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The Best Presents for July Birthday Kids

Awesome birthday present ideas for awesome July kids!

Margo Gothelf and Sarah Burns


It doesn't get better than a July birthday. School's out for the summer, the weather is finally sunny and hot, and the days are longer, meaning there's extra time to play. Your kid can use that extra time to play with all of the cool presents they'll get for their birthday! Need some inspiration? We've got you covered with some excellent ideas for gifts for July birthdays!

Ages 1-5

Minni-Minni Inflatable Backyard Pools

Inflatable pools turn the backyard into a summer oasis. Don't think about putting this away once the weather turns either. Keep it inflated all winter long and fill it with balls to keep the entertainment going with a ball pit the kids can call their own.

The Minni-Minni Slice Slice Baby


Squishable Comfort Food Ice Cream Cone

It’s a summer fun favorite treat that’s guaranteed to last way longer than the real thing. This giant ice cream cone is pretty much impossible to not hug. It’s a double scoop of adorableness that kids love to squish, with rainbow sprinkles on top!

Hearth Song 5-Foot Inflatable Rainbow Arch Sprinkler

Hearthsong Rainbow Sprinkler


Nothing says summer fun quite like a cute sprinkler. These are perfect for adding sunshine, rainbows and smiles during the hottest months of the summer, when a birthday kid could really use a cool down!

HearthSong Sunshine Inflatable Sprinkler


Sunnylife Rainbow Inflatable Sprinkler

Ages 6-8

Xtreme Power Dozer

Get 'em a hard hat with this gift — they're going to need it to operate this Xtreme Power Dozer. The dozer will make all of their tiny construction projects a breeze. They can try it out in the sandbox and clear out the area in seconds!

Sunnylife Underwater Camera



Help kids get a head start on that “What I did on my Summer Vacation” paper with a camera that can keep up with all the action! They can document every moment above and below the water, so they never have to miss a moment. It’s as easy as diving in, and saying “Chhheeebbbsbsbsbbs!”

Stomp Rocket Dueling Stomp Racers

Before they’re off to the races staring down a busy school season, they can challenge a friend to a round of summer races with these dueling, kid-powered cars. Perfect for paired play, kids can create their own obstacle course for a challenge, or simply set up, stop, and race to see who can reach the finish line the fastest. 

For Ages 9-11

3Doodler Start Essential Pen Set

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Kids can take their creations to the next dimension — literally — with the 3Doodler Start Essential Pen Set. The 3D pen doesn't just draw in black and white. There are 8 different colors to choose from to bring their creations to life. They can use the pen to make mini buildings, wearable jewelry, or even to fix toys they already have. The pen can also connect to an interactive app with tutorials and directions making setup a breeze.

Tangle NightBall Soccer Ball

Tangle NightBall Soccer Ball


Don't let the setting sun ruin their fun! With the Tangle NightBall Soccer Ball, the games can continue all night long. The ball glows in the dark thanks to advanced LED technology. Don't worry about the lights weighing the ball down. The inflatable ball is made with super durable material, making it light enough to dribble across the field and score that goal! 

Tangle NightBall Basketball


Klutz Maker Lab Radio Boombox

It’s a cool summer project that’s so smart, it could do double duty for next year’s science fair. This hands-on construction kit by Klutz has everything kids need to build a real working FM boombox with antenna, turning, and volume controls. It’s so fun and fascinating, they won’t even realize they’re learning all about the electromagnetic spectrum, and how radio waves work while they create a head-turning conversation piece to show off to their friends.

For Ages 12-14

CAMP Cotton Canvas Duffle

The the kids spending the summer at day camp? Going on vacation? No matter what their summer plans are, this CAMP Cotton Canvas Duffle will be incredibly useful. Forget about bringing six different bags to keep track of all of their stuff, this colorful, right-sized canvas duffle keeps everything they'll need all in one super-stylin' place. 

CAMP Core Canvas Green Backpack


CAMP Core Canvas Green Camera Bag


CAMP Tie Dye Large Duffle


CAMP Tie Dye Small Duffle


CAMP Tie Dye Backpack


Sunnylife Glitter Inflatable Lilo Chair

Pre-teen glitter queens need a throne that lives up to their own sparkling personalities. Enter the Lilo Chair: it’s a clear, comfy seating choice for optimal enjoyment when living one’s best life floating tranquilly in the pool. Once unfolded, it becomes a lounger for riding the waves as lazily and dazzlingly as possible.

Rhyme Antics Game

IMG 5954 jpg 2000x

Rhyme Antics

Does your kid think they're quick? They can put their skills to the test and see if they can win a round of Rhyme Antics. Pass the mic to them, and see what freestyle rap creations they can come up with at a rapid speed. Remind them to add an epic mic drop when they win! 


Gift Republic Name a Star

There are a million stars in outer space, and your kid can claim on of their own! The Name a Star kit lets them do exactly that. After they decide on a name for their star, they can dive into the kit to learn all about it. The kit shows detailed infographics, including information about its astrology and where it fits in the zodiac world. 

Paint by Number Kits

Elle Cree Rosa Parks Paint by Number

There’s so many great reasons why summer birthdays are the best, but having the time to try out the new hobby they were just gifted is really something special. Teens with summer jobs typically welcome a calming activity when they have the downtime, and a paint-by-number kit is a relaxing, enjoyable pastime, as well as a cool DIY way to personalize their space when they’ve completed their masterpiece. 

Michelle with Peonies Paint-by-Number Kit


Elle Cree "Blooming Succulent in Hobnail Bowl" Paint-by-Number Kit


Andy Warhol Soup Can Paint By Number Kit


Suck UK Wireless Cassette Speaker

Suck UK Wireless Cassette Speaker: 1

Unlike the days of yore, your kid won’t need a pencil to fix these tunes. If you’re a parent that once owned an archaic device colloquially called a “tape player”, then you know how these suckers ate up double A’s like a power-hungry analogue beast – but this one for the new generation comes equipped with a USB cable for charging, reaches a full charge in about an hour, and has up to 8 hours of battery life. Rock on! If you can call that rock, I just don’t understand the music kids listen to nowadays.  

Updated June 2022.