  • “A pet snail named David.” — Averil, age 11

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How far away is Switzerland?

  • “A million yards, at least.” — JJ, age 10

  • “Six thousand four hundred and fifty nine miles.” — Liam, age 13

  • “I would say three hundred miles.” — Micah, age 6

  • “Is that where they filmed The Sound of Music? Maybe 20,000 miles?” — Stella, age 14

What’s your best scooter memory?

  • “I still wanted to go on it even when I was too big because it was so fun.” — Stella, age 14

  • “If I ever saw my scooter again, I might cry — it’s such a nostalgic thing.”  — Emma, age 15

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Test Your Scooter Smarts!

IMG 1714

1. The first Micro scooter was designed by inventor and entrepreneur Wim Ouboter in...

A. 1907

B. 1807

C. 2007

D. 1997

The answer is D — 1997!

2. Ouboter designed the scooter because he was...

A. Injured

B. Tired

C. Hungry

D. Afraid of bicycles

The answer is C —  Hungry!

3. The food that Ouboter was craving was...

A. Cheeseburgers

B. Sausages

C. French Onion Soup

D. Caesar Salad

The answer is B — Sausages! 

4. The shop Ouboter wanted to go to was 1.5 miles away, too far to walk but too close to drive. What do you call a distance like this? 

A. A pain

B. A skip, hop, and a jump

C. A micro-distance

D. A trek

The answer is C — a micro-distance, perfect for scooting. 

5. The Micro kickboard scooter was developed in...

A. Switzerland

B. Argentina

C. Tanzania

D. Los Angeles

The answer is A — Switzerland!

6. Switzerland’s most beloved exports are...

A. Chocolate

B. Cheese

C. Watches

D. Micro scooters

E. All of the above

The answer is E — all of the above!