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CAMP's Favorite Indie Toy Companies to Support for Small Business Saturday — Or Any Day

Celebrating small businesses and independent toy producers is part of CAMP's mission — shop small for your favorite small person!

CAMP Stores



CAMP is a mom-and-pop shop with big dreams (literally — CAMP’s founders are a mom and dad who went to camp together!), so for us, supporting our small-business partners and independent toy makers is a no-brainer. 

Check out our favorite small businesses for your favorite small people!

Kid Made Modern

Beads and sequins and pom poms, oh my! From original, complete craft kits to colorful supply collections, Kid Made Modern unlocks the gates of creativity with a ring full of keys. Since 2012, this independent, working-mom-led company has been helping kids imagine it, create it, and proudly say, “I made that!”

Green Toys

We love Green Toys because they literally turn trash into treasure! They use recycled milk jugs to make their hyper colorful, super playwithable, holistically designed toys.

Bari Lynn

Celebrating self expression for over a decade, Bari Lynn dazzles with sparkling gems, shimmering fabrics, and funky faux furs. Perfect for special occasions, or getting your glam on any day!


Clickity-clack, these are the sustainably made magnetic blocks to take along, shape, and stack. Satisfying to pick up, and impossible to put down, Tegu’s innovative, award-winning design offers a rainbow of colors, unique shapes and limitless hours of playtime.


"No balls in the house!" is something kids never need to hear again! Olly balls are the customizable and cushioned balls designed to be played with indoors, created by a family who came up with the idea at their kitchen table. Who's for a game of keepy uppy?

Open the Joy

Family-owned activity kit and craft kit company Open the Joy has a pretty special history and a mission we love: Bring joy, hope, and laughter to kids when they need it most, whether they're being treated for an illness or bonding with family during a tough time. And their toys are just awesomely fun.


Pixicade takes basic doodles from your imagination and turns them into playable video games at the push of a button! The future is now and we’re here for it — because it's now — and because science is magic!

Healthy Roots

Healthy Roots Zoe Doll

Healthy Roots

Few dolls promote self-love and self-care like the Zoe Doll, the darling companion doll by Healthy Roots, the curl care education champions. Zoe is beautifully detailed and 18” tall, making her perfect for practicing your box braids, twists, or whatever you’re feeling. Zoe’s hair is made from fibers designed to look, feel, and be treated like real hair.

Epic Everyday

Their main mission is to inspire young minds to be Empowered, Positive, Innovative, and Creative, and EPIC Everyday does just that with their charming, cheerful designs.

Little Likes Kids

Little Likes Kids was created by a loving mother who wanted to give her son toys that reflected his own life experiences with friends of every color, offering screen-free fun for every age. Their puzzle selections grow with your skill level, and each completed puzzle looks like a page from a richly detailed children’s book.

Luke's Toy Factory

Luke's Toy Factory makes educational, modular, super-fun-to-play-with toys from from recycled organic fibers (sawdust from furniture factories) and recycled plastic. The toys include colorful flash cards with easy to grasp ideas about recycling and sustainability.