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These Backyard Inflatable Toys Are Blowing Up

Big, bouncy, boppy and ready for some serious summer fun.

Margo Gothelf · 5 days ago

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Love to jump, bounce, and slide around? Then you're definitely going to want to add some of these inflatable toys into your backyard rotation. These inflatable toys will keep the fun going all summer long, one bounce at a time.

Little Tikes Jump 'n Slide Bouncer

Sure, you could slide down a regular playground slide, but why settle when you could be sliding down this Jump 'n Slide Bouncer? The giant inflatable is a hybrid slide and bounce house, so you're sure to get some air no matter which part you decide to use. The inflatable is also protected on all sides — so don't worry about getting some speed on the way down. 

Hearth Song Buddy Bumper Balls

Ever wonder what it's like to live inside a bubble? With the Hearth Song Buddy Bumper Ball Set, you can (kind of) make that a reality. Simply blow up the bumper balls, step inside, and get ready to run into pretty much whatever you want — the balls are basically like wearable bubble wrap. The set comes with two balls, perfect for siblings who want to take playtime to the next level. 

Inflatable Bopper

Work out all that built-up energy from being inside all winter with these JOYIN Inflatable Boppers. The almost 4-feet-tall boppers are great for practicing your tae kwon do moves or training for that future black belt. The bottoms are also weighted, allowing for the boppers to spring back each time, no matter how hard you knock them down. 

Inflatable Slide N Soak Splash Park

Bring the waterpark right into your backyard this summer with the Slide N Soak Splash Park. The inflatable might be on the pricer side, but it combines a slide, rock wall, and sprinkler all in one. And forget about waiting in line at the waterpark — this slide inflates in just about two minutes with a pump. 

Backyard Blast Inflatable Waterslide

Forget running, scooting, biking or riding — with the Backyard Blast Waterslide, sliding will be your new favorite form of transportation. And this waterslide isn't your typical slip 'n slide. The slide is infused with extra slippery material making for a trip way over the speed limit. Parents, not to worry — that's what the bumpers are for!

HearthSong Giant Inflatable Soccer

Anyone else think the Olympics should nix the regular-sized soccer ball and goal this summer and replace it with a HearthSong Giant Inflatable Soccer ball and goal? It sure would make the competition extra interesting. While we pitch the idea, give the giant soccer ball and goal a try for yourself and see just how many goals you can score.

HearthSong Inflatable Indoor / Outdoor Easel

Michelangelo had the Sistine chapel, Banksy has the streets and walls of London, and you have the HearthSong Heavy-Duty Vinyl Inflatable Indoor / Outdoor Easel. The easel is over 3 feet high, allowing for creations of all kinds. Who knows, one day they might look back and see this as the starting point for your signature piece of artwork. 

Inflatable Bowling

Think you have what it takes to bowl a strike? How about with an inflatable set of pins? Rise to the challenge with this oversized bowling set. The inflatable set blows up and is super portable, so take this one to the park or your friend's backyard to see if you can throw a perfect game.

Fun Floats Giant Inflatable Unicorn Sprinkler

Unicorns are pretty magical on their own, but this Magical Unicorn Summer Yard Sprinkler takes their magic to the next level. The over 6-foot tall fairytale creature shoots water right out of its horn, turning any boring summer day into a refreshing adventure.

Inflatable Water Park Bounce House

You'll have to start collecting tickets and admission to your backyard when the neighborhood kids find out about your new Inflatable Water Park Bounce House. The inflatable has everything that you love about going to a water park, all without a line. Seriously, it has a water slide, a climbing wall, a splash pool, and a basketball rim. Need I say more?

HearthSong Roll With It! Giant Inflatable Colorful Rolling Wheel

Embrace your inner hamster and go for a run on the HearthSong Roll With It Giant Inflatable Colorful Wheel. Climb inside and start off slow — you'll want to get the hang of this one before going full speed. Once you've mastered the wheel, partner up and race. The first one to the finish line — without falling out — wins! 

Inflatable Bounce House

Make any summer day ten times better with the Bouncetech Inflatable Bounce House. The inflatable castle has six different stations allowing for endless hours of play. Sorry adults — this castle is for kids only!

HearthSong Inflatable Hop 'n Go Ride-On Dinosaur Set

Welcome to Jurassic Park — or, er, your backyard. These Inflatable Hop 'n Go Ride-On Dinosaur Bouncy Toys will let you go on a prehistoric adventure, all without leaving your yard. The set comes with two dinos, allowing for a partner to come with you on your prehistoric exploration!