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9 Inclusive Toys For Kids With Different Abilities

Playtime is about to get even better — for everyone!

Maria Bailey · 12 months ago

Thanks for checking out our product recommendations! Just a heads-up, Camp may make some money if you shop from any of the external links on this page. Pricing and availability may have changed since this page was published.

We all have a variety of skill sets, and these inclusive toys finally reflect that! Playtime is made more fun for all children thanks to playthings that encourage children with physical, cognitive, or developmental disabilities. From sensory objects to problem-solving games, open kids’ imaginations and developmental skills with these fun and engaging toys.

1. Sphero Specdrums

Sphero Specdrums


This magical little device empowers everyone to make music regardless of their abilities. Sphero Specdrums turns color into sound and sound into learning. “How?” you ask. By creating an ingenious app-enabled ring that can sense color so you can assign any sound to it. It’s a great gift for anyone, but according to the creator of Sphero Specdrums, it’s particularly great for someone with low mobility as it requires only the tap of a finger to create music. On that note (pun intended), get ready to make the world your sound machine!

2. Barbie Fashionistas Doll, Brunette Hair With Wheelchair & Ramp

Barbie Fashionistas Doll, Brunette Hair With Wheelchair & Ramp


There's something special in a child's eyes when they connect with a toy in their collection — but nothing tops the moment when they can see themselves in their toys. An exciting addition to the Barbie Fashionista collection means minorities and children who use wheelchairs can feel included during playtime with a doll that looks just like them! This little fashionista comes with a wheelchair that actually rolls, a working brake, a ramp, and plenty of style!

3. Eco-Dough 6-Pack



Modeling dough is a real treat for the senses — and better yet, studies suggest it can make a fantastic learning and play aid for children with disabilities in aiding sensory development. Engage them in sensory play with the Eco-Dough 6-Pack. Made with 100% natural ingredients, this set is not only good for the mind and soul, but for the environment, too!

4. Uncle Goose American Sign Language Blocks

Uncle Goose American Sign Language Blocks

Uncle Goose

Fingerspelling is a wonderful way to connect with our hard of hearing friends, so why not learn with play? The Uncle Goose American Sign Language Blocks are beautifully handcrafted, embossed with ASL signs, and printed letters so little learners can connect the dots.

5. Making In The Moment Pottery Wheel

16343439 fpx

Making In The Moment

There's nothing better than sinking your hands into clay to create your very own pieces of pottery. It's a wonderful sensory experience that everyone can enjoy while also improving motor and problem-solving skills and encouraging self-expression. The Making In The Moment Pottery Wheel set makes getting behind the pottery wheel easy — using air-dry clay so no oven or kiln is required, and a handy foot pedal so you can keep your hands-free as you bring the wheel to a stop.

6. Marvel Education Abilities Figure Set

Marvel Education Abilities Figure Set

Marvel Education

Kids identify with their toys, so it’s great to help ALL children feel represented and valued during play. Marvel came to the rescue with an empowering collection of figures representing people with physical challenges — because some kids get around in wheelchairs and others walk around with a cane. Add the Marvel Education Abilities Figure Set to your toy rotation.

7. Mixed By Me Scentsory Kit

Crazy Aaron's Mixed By Me Scentsory Kit

Crazy Aaron's

Awaken your senses with touch and smell by creating your own scented putty! Customize your putty using a variety of different colors, and breathe in the sweet tropical smoothie scent! 

Whether you're looking to build fine motor skills and hand strength, work on grip during rehab, or just have some sensory fun, now you can with the Crazy Aaron's Mixed By Me Scentsory Kit.

8. Discovery Plasma Globe

Discovery Plasma Globe


For kids who crave sensory stimulation, the Discovery Plasma Globe is a mesmerizing experience as light responds to sound and touch. Place your fingertips on the globe or switch to speech mode to see how the light reacts. Plasma Globes can help develop visual perception skills, visual tracking skills, and understanding cause and effect.

9. Rainbow Scooter


Oriental Trading Company

Get ready to take off on rainbow scooter! "Surf" the room by lying across the board, or scoot around in a seated or kneeling position to play tag or scooter hockey. Not only is it a great workout, but it can also help improve gross motor skills. But you'll be too busy having fun to notice any of that!