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These Backyard Inflatable Toys Are Blowing Up

Big, bouncy, boppy and ready for some serious summer fun.

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns

hearthsong sunshine sprinkler


Love to jump, bounce, and slide around? Then you're definitely going to want to add some of these inflatable toys into your backyard rotation. These inflatable toys will keep the fun going all summer long, one bounce at a time.

Hearth Song 5-Foot Inflatable Rainbow Arch Sprinkler

We know — rainbows usually come with rainy days, but with the Hearth Song 5-Foot Inflatable Rainbow Arch Sprinkler that’s all about to change! Now even sunny days can have a joyful dose of ROY G BIV magic when you set this colorful blast of “yes, please” up for your littles!

HearthSong Sunshine Inflatable Sprinkler



There are few times it's a good idea to run directly into the sun, and this is the coolest exception to the rule. A vibrant inflatable sunburst peeks out through a sturdy cloud base, so you can catch some rays while you cool off. Remember to reapply your sunscreen!

Hearth Song Shark Sprinkler

Everyone knows that the absolute best day of the year is in fact, seven days –– and those seven days are SHARK WEEK! Make every day Shark Week by giving your kiddo the gift of the Hearth Song Shark Sprinkler!

Sunnylife Rainbow Inflatable Sprinkler

Sunnylife Rainbow Inflatable Sprinkler


They say you can't have a rainbow without rain, but here's a rainbow that brings rain of its own! An inflatable rainbow like no other in hues of pink and brown, this unique sprinkler was a collaboration between Indigenous artist, Natalie Jade, and Sunnylife. Turn your backyard into an art gallery, and cool off with this beautiful stylized rainbow that's as much of an art piece as it is a sprinkler.

Sunnylife Seahorse Unicorn Bubba Float Friend

Mermaids and sea urchins up to two years old are going to love this Seahorse Unicorn Float Friend! Lots of room to kick and splash, there’s no better way for little ones to discover the serene magic of floating along with your favorite pal.

Sunnylife Shark Attack Bubba Float Friend

You know, the thing about a shark – at least this shark – is you can always count on it to have your back! Little chums two and under can sit comfortably in this friendly shark’s jaws, shaded from the sun as they explore the high seas with their finned friend. 

Gymnic Hop 55

As far as fun workouts go, it’s hard to beat the Gymnic Hop 55! Don’t be surprised when this boisterous, mega-bouncing ball becomes your active kid’s first choice when it comes to transportation. Why walk, when you can hop? 

Minni-Minni Splash of Citrus Inflatable Pool

When life gives you lemons, you don’t always have to make lemonade — the Minni-Minni Splash of Citrus Luxe Inflatable Pool for example is a refreshing second option! Designed with your kiddo in mind, this 4ft wide and 1ft deep pool is just the right size for your little one to splash around in without taking up the whole lawn!

Sunnylife Neon Pool Ring Soakers

Sunnylife Neon Pool Ring Soakers


Pew pew pew!  This set of two classic pool rings amped up with squirting soakers are fantastic for a 1-on-1 water war, making them an ideal gift for siblings. You’ll never run out of ammo when you bring the water fight directly to the pool!

Sunnylife Glitter Inflatable Lilo Chair

Sparkle divas, your throne has arrived! Stack it for a taller view over your subjects, or lay it flat for a glittering lounger fit for a queen. Pump it up and float away on the waves during pool parties, then pack it away flat, until the next time you need a seat with a little extra oomph. 

Tangle NightBall Soccer Ball

Tangle NightBall Soccer Ball


Kick your old soccer ball to the curb, because it’s time for a luminous upgrade. The Tangle NightBall Soccer Ball will be your glow-to for those epic games that stretch into long summer evenings.  

Tangle NightBall Basketball

Tangle NightBall Basketball


Your dazzling personality is great, but it’s going to take more than that to really shine on the court. Show off your skills in their best light with a ball every player will agree is the real MVP.

Franklin Sports Kids Inflatable Dart Ball

They call me "Misty Dartboard," 'cause that's what I do — but you just can't miss with this inflatable version of the classic pub game! Challenge your friends, put your throwing skills to the test, and take aim. When it comes to inflatables for your backyard, this one's a real hit!

Omy Lily 3D Air Toy

Normally, we wouldn’t condone blowing up a unicorn, but when that unicorn is a 3D, air-filled masterpiece of your own design, the mechanics of it are more enchanting – and less messy. Color in with felt tip pens, and use the included straw to breathe life into your magical creature creation.

Updated April 2022

The Tropical Palm Sprinkler Pad

Summertime satisfaction for your little one is in the PALM of your hand with The Tropical Leaf Splash Pad! Leaf the manual inflation method in the past — the hook up on this dude attaches right to your hose to save your lungs, and gets your kiddo to the fun part faster! 

The Slices of Fun Sprinkler Splash Pad

You know that thing where you can level up the refreshment abilities of a giant jug of ice water by adding a bunch of orange or lemon slices? The Slices of Fun Sprinkler Splash Pad is the backyard splash toy equivalent! Your small friend will adore dancing, jumping and splashing around on this super cute citrus inspired design courtesy of Emily Vaca. We think you’ll agree that the juice is definitely worth the squeeze on this one!

Sunnylife Tie Dye Inflatable Backyard Pool

Sunnylife Tie Dye Inflatable Backyard Pool


Cool off colorfully! This tie dye inflatable pool proves you don't need a ton of space to enjoy a quick dip to cool off. Perfect as a cooling summer backyard respite during the summer months, or as a cozy indoor nest to pile into with blankets, cocoa, and a good book. Very groovy!