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Inclusive Toys For Kids With Different Abilities

Playtime is about to get even better — for everyone!

Jack Shepherd


We all have a variety of skill sets, and these inclusive toys finally reflect that! Playtime is made more fun for all children thanks to playthings that encourage children with physical, cognitive, or developmental disabilities. From sensory objects to problem-solving games, open kids’ imaginations and developmental skills with these fun and engaging toys.

Music Toys

Tactile musical toys are a great addition to the toy chest for kids with visual impairments or low mobility. Sphero Specdrums turns color into sound and sound into learning with an ingenious app-enabled ring that requires only the tap of a finger to create music. The Skoogmusic Tactical Interface is an incredible musical learning aid that only requires touch to open up a world of musical play. And the Mukkim Rock & Roll It Piano is a portable keyboard that kids can take with them anywhere they go.

Sensory Toys and Fidgets

For kids experiencing deafness or sensory processing difference, as well as kids with ADD or ADHD, and kids with autism, sensory toys and fidgets can be an excellent playtime solution, as they provide an engrossing tactile experience that can lead to creative play and reduce stress. From the tactile, fidgety Tangle Braintools to the OMG Pop line of bubble popping fidgets to the calming, interactive Purrble plush fidget toys can be soothing, engaging, and stress-reducing all at once.

Stacking Toys

Toys that stack, clack, and connect can be fantastic ways to learn gross motor development at playtime. From the Mickey Mouse and Hape stackers to magnet-based toys for building, like Magformers, or group play, like the Clack! board game, these stacking toys help to build spatial awareness and develop fine movements.

Clay and Molding Toys

There's nothing better than sinking hands into clay to create something new. It's a wonderful sensory experience that everyone can enjoy while also improving motor and problem-solving skills and encouraging self-expression. The Making In The Moment Pottery Wheel set makes getting behind the pottery wheel easy, while molding toys like Crazy Aaron's thinking putty and Kinetic Sand provide creative, tactile fun for kids of all different abilities.

Building Toys

There's a whole wonderful world out there of non-LEGO building toys, like Tegu, MagFormers, Magna-Tiles, Clixo, and Plus-Plus, that can be great for kids with ADHD as they facilitate quick building, and they can also be helpful for any kids who want sensory feedback or need to work on developing motor skills through play.