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5 Reasons Mad Mattr Is the Best Play Dough (That Isn't Play-Doh)

Mad Mattr is a fun alternative to Play-Doh — here's why we're mad about Mad Mattr!

Matt Harvey

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Mad Mattr is a kinetic-sand modeling dough that comes in numerous vibrant colors. It’s non-toxic, and it won’t dry out because you forgot to put the lid on! The nostril slap of nostalgia when you catch a whiff of that Play-Doh smell is hard to compete with, but setting that aside, this stuff is the “we have the technology” upgrade you’ve been waiting for! For a toy that started its life as a product to clean wallpaper, Play-Doh has had an epic run at the top, but now it’s time to pass the title to a new champion. 

Mad Mattr is my favorite in the smoosh-n-smash dough toy genre, and it’s made by a company called FatBrain, which makes all kinds of nifty toys like Spin-Again, Dimpl Duo, and Tobbles Neo. What makes Mad Mattr so great? Hold my root beer!

1. The satisfying texture

Are you kidding me? The texture of Mad Mattr is a bit gritty, but it also has a smooth silkiness to it. I know that gritty and smooth don’t usually go together, but you need to feel it to understand what I mean. 

2. You can use it to build stuff!

The folks at FatBrain have made a toolkit that allows you to turn your Mad Mattr into different shapes. It has all of the classic fun stuff you’d expect in a modeling dough toy kit: cutters, shape molds, and the coolest one — brick makers! Once you turn your Mad Mattr into (LEGO-like) bricks, you can build all sorts of fun structures, and they hold their shape!

3. It doesn’t dry out!


One of the most frustrating parts about the Play-Doh experience is when you forget to put the lid on the canister, and your doh dries out. Mad Mattr doesn’t do that: It stays hydrated and keeps the party going!

4. It isn’t sticky.


I love that Mad Mattr isn’t sticky or messy (unless you want it to be). It’s a breeze to clean up, it won’t add any time to your hand-washing cycle, and you don't need to worry about the cat needing a haircut after it gets mashed into her fur. 

5. It’s a great stress reliever.


Say goodbye to your stress ball and your fidget spinner — there’s a new toy in town to absorb your anxiety! I love squishing this stuff, shaping it into a ball, smoothing the edges, smashing it, and making it again. You’ll love it as much as your kiddo will. 

Pick your color and join me in my love of Mad Mattr!

Mad Mattr - Blue


Mad Mattr - Green


Mad Mattr - Pink


Mad Mattr - Purple