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Our Kid Toy Testers Had a Blast Playing Ka-Blab!

This timer-driven game of blurt-it-out is ridiculously fun.

Matt Harvey


Ka-Blab! is the “blurt it out before time runs out” game that’s a blast — literally! — and easy enough for the whole family to play. Our expert kid toy testers agree: This game is more fun than it has any right to be!

The game consists of choosing topic cards and rolling the dice to see how many items you have to name from your topic before it’s the next player’s turn to beat the clock. Each player starts the game with three Ka-blast tokens; if they get caught holding the boom-tastic timer when it goes Ka-Blab! — they lose a token. The last remaining player with Ka-blast tokens wins! The cartoonishly bomb-shaped timer is randomized, so you never know how long you have before it goes off — which just adds to the frenetic fun.

Ka-Blab! is one of those "unicorn" games that's just as fun and funny for younger kids as it is for teenagers and grown-ups. The topics are super basic — if you can name things from categories like vehicles, animals, and movie titles, then you’ll have fun with Ka-Blab!

And to be honest, there's just something about the flat voice in the timer that goes "Ka-Blab!" when time runs out...It's hard to explain why, but our Kid Toy Testers laughed almost as hard imitating the timer going "Ka-Blab!" as they did while yelling out nonsensical stuff during the game itself. (Your brain goes to weird places — like "Tomatoes! Snap peas! Snap...tomato-peas!" for categories like "Vegetables.")

But don't take our word for it — see for yourself how much fun our Expert Team of Kid Toy Testers had playing Ka-Blab!

CAMP Kids Play With...Ka-Blab!

Pull up a chair, get your thinking cap on, and square off against your enemies — er, family members. Kablab! is a stupidly fun game that lets kiddos and grown-ups of every age get in on the fun. Just name as many things as you can in the category on the card before the chunky, ticking-bomb-shaped timer goes KABLAB! (In a really funny voice. Which you will definitely be impersonating nonstop after you play this game.)