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Know A Future Architect? These 25 Gifts Will Help Them Build The Greatest Of Cities

Build a great collection for the builder in your life.

Brian Sandstrom · 8 months ago

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Do you know a kid with an eye for architecture? A builder who can craft tall towers out of anything? This is the perfect gift guide to expand their constructions. From sets of building blocks to the cars and tracks that any city needs, these holiday gifts will build them up into the architect they’re destined to become.

1. Think Box Inventors’ Box

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Think Box

With the purpose of promoting creativity, this inventor’s box is an innovative open-ended activity. With many different crafting pieces that can be combined in multiple ways, the included guidebook is meant to encourage inspiration and then be left behind.

2. Magformers Wow 16-Piece Set

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Colorful magnetic shapes, wheels, and 39 activity cards will teach the basics for any budding architect. MagFormers are the perfect tools for curious kids to learn about 3D shapes, vehicles, and buildings.

3. Squigz 24-Piece Building Set

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Squigz are perfect for building an alien civilization. With their suction cup ends they can stick together or to any smooth surface, even the ceiling! Imagine the flying rockets, gravity defying space vehicles, or silly squigly aliens that are just waiting to be built.

4. The Original Lincoln Logs

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Cottagecore is in, and Lincoln Logs are the perfect introduction for your children. Design adorable and cozy log cabins that just ask for a light layer of snow and hot chocolate. Bring this 100th Anniversary tin to your grandparents’ house to spark their nostalgia and get the whole family in on the fun.

5. Crazy Forts: Flexi Forts



Ready to bring your fort to the next level? Flexi Forts are the perfect building blocks to bring design and architecture to your blankets. Build expansive archways, coliseum domes, or anything that your imagination can conjure by connecting these flexible rods.

6. LEGO Classic Creative Suitcase

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LEGOs are the ultimate staple for any budding architect, and this creative suitcase provides you with all of the necessities to get you started. Whether you are building crazy cars, diabolical robots, or twisting forts, this suitcase has all of your bases covered.

7. Snap Circuits Jr. Electronic Projects Kit

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Snap Circuits will have your future electricians or coders making their first electrical connections. This project kit comes with multiple color-coded circuits that easily snap together to create over 100 different projects! Projects include a doorbell, an AM/FM radio tuner, digital voice recorders, and even an alarm!

8. Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 32-Piece Set

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Magna-Tiles are the perfect toy for imagination stimulation — simple shapes that provide endless opportunities for creation. From intricate castles to zooming space ships, the fun colors will have projects shining like a stained glass window. Proven to help develop math, spatial, and tactile skills, Magna-Tiles will bring a smile to any young architect's face.

9. Areaware Blockitecture Big City

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These classic wooden blocks provide all the basics for designing an entire city. With their simple design, they will never go out of style, but they will always create a timeless city skyline. The Big City set includes 74 wooden pieces guaranteed to spark an architect’s imagination.

10. Little Tikes Big Waffle Block Set

Little Tikes Big Waffle Block Set

Little Tikes

Young tikes can use these waffle blocks to start on their very first buildings! With easy to connect pieces, these blocks are great for fine tuning motor skills and getting creativity flowing. You will be surprised what a young imagination can create with these blocks!

11. LEGO “Trolls” Volcano Rock City Concert

LEGO “Trolls” Volcano Rock City Concert


Every city needs its own concert venue, and who better to take the stage than the Trolls? With this LEGO building set, you can create your own Volcano Rock City Concert with the famous Poppy and Barb. Your other minifigures will be throwing flowers at their feet.

12. Ravensburger 3D Empire State Building 216-Piece Puzzle



This Empire State Building will take your puzzling to new heights … literally — it’s 3D! While it might not be a life-size skyscraper, with 216 pieces, this puzzle is no joke, and it’s the perfect size for action figures to climb up the side just like King Kong.

13. Open The Joy Hydraulic Excavator STEAM Kit

Open The Joy Hydraulic Excavator STEAM Kit

Open The Joy

The perfect combination of STEAM and building, this kit helps you build your own hydraulic excavator. It’s made of wood but with real movable parts, so you can use it to dig up dinosaur fossils in your backyard … or maybe just some minifigures in the sandbox.

14. LEGO “The Child”

LEGO “The Child”


Who knew that building bricks could be so cute? Bring your metropolis to space with this buildable “The Child” from LEGO. Baby Yoda will be watching over your city with wisdom beyond his years, and with his posable head and arms he is ready to join in the action!

15. LEGO Mars Research Shuttle

LEGO Mars Research Shuttle


Continue your space adventure with this buildable Mars Research Shuttle! Zoom to Mars and learn the intricate design of one of the newest space shuttles, with the LEGO replica featuring two opening cargo doors with space for the drone to fit inside!

16. Kinetic Sand Construction Site

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Spin Master

Every bustling metropolis needs a construction site, and there is no better material than kinetic sand. Moldable and magical, the sand can be constructed into beautiful castles just ready to be destroyed by the wrecking ball! But don’t worry, there is a dump truck included to handle the clean up.

17. LEGO Hidden Side Newbury Haunted High School

LEGO Hidden Side Newbury Haunted High School


Every city has a haunted building, whether they want to or not. This LEGO haunted high school will have all of your minifigures running! Connect to the hidden side phone app to enter another dimension, see all the secret mysteries, and defeat evil ghosts!

18. LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs

LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs


While “Jurassic Park” might have proven that a dinosaur city isn’t the best idea, they never said anything about a LEGO dinosaur city! Take this mighty T. Rex and wreak havoc on the rest of your LEGOs as the moving mouth crunches down on its prey. Take it apart and then rebuild it to find the other dinosaur combinations!

19. LEGO “Trolls” Pop Village Celebration

LEGO “Trolls” Pop Village Celebration


The Trolls are back and this time they’ve brought Guy Diamond and Tiny Diamond! This buildable tree house has movable parts and rooms, so that every character can get stage ready. Watch out, because Tiny Diamond’s body’s made of glitter and he’ll throw it in your face!

20. Bruder Toys MACK Granite Halfpipe Dump Truck

Bruder Toys MACK Granite Halfpipe Dump Truck


Every construction worker needs a dump truck, and Bruder has constructed the perfect replica. With durable parts approved by MACK, this truck is ready to move some real rubble and debris.

21. Areaware Cubebot

Areaware Cubebot Medium Multi


This classic wooden robot is an amazing introduction to shapes and moveable parts. With an almost Minecraft-esque block look, he makes for the perfect builder around your budding city. When you’re done playing, can you fold him back into a perfect cube?

22. Clixo Rainbow Set

Clixo Rainbow Set


Clixo provides endless possibilities with its unique buildable pieces. How can you combine these colorful shapes to make magnificent creations? Clixo will have kids’ imaginations whirring as they find new ways to connect and create!

23. Tegu Magnetic Blocks Original Pocket Pouch

Tegu Magnetic Blocks Original Pocket Pouch


A combination of magnets and wooden blocks, Tegu flawlessly mixes the old with the new. These 8 simple shapes calmly teach construction as the magnetized creations seem to flow like you’re in a meditation. Combine these blocks, which are made out of sustainably sourced Honduran hardwoods,  with the following packs for colorful combinations. 

24. Tegu 14-Piece Sets



Sit back, relax, and watch as these calming blue blocks magnetically attach and flow together. Describing their company as “play that is endlessly new,” Tegu provides the opportunity to see how many magical creations you can make with just these 14 blocks.